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Infernal Sky Color by FyberOptic

Customized sky rendering.

Hamster Mod by RazzleberryFox

This mod adds in Hamsters to minecraft! Cute, fluffy, cheeks full of seeds… you know hamsters!


Clans by The_Fireplace

A server-side land protection and PVP system.


Addeds new blocks to create traps with, (Fan, Bear Trap, Igniter, Magnetic Chest and Grass Coverings), also a dummy. Plus upgrade your traps with special upgrades!

Bacon by PatBattle

Adds bacon drops to Minecraft. Pigs drop raw bacon which can be cooked in a furnace.

InventoryMove by Nucha

You can move while open inventory

Rainbeau's Realistic Survival by Rainbeau Flambe (DBurgdorf)

Changes a few things to make the early survival game a little less unrealistic.

New Age Bee Breeding by The_Fireplace

Addon for Forestry that allows you to breed the bees in your hands.


Copyright 2014 - 2018 Volting


Adds a block which changes color when mined

George's Armor And Tools Mod by SoggyMustache

8 new types of armor, and 3 new tool sets

SpawnEggCraft_basemod by fxz

Craft spawn_eggs!

One Way Glass by mrnate72, MCreator

One Way Glass

Magic Cobblestone by Kriogenic, NanoSpriggan

A mod to see how much your willing to mine

Third Person Mod by ezterry

A BSD Licence Mod, To force the game into third person mode

NoItemDespawn by PT400C

This mod gives the user the ability of modifying item-despawn on server- or clientside.

Kether by Krevik

Mod that adds a whole new world.

mod_UsefulThings by Bozcat, MCreator

zip it!


This mod adds the power of a zombie in a helmet

Lance Mod

New Lances with great Features!

LightOrbs by Riviathan, Pyrofab

A mod that adds various light orbs to the world, like fireflies or Will o' the Wisps.

Building Kit by Stickxy

Improve the Minecraft building experience while adding new tools, blocks, items and changing some vanilla recipes. It's in early dev stage !

GlareTorch by Guriguri

This torch illuminates a wider area than a normal torch.

Mod Suffercraft by Azword

Mod développé par Azword pour Suffercraft.

Ben's Alert Mod by Ben

A simple mod to display a message in the bottom right corner of a players screen when the command /alert "title" "message" is executed. Can be used by mods as an alternative to chat.

Igneous Extras by Cruz Bishop

Extra igneous blocks for your Minecraft adventure

PplusS Lite 2 Core

PplusS Lite 2 Core. Thanks to MCreator.

CMSWM by Dax's, MCreator

Enter short description here

Stone Tree by ShirukoSoba

Add useful woods.