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This mod will enable the user to craft Chainmail Armor.

YD's Baths Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Baths Mod.


This is NOT an example mod

OiOliveMOD by CatastropheNagaoka

Let's doing OiOlive! You can do it!


Travel to a whole new dimension, Pearl Caves! Beat the boss and get the ultimate weapon!

LED Lighting by goldensilver853

Adds LED Lighting strips.

DanmakuCraft by Rundll_32

Show Danmaku in Minecraft!

Fruit Charcoal by MinecraftDevin11

Quote: burn everything into fuel. Parcel31u (maker of ME^3,4,-1) wanted this mod. So here you go, Parcel.

ChatAlert by iLexiconn

Notifications for the Minecraft chat.

IceAge by NuclearBanana, nickfromgreek, TheLarsinator

easilyrecipe by 瑞基, MCreator

Enter short description here


This mod introduces bowser to the game.

messagealerter by boomboompower

§bPlay a sound when someone messages you

Fishdog5000's Baking Mod by FishDog5000

This mod makes it so you have to bake things like cake and bread instead of craft them.


This is an example mod

Full Power by tayjay

Straight Up

D3Commands by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Some useful command things

Extreme Stuff by Sk4nd4lf

A mod that adds extreme stuff :P


Enter short description here

BC Ore Processing by Face_of_Cat

Ore processing... BC style!




This is an example mod

Achievement Books by vsbmeza

For map makers who are creating a diverse world with many options, putting all achievements in one single book might not make sense. This mod adds the option for multiple books.

Biosphere Expansion by RollingThunder_, MCreator

EPicSword by smartmachine, EPicSword

This is a good mod!