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The Void by Herobrine027, AKA Nimbleguy

Ever wanted to be a voidwalker?

General Disasters by general223

Adds a range of natural disasters that can appear throughout your world by chance

Vivecraft Forge Extensions by Techjar

Forge companion mod for Vivecraft which handles packets and modifies base code for VR players.

LibrarianLib by LordSaad44, Elucent, thecodewarrior, murapix, werty1124, Leviathan143

A library for the Team Wizardry mods

Fill Tool

Adds a terraforming tool.

CJB Mods Rebirth by CJB

A mod pack made by CJB to make life a little easier inside Minecraft

Glowstone Wire by GrygrFlzr

Adds aesthetic placeable glowstone wire.


This is an example mod

Timers of Death by Ashleee

Do not die too often, you silly fox!


Very firdt mod by Bynariiz

Cultivated Tech by EwyBoy

Congrats you found an Easter Egg! Screenshot this and send it to @EwyBoy on Twitter to redeem your reward.

Speed FOV Remover by Ludde856x

Removes the FOV that speed potion makes.


This is an example mod

Mobmania by Got Gaming?

Mobmania, the ultimate mob mod.


This mod allows you to make and grow ameo which lets you make dirt with -

Stellar Fluid Conduits by Tfarecnim

Better fluid conduits.


Brought Back From 1.8.1 to 1.7.10

Tiredness by kjmaster1

Adding consequences for not sleeping enough.

The Future Mod! by SpiN DasH, MCreator

This Mod Adds Lot of Nice Stuff!

YFWBans by Kayaba

Mess with the best, DIE LIKE THE REST!

UnknownPlayer by �y�R����



Flat world for games


カスです 5zig入れてない人用?


This is an example mod


this mod add a new biome with a magical fruit and not only

FTB Utilities: Backups by LatvianModder

CustomDrones by WilliamEze

Add customizable and fully functioning drones into the game


Fnaf world mod snapshot 4

Ångström Core by phantamanta44

Handles Ångström stuff.


Elemental Slingshots

Shield Fix by DJcri

Makes shields not useless.

Bio Cristals by Chompzki, Piron

Agriculture with cristaline biotech.

FMP to CB by AgentEpsilon

Convert Forge Microblocks to Chisels & Bits structures.