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Hidden Armor Mod by wwrpg

Adds ability to hide the visibility of worn armor for you and others.

Partymaker Dumper by mrAppleXZ

Dump all the things!

[C] SkyZzz Help special mod, which make players life more easy for play.

ElytraTrails by runescapejon

Wearing Elytra and fly with Particles!


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is an example mod

InvView by StrangeOne101

Allows you to view some items of other players in better detail.

Helpful Villagers by WeaselNinja

Put those lazy villagers to work!

Xaero's World Map

A self-writing fullscreen map which also works as an add-on to Xaero's Minimap.

Redstone Armory by TehNut, Tombenpotter

Enhancing the Flux Revolution!


ToggleSneak v2.3 - Now with ToggleSprint and Forge support!

Tool Repair by reteo

Vanilla tools don't disappear when broken, and can be repaired by combining the tool and its appropriate material in the craftng table. Also works with tools from Common Ores. This mod was loaded by JMOD



SimpleSurvival1.12.2v2.5 by RobhighpreistofDagon, MCreator

De-Extinction Mod by De-Extinction Team

Bringing Extinct life forms to modern day Minecraft (We are alive!).

JeckelArmorMod by JayJeckel

JeckelArmorMod provides a few new sets of armor, specifically a set for each vanilla wood type and another one for stone.

Login Shield by Glasspelican

protects users from taking damage between when they login and they can start interacting with the world

Discord Rich Presence by Alwyn974

This is a Discord Rich Presence for Minecraft


It is a revollution of craftings(Mod has create of 1 brazilian = english is bad)

My Own Music by pir2

Use your own playlist accordin to current minecraft ambiance

Rich Undergrounds by Hayazo, MCreator

Weapons, Armors, Tools. Great Ores. Mineheaven.

FFxiCallAnimalBellMod by flameFox


Crystalz Generation X by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A tiny mod about the wonderous world of crystals

ChromatiCommands by Funwayguy, covers1624

Alternative commands for ChromatiCraft

Customizable Spawners by nickfromgreek

I like to spawn it, spawn it



Vanilla Magic Addon by Seia

Addon for VanillaMagic mod.


go to the nearest tree and hide