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Adds a 'variety' of netherrack tools, armor and blocks. The goal is to provide better use for netherrack


Official release!


Welcome to the grid!

minecraftIO by dmf444 hook for minecraft forge

Tainted Players by Icedice9, Talonos

Add-on for Thaumcraft. When the player dies from taint, a tainted player spawns!

mod_PizzaMod by TeamFordDkPlayer

Pizza mod by TeamFordDkPlayer hope you like it!:D

Wearable Blocks by ExampleDude

Do you want to wear dispenser? Now you can!

Golem World by solonarv, flo

Tired of boring old iron golems? Bringing you golems made of gold, dirt, glass, and even netherrack and ice!


Find blaze and diamonds easier!


Adds 15 new plants to the game, most of which have useful properties besides looking nice!

AutoL by DanceDog

Be the most toxic player on Hypixel

Modular Routers by desht

Item routers with pluggable modules to define behaviour

Server Shops

Buy and sell items to and from the server

Heart Health by MrFancypants

Add craftable extra health hearts and damage buffs.


A mod by 33kingkiller & hayhay01em03. This mod adds several different pairs of glasses into the game that each have different effects on the player entity. Hope you enjoy!


Adds more ores and tools to your minecraft world

XtraGear++ by Centinull, MCreator

Items like swords, gear, cosmetics, and more!

DogCatPlus by flameFox

add Mobs (Doggy, Kitty, Skeleton, Cactuar, Bunny, Enderman)

MantraMine Compatibility Tweaks by Denney

Various tweaks for the MantraMine mod pack.

Factory Tech by ProfessorLucario

A tech mod for people who love automation. Instead of powering your machines from a big nuclear reactor or a jet engine, set up complex assembly lines to keep them stocked with fresh parts!


This is an example mod

Luxxy Heroes by SirLuxxy

Only with permission of @LuxxyGraphics.

Easy Items by Phobophobe

Adds recipes to make some of the rarer mine craft items, slightly easier to obtain.

FunStaff by walidoo_2002

A simple tool for moderating.

AOTBTFixes by geret13

This mod fixes some issues with the Attack of the B-Team modpack

Dude! Where's my Horse? by Noobanidus

Swiftly return your missing steed, no matter how far(*) it wanders! (*) Configurable range!

CustomDrones by WilliamEze

Add customizable and fully functioning drones into the game

Soul Shards The Old Ways by TheSgtPunishment, UnstoppableN, Corvus Urro

Continuation of Moze_Intel’s Soul Shards: Reborn mod.

Pixelmon Trainer Commands by Rhonim

Trainer commands in Pixelmon!

Forge Your World by AlasDiablo, Rom279 & sebpap974

this mod is cool