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RSP Extras by REX2201, MCreator

Blast Proof Blocks and a disguisable stone block that works as a door.

ZenTweaker by Snownee

Tweaker for the modpack: Zengineering.

TextCraft by Mr.Zombie


myBiomes by krimin_killr21

Wasteland Mod by 115kino

The wasteland mod is a mod that adds a new survival element to Minecraft.

Groovy Libraries by latibro


A mod that just adds a block to stop rain

Blocks Variety Plus by ridebuilder5

A mod that adds new woods, stones, ores, and more to your game. Useful for those who wish to have more variety in blocks for their building purposes, and enhances survival play.

Custom Server Items by olee, ForgeEssentials

Allows to create custom items on a running server



Negativity by Elikill58, RedNesto

It's an Advanced AntiCheat Detection


This is an example mod

Topher's OreCraft by Topher2001

A mod made by Topher2001 that adds cool ores and stuffs.

TFC Botania Compatibility by vidaj

Integrates Botania with TFC

Easycraft_endepearl by Katey, MCreator

Enter short description here

Viridium & Ostrium

Adds two new ores to the game. Viridium spawns in the overworld, while Ostrium spawns in the nether. Scepters are crafted by placing a(n) Ostrium/Viridium block on top of two sticks.

Survival Command Blocks by Lothrazar

Craftable command blocks that are restricted out of editing in all gamemodes.


Owner - AuOnline

Chubs Mod by EveewazHERE

This mod adds many food items to Minecraft, perfect for anyone's inner chubs!

Equipment - The World Explorer by Winter_Grave

Traveling equipment for the World Explorer mod

Poop Mod by Tominator1

This is a mod where You can tak a ****.

Respawn Location Picker by UpcraftLP

choose your respawn point


This is my first mod, made it in less than an hour so it isn't very good


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is a strengthened mod.

Minecraft Money by PolarFluid, OfficiallyPolar

Adds money to Minecraft!