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Mod Name fire by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here

Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

Biome Compass by Drazisil

Helps in locating biomes

Harvest Scythe by JorVa

A simple item to harvest a 3x3.

Player Stats by MrDimkas_Studio, xMrVizzy

SuperSlopes - IntCorners by MetaDark, Kaevator, Malivil

SuperSlopes is a mod that adds multiple new building blocks into the game so players can create more complex structures. Interior Corners is a subcategory under SuperSlopes which adds multiple new interior corner blocks.

BuildCraft by SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team

Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!

tech worldgen

Developer World by FireBall1725

Creates a quick dev world




This is an example mod

Cooldowns by canelex

Parses scoreboard values and displays them on your screen.

GameMods Overlay by Lucas_gamer13

Um simples mod que coloca informações na tela, sobre o jogo e a rede GameMods!

Block Properties Tweaker by TheLordofMelons

A small mod for adjusting various properties of blocks such as drops, harvest level, and explosion resistance.

Joshcraft by 2011josh

This mod in a collection of ideas suggested by my stream. we have spent a long time working on this together, so please enjoy

DeluxeJoin by rojo8399

Cheese Vehicle by CoffeeCatTeam

An addon to the CheeseMod and MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod that adds new vehicles and hopefully engines in later updates!

OpenMods-IGW integration by TheSilkMiner

Integration between OpenMods and InGameWiki Mod


Le mod qui rend utile les poules


This is an example mod


A simple sponge announcer


Make the Ultimite Sword!


new wallpaper

AdventureMMO by Daniel12321

A light-weight plugin that adds skills with all sorts of fun game mechanics to your server.

Model Railroads by vincentmet, MrMC, DarthRafael

This mod adds a whole range of track pieces, locomotives and rolling stock. You can build you own layout, and run trains, in your attic, without taking up too much space!.

GrowthCraft Apples

Improves the way of farming apples and addition of Apple Ciders.

Uranium Reenriched mod by CsokiCraft

Continuation of the old Uranium mod

Vanilla Magic Addon by Seia

Addon for VanillaMagic mod.


This is an example mod

Better Diving by Meldexun

Overhaul of the vanilla diving experience modeled on the game Subnautica.

Simple Grinder by Rumaruka

If you do not want install very bigger mod for grinder, my mod for you.



OresCreepers-1.12.2 by Kirzey, MCreator

Creepers now drop ores !