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VB's Nine Rings Mod by VoodooBeard

Nine rings for the race of men.

Securecraft by LordBlackHole

Securecraft is a mod that adds a few blocks focused mainly on protecting your home and your belongings from hostile mobs and other players



El mod de un youtuber


This mod adds op stuff, all realting to lapis

Compressed Things by BURN447

Random Compressed Blocks and Items

Smarter Saplings by Lothrazar

Saplings plant themselves when despawning. Saplings only grow in their native biomes, otherwise the eventually turn to dead bushes.


Chainmail For All

RoadAccessories2 by twit

Adds realism to any roading project

Yet Another Backup Mod by Szernex

Yet another Minecraft Backup Mod

DBC ApolloCore Mod by XeroZon

Mod made for DBC Apollo!



Neuro Control by Gem2578

Example placeholder mod.

CampCraft Tents by tomtomtom09

Lots of Tents

Integrated Crafting by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Craft stuff in Integrated Dynamics networks

Earthworks by Alsender

Adds a small variety of earthen based building blocks.

Dimensional Flight Ban by ScarleTomato

Bans flight per dimension

Smart Hoppers by The_Wabbit

Smart hoppers for compact storage systems. Smart hoppers can auto-filter, auto-pack, auto-craft, and even recycle your items as they move through.


RC Plants by Peffern

This mod replaces RC's plants with TFC crops.

Big Doors

Larger 3x3 block double doors in the 6 vanilla wood styles.

Better Boat by SanAndreasP

This mod fixes several issues with vanilla boats.

TeeLuk's SpecialArmor

Blow up your 'friends' with TNT-playte :> ..yay!

Pedestal Crafting by Axieum

Provides crafting capabilities through the use of pedestals

Igneous by playing_w_blocks

Intended to enchance the skyblock experience by giving access to blocks other than stone - as products of new lava blocks!

CTD Core by TheMasterGeneral

A core mod file for CTD mods so I don't have to repeat code.

mod_ThePancakeMod by Thepancake1921, MCreator

This is a new and buggy mod

Better Lands by GUGDUN, MCreator

Adds new dimension and tools

SnapDoors by blueyu2

Adds new doors from the 1.8 snapshots.


Adds a universal item to craft multiple things!

D-Extend by ExampleDude

The extended minecraft.

HiddenField Mod by HideMod

get Client Ping

Mob & Block Shifters by Selim_042

Adds tools to easily move mobs & blocks around.

CedKilleur's Fidget Spinner by CedKilleur

Fidget Spinner !


Apperently I'm too lazy to write a desription...