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This is an example mod


Le mod qui rend utile les poules


This is an example mod

FightArena by MrAmericanMike

FightArena Mod.

Bedrock Bricks by Wixey99

A mod that allows the harvesting of bedrock, and the creation of new blocks with it.

GravityGun by iChun

Adds the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 to Minecraft


Changé le temp sans triché!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

ZwangCraft Mod

The ZwangCraft Mod

Spawn Controls

More configurable spawn controls.


A special Mod for SLCP!

Spin To Win by rafradek

Bring your best Garen experience

Advanced Items Mod by espacee

Advanced armors and swords

Convenient Items by HellerTech

A mod for storing items and speeding up smelting

Simple Sponge by Jacky1356400, ThatGamerBlue

OpenBlocks Sponge port for 1.10.2


This is an example mod

Equipment Tooltips

Stat icons for equipment tooltips

[Genuine] World Tooltips by GenuineSounds

[Genuine] World Tooltips is a client mod that adds in-world tooltips over items on the ground... So you can see what you're picking up.

Thermal Shade by Ferreus Veritas

A small mod that patches the Thermal Dynamics implementation to work with ShadersModCore.

Evolved Enderman... Please! by WarWizardM

A mod to simply change the spawning logic of Evolved Enderman back to the one used by vanilla Enderman, so that they never ever spawn on a properly lit area.

Refined Exchange by Bartz24

Autocraft in Refined Storage using ProjectE EMC!

Ares by johnsama

A bigboy mod made for bigboys


Light up your home in style. No need for ugly torches

MMP by MC_PixelHD & BigHead98

This mod is still a work in progress :)

Recipes and More by Meldexun

New recipes, items stackable and more.

Better Animals Mod by Hypeirochus

A mod to improve the vanilla animals in Minecraft.