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Iskall MiniMobs by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

Miniature trainable levelable mobs

Tiered Magnets by MiningMark48, codyrule, kaosjr


Reconstructor by smbarbour

Repair your stuff using Buildcraft power

Various Tweaks by Wyrrrd

A simple mod that alters some other mods' behaviour to provide a cleaner and more intuitive gameplay.

Mianite Mod by LRA10

Adds weapons and more from the Realm of Mianite. Based on a series by CaptainSparklez, iiJerichoii and Syndicate.


Traffic signals in Minecraft


It adds pugs toyour minecraft!

MUTCD Signs Pack by imtheman100

Contains signs from the MUTCD in block form.

FlawlessNick by SimplyRin,SiroQ

Flawless Nick Mod!

StealthwareCore by Fearitude

This mod provides various shared features for use in my mods.


Remilia1124holy the create a mod

Bobys Extras by Bobynoby

Little extras Boby wants to have

Ultimate Skyblock Resource Generator by rafacost3d

The Ultimate Cobble, Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Grass, Mycelium, Obsidian, Ice, Snow and Dust Generator

Furnace Tool 3 by KN-765, Julius Ether

Furnace Revolution!! - Inexpensive, durable, and efficient!!


This is an example mod


This mod adds new things...

CakeIsALie Mod by Toinane

CakeIsALie mod added more cakes in Minecraft ! Happy meals !

Trains Mod by Ale_Max, VinciSchmidt

Train Mod by Ale_Max

Tiered Depths by Tfarecnim

A mod about restricting depths.


A stick that makes you walk faster!


This is an example mod

Super Ores by abused_master

Much More Ores

Extasia Mod by Akdak

Extasia Mod

Adventure Pack by Brobotato

Adds adventure themed items aimed at making the game less tedious.

DJTastyMod by The_BloodHound

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