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Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

Thrown Slime by LumberWizard

This mod allows you to throw slime balls to cause slowness to enemies.

Kelpie by Darkhax

A the kelpie from scottish lore to mc!

ThreatChecker by despawningbone

Display a player's power in various forms

Story Mode by Snayko, MCreator

Custom Lava Generator by Nuzzleskatev

Customised blocks generated when lava and water meet

Paladium addon by terrainwax


RP Items Mod by Acidpop, MCreator

3D RolePlay Items

Craftble Nether Star by famil, MCreator

for minecraft 1.11.2

More Ores Mod by TMB Mods, MCreator

Adds more ores, armor, tools and an entire new dimention to Minecraft!

Lambchops Mod

A small that adds 2 extra food into the game and adds them as drops for sheep, May be still compatible with twilight forest's big horns

AnanasTools by Dieallwissendeananas, MCreator

Meine Erste Mod

Hotbar Changer by Aginsun

Change your hotbar instantly

Zizzy's Guns V2 by alanromero, MCreator

Set World Spawn Point by Rick South

Allows setting an exact custom spawn point for newly created worlds.

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.


This mod adds small additions to the game for my modpack

Enchanted Food Mod by tucsok007

This mod gives you a chance to get enchanted food the same way as you get the original one.


Este Mod é para criar GELO!!!


Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings.

Better Enchantment by TheUnknownLarry

A mod to get more and better enchantments for you.


Adds invisible lights to the game, whilst not wasting your space!

Mythical Monsters and Dangerous Dungeons by Turk23, MCreator

A mod adding tons of new dungeons, as well as inhabitants to them.


This is an example mod

Builder by Microjunk

A different kind of instant structure mod

AxesAndPickaxes by Manta, MCreator