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Heart Levels by FireController#1847, 073TheBoss

A remake of More Health Enchanted! :D

Hooked by TheCodeWarrior

Grappling hooks designed to be useful tools above all else. Replaces all the unique aspects of creative flight without the unfun bits.


This Is Just a Snapshot! Expect Bugs!

CrazyOres Core by Andy608, ISQUISHALL

CrazyOres Core acts as a base mod, that allows you to add different types of packs into your game. This opens up a variety of different gameplay depending on what packs you have installed!

IC2 RPG Addon by ZephaniahNoah

This addon for IC2 adds interaction with DivineRPG & Advent of Ascension.

WITUUID by creeper123123321

Example placeholder mod.

Morpheus by Quetzi

Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate.

serverside survival

Culinary Construct by C4

Make sandwiches out of your favorite food items! And maybe your not so favorite, anything's possible.

The Kitchen Mod

The Kitchen Mod allows you to make fully customizable modular sandwiches. With each layer you put in it, the more it heals your hunger. And you might be lucky to uncover on of the special cominations.

AutoDeathLeaderboard by HoldYourWaffle

Server-side add-on for DeathCounter (by iChun). Triggers the leaderboard in chat everytime a player dies.

Squickens by cocoavalley



In this mod you are able to make emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, obsidian and quartz tools, weapons, armour and battle axes.


This adds armor and tools.

Expanded Enchants by Captain_Admiral

Adds a variety of new enchantments to the vanilla enchanting system

Fantasy of Minecraft by KurodaAkira, Albic, Hiroscho

This is the first Forge-Compatible Version of Fantasy of Minecraft!



Forge Your World Resource / Core by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

I'm going mining some resouces. / I'm work in my library


this mod add a new biome with a magical fruit and not only

Snow Variants by Trikzon

Submission for 2018 MMD Winter Jam


Enter multiple rifts to beat the final boss...

No World Gen 5 You by Darkhax

Allows various structures to be disabled.

Mod M by TinouHD, Burning

Mod in DEV

Mo' Ore's And Tools Mod by SupGamer NL, MCreator

Added more tools and some metarials, plus there are some bug fixes.

Hungry Animals by Oort Cloud

More Realistic Animals.This mod changes vanila animals' AI and feeding activity. Now they would die when hungry, eat fallen foods!

FTBLib by LatvianModder, Jared


Magic Currency Books by KingReaperTheI, Slayer1938

A Mod Which Can Be Used In Custom NPC's And Ars Magica 2 In Your Mods Folder Together As Currency


Sonar's Modding Framework