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PlayerTrans by Jannis234

Adds blocks that can teleport players

Fuck Herobrine by oran_ge

Fucking Herobrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OC-Minecart by feldim2425

Adds Computer in a Minecart and more.

Embassy by Fokson

A safe place for all this dirty Minecraft code.

Mob Totems by CorwinJV

A mod which adds Mob Totems to the game. Craft these totems and ward off evil mobs and more.

Animus by TeamDman, Saereth

A Blood Magic addon.

Mo Food by moinmoin001

This mod adds a lot of new Items and Food! You know from Mo Furniture


this is a dungeon keeper 2 w.i.p mod by bulldoggames1

TheDragonCore by Moritz30, sokratis12GR

Core Mod for all TheDragonTeam's Mods

Dynamic Blocks Mod by mvdhoning

Configurable blocks that can change appearance on surroundings

Cristalore by Tminor1

Adds a new cristal ore and new tools that are better than diamond and some other things.

Arrow block for Minecraft by Ro tto

This mod provides blocks can display arrows in four main directions, usable for decoration


Acuity by Grondag (aka Zaerudath)

Core mod to enable advanced render features


Generates Cobblestone!

Demonic Evolution by Jarrod Muddyman

Demon's have have also evolved there not all old fasion just a little behind?.

KnightPeripherals by KnightMiner

Adds additional turtle peripherals to ComputerCraft

XPyourself by Toby

Keep your XP save

mod_Artkbaltools7 by Artkbal, MCreator




This is an Alpha

Selectable Paintings by Kerberos



This is an example mod

CCAdvHTTP by Cameron MacFarland (distantcam)

Advanced HTTP Peripheral for ComputerCraft.

Armour Melting by Epicmeanscookies

Allows players to melt armour down into ingots.

Clockwork Phase 2 by Lumaceon

Adding time magic to Minecraft since tomorrow.

Thaumic Nexus by KryptonCaptain