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This is an example mod

SafePlace by Clienthax

Adds safeplace commands to pixelmon

Xray by Kradxns, ignis42

Kradxns Xray ported to 1.8.9

WDReporter by tomotomo, tomocrafter

Easy to report users in the hypixel server!

DenPipes by denoflionsx

DenPipes is a small addon for Buildcraft that implements various pipes that aid in making builds smarter and more compact

addon opensource tech

UsefulPlus by YellowACS

Adds new armor, weapons, tools and crafting recipes. basically anything that makes general sense

Dragon Essence by Zilkoniss

Added a craft for the dragon breath


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Magnum Mod(V1.0) by magnum1234

The MagMod adds a few new items

ChromiumCovered Mod by AlexL29

This mod adds in a new ore called Chromium!

Food Galore by Superaxander

Adds a whole bunch of food

X_pilots Creative Madness!!! by X_pilot

Made for the Artists!!!

Customgen by mickelus

Allows users to build so called 'gens' to add custom made features to the world generation. Gens may be shared with others.

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.

HEX Block by Exopandora

Adds a block with customizable color

Nether Gold Plus by Conflee, MCreator

Nether Gold and more Vanilla-esk content!


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Crates Felt Blue by mangoose

A small mod to prevent Immersive Engineering's crates from keeping their inventory when broken.



CropLoadCore by bartimaeusnek

Core Mod for LOKKO12's Mods.

Sharpness Particles by Javlin

Makes sharpness particles appear upon hitting an enemy, regardless of whether your sword has sharpness or not.

Repair Gem by David Ma

A Repair Gem that repairs items in the player's inventory

Carbon Mod by Christopher Ye

Carbon Mod

LatMap by LatvianModder

LatvianModder's Minimap mod

NEI Integration by tonius11

NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time.

PhonesAlpha by HadiBuilds

Thanks For Installing The Phones Alpha Mod! This Mod Adds A Bunch of Electronics and Phones to The Game With Realistic Textures!



mod_ThePancakeMod by Thepancake1921, MCreator

This is a new and buggy mod



Multi-Windmills Mod by Munchicken (Sarah Pierce)

The Multi-Windmills Mod adds a water-pumping Windmill object to the game.

Bearded Potato by MistrX

The bearded potato mod!

ABOE Discord Integration by glorantq

Discord integration for ABOE

Tubestuff by immibis

A collection of blocks that are useful with BuildCraft or RedPower.