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MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: Community Edition by MrCrayfish

A community based mod where models are designed by the community.

Modular Chest by Darkhax, Ghostrec35, Thisguy1045

Modjam 4 entry, more info soon

BMExtras by bonin888

Adds some machines and more


Adds 15 new plants to the game, most of which have useful properties besides looking nice!

DOTV Tweaks by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Custom set of tweaks for Dawn of the Void

Commands Plus Addon by LMH01

Adds new Commands

ExpPack by Darkyoooooo

Add an useful pack for you to save your xp!

ExtraDiamonds by Created by Destroy

A little element to the diamond.


This is an example mod

HeroesArrival by SuumCW

Be the Hero you always wanted to be!

Dismantler by BloodWorkXGaming

A Tool used for dismantling multiblock structures in one go.



Fragile Torches by Lothrazar

Torches have a chance to break when passed through by any living entity (unless it is a sneaking player).


Is it okay if I can just stay like this?


Mod that add some useful things to Open Computers

JustEnoughTooltips by superckl

Quickly find and view recipes for items and blocks.

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Shader support for mods.


This adds in a bunch of items and tecniques to Minecraft.

PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

A technical mod all about pneumatics!



ยง5A Minecraft Forge Modification that adds a lot of Amethyst Stuff!

Magical Crops for MFR by Patrick

A very simple plugin that adds rudimentary support for the MFR planter and harvester to Magical Crops. The seed, product, and second seed drop. Other drops might be missing.


This is the boomcraft mod

Foodinator by SHsuperCM

Adds a utility item called the "Foodinator" that will feed you automatically!

Lycanites Mobs by Lycanite (Richard Nicholson)

Lycanites Mobs is a project that adds a wide range of new mobs to Minecraft. The mod adds a group of mobs to each specific biome type as well as other locations such as from Fire or Lava.


Gravity by ASCii

Gravity is just really a suggestion...

Red Controls by empiricist

Controls for redstone


You are invulnerable!

RCS by StyleGame, MCreator

Bored of looking to chests to find the Name Tag or Sadle with Horse Armor to start the adventure? Now all changes!

The Fallout Mod by Blfngl

Version 2.0, hard recode by Blfngl.


A follow-up mod to OmegaCraft

EmeraldArmorMod1.12.2V1.3 by ModdersAndCreators, MCreator

Enter short description here