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World of Pillar by PoulpoGaz

World of Pillar

Clothing Mod Beta v.0.4 by Titoo8899 by Titoo8899, MCreator

New Clothings and one Special

HardHealth by jgile2 by jgile2

Makes it so if you are in hard mode you will not regen health



OpenEntity by ben-mkiv

Addon which allows to manipulate entities

Model RailWay Mod by mrminecraft3333, Darthrafael, vincentmet.

This mod adds model railways to minecraft! Allowing you to build a fully functional railway, right in your back yard!

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

Demonic Evolution by Jarrod Muddyman

Demon's have have also evolved there not all old fasion just a little behind?.

TerraMine by iJimmy198

TerraMine is bassed in the Incredible game of Terraria. Venture into TerraMine and have fun for hours with all the new items that this mod adds ... Magic, bosses, weapons, tools and much more is that you'll find in TerraMine!

Chameleon Blocks

You'll never find them.

Modpack Info by OreCruncher

Provides modpack info via log files and in-game commands

The Creeping Nether by Dreadwing93

The Nether shall spill out into the overworld.


In Future Updates, here will stand all the new items and Blocks


Minecraft Alpha/Beta compatible world generator

Blight by Camellias_

Healing Altar

Mod is made to cover the gap for early game healing in hardcore worlds.


This is an example mod

Sliced by TheGuyRunningSouth

Food Slicing mod

MoreFood 2 by Stefan Wimmer <>, uriba

Bringing the next logical step from vanilla food. More food-items and a new crop on top.

Craftable Ship Mod by MrTutankhamun

This mod adds in a craftable ship!

Obsidian Utilities by JGSBroadcast

A mod that adds in Obsidian Tools and Armor

nOresPlus by NoiKioN

Adds multiple more ores and items to your gaming experience.

Web Slinger by Stormwind99, Joseph C. Sible

Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!

ExtendRenderDistance by qpwakaba

This mod extends max rendering distance to 64 chunks.

Dynamic Lights Flood Light by AtomicStryker

cosmetic opensource addon

gamemodechangekey by 瑞基, MCreator


Spider Queen by Pullahoko, WildBamaBoy, SheWolfDeadly

A revival of the popular Spider Queen mod by djoslin.

YoshiCraft by palmerjj01

Do you like Yoshi? Lets go on an adventure to Yoshi Land!


Add this for a completely overpowered sword!

Vocaloid Mod by WORMSTweaker

Add your favorite Virtual Singer in your favorite blocky world! (Be careful, §bMiku§r has leeks) §rThe musics do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp.

RemovedFeaturesMod by Smakced, MCreator

Many things that have been removed from previous versions of Minecraft are now back! Also includes blocks from Minecraft: Education Edition!

Blue_Stone by Skill_Devilz, MCreator