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Aggiunge nuovi tools di Birch!

Better Patched Leather by Zzyxz

This mod adds salt and allows to create leather from rotten flesh

CyaMod by Whartokx, MCreator


Equivalent Exchange Reborn by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3, MultipleMonomials

Don't you miss EE2? Come on, even a little bit?


This mod add all mob costumes and the powers in minecraft


This is the ONLY KFC mod fuck the others

SighCraft by Necrogami


EsvDefcon's Skyline Mod

Take the helm of your very own airship!

Blue Magic by LTLightning

Harness the power of blue magic, and destroy all!.

InventoryVehicles-1.12.2-1.3.' by Aidanete/Antikore, MCreator

Inventory Vehicles allows you to make car items that will give you potion effects to enhance the game!


A mod based on Ghost Rider

Bauble Of Undying by InsomniaKitten

Nihil's Overworld Glowstone by Nix_Nhil

You can now crafting glowstone and ghast tear in Overworld.

mod_TjMEzZMob by TjMEzZ, MCreator

But No One Came by bafomdad

But nobody came.


Simple sirens, alarms and Bells

CJBModItemSpawner by otakux


ProjectRet Repleacer by DrummerMC

OpenPrivacy by Mikee

Little side-project of Mikees that'll tell you all communication your game is making with external services

Batman by colossali


Clogin Client MOD by Herobrine, Xlch, Baleine_2000

Clogin Client MOD, Modified from BeeLogin, But beelogin author is a ⑨.


A mod to help people with motion sickness feel less of it playing Minecraft.


This is a mod which adds Obsidian Tools and armour

DeployerFix by Peffern

This mod allows the BluePower deployer to deploy TFC and regular seeds onto TFC farmland

TattleTail Craft by cubic_control

Welcome to TattleTail in Minecraft.

Camera Mod by Max Henkel

Inftech Mod by InfecteD

Includes some customization This mod was loaded by The JavaScript MOD Loader


Dynamic Lights integration for Vehicular Movement

MineBot by Hunter, MCreator

Here ya go, Nick


Thank you to download the module, the module was still in the testing stage, there are many not perfect, I hope you can understand! Thank you again for download

VengaModMC by Vengalism

Some fun things I've made during my spare time.

Ancient Toolbox by Relescent, Zashino

Adds several interesting tools.