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Mo' Glowstone Mod by §aKaden

Like glowstone, but with rainbows!

Player Tracker by Denney

Track Various Player Data

CryNet by uCryptic

Adds various new items and blocks to the Minecraft world!

SeriousCreepers SR Additions by SeriousCreeper

SeriousCreeper's SR Additions.

Sterling and Black by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Sterling Steel and Black Silver alloys to Zot's Only Silver. Fusion Furnace plug-in


Allow Climate Control generation in Mystcraft ages


Наконец-то свершилось - Все ножи из CS:GO

Smiths Core by TimtheBrick, OrionOnline, SmithsModding Team

Core Mod for all SmithsModding affiliated mods

Alchemical Reactions by Duckingcreepers

Adds balanced alchemy for making all the things!

Adventurer's Effect by OndraSter

Mod that adds the option to add effects when items are held for map makers.

ServerStat by Pheonic

Example placeholder mod.


Official Sword Craft Online Mod by JayGhoul

Custom mod made exclusively for the Official Sword Craft Online Modpack

PattysMoreBlocks by StuffTheChickien

Adds more blocks to minecraft.

EPicSword by smartmachine, EPicSword

This is a good mod!

Macro Maker by austinv11

A mod for automating simple input tasks

AdvancedMotd by CallMeFoxie, Pixtar

With 'AdvancedMotd' you are able to style your server motd more dynamically. What time, day, special events are on the server ..


A Mod For All The Sky


Adds in Gru, Farts, and more!!

UnlovedVanilla by Impelon

A Mod adding many, different features that got left behind in the development of Minecraft


This mod add chocolate cake 8P

Hardcore Island by Team Jakojäännös

'cos losing is fun!



NationsGUI by iLexiconn

Shop GUI, menu GUI, summary GUI, assistance GUI, unicode remover, updated skins, updated heads, updated tab menu, control blacklist, sprint key, door knock

IndBuildCraft addon by kaziu687

Modyfikacja przeznaczona do gry na serwerze

LoveMod by Turtle

This is a love mod made for my girlfriend!

Custom Tools Mod by BronzeBee

This mod allows you to craft pickaxes, swords, axes, hoes & shovels from ANY block

Ghast Skin by Zr2

A mod that adds ghgast skin and early-game armor.

F3 Unlockable by Axieum

A Minecraft mod to restrict aspects of the F3 debug menu

Fruits by abused_master

A mod that adds Fruits to the game that give you abilities

AutoJumpAutoOff by Bennyboy1695

As the mod name suggests this just simply turns off the AutoJump when a world is loaded or server is joined!


BETA version

Industrial Programs by Anar

A Minecraft mod adds more compatibility OC and Other Mods.

Sleep Tron 2000 by Vanhal

Automatic Sleeping Machine

Autoclick Preventer by Hackerence

Prevent Getting banned from server by using AUTOCLICKER /cpslimit help /cpslimit showcps (true/false)/(on/off) /cpslimit setpos