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Carbonado by Insane96MCP

New ore spawning on the bedrock level (both in nether and overworld). Tools and Armor made with this ore, the Carbonado, have better stats than Diamond

Counter Craft by F3RULLO14

Counter Strike Global Offence Mod for Minecraft. Includes game modes, high quality guns, custom GUIs and much more!


Este Mod é para criar GELO!!!


Minecraft Alpha/Beta compatible world generator


This mod adds in Autobows, Assassin Knives, Arrow Helmets, Soldier armor, TNTs', Buttons, Pressure Plates, Lanterns, Achievements, and a new way to obtain enchantments!

SamsPowerups by Lothrazar



This is an example mod

BetterVanilla by Agadar

Attempts to improve vanilla gameplay by changing existing mechanics and expanding upon existing content.

ToMeSetup-MoreStartItems by ToMe25

an Addon for ToMe25's Setup Mod to add more Start Items.


The SpongeAPI implementation for Forge


This is an example mod

Glowing-Octo-Wallhack by K4Unl

Portals? Heck yeah!

Kineticraft by Cakestory

Ol´fashioned Energy Systems


Bete for testing


find hide in grass

Unnamed Dimension by Mr. Metric

Example placeholder mod.

Record FPS by maru

This mod records FPS!

TazerMod by Joshisfriends, MCreator

Tazing Mobs in Minecraft!

HUDini by Teotw

Helpful information onscreen, Useful utilities suite which does a bunch of things. Built: 10/12/13 11:23 AM


This is a good light block


No crafting recipe! :(

Burkey's Mining Wells by CJ Burkey

A simple alternative/update of Buildcraft's amazing mining wells.

MobAura by Thebombzen

This mod creates an aura around you which either attacks or interacts with nearby entities, depending on your settings.

MultiToolHolders by A.K.

Add Tool Holders

Space Core by mattparks

Adds all of the missing planets from galacticraft 2.


You Can Craft Skin


Hei An Shi Chao Zhuan Shu mod.


Random Recipe I came up with

WurmTweaks2 by Wurmatron

A Mod Used to help modpack creators create recipes along with some unique features like Web Based Recipes and Custom Crafting Items

Bow Overhaul by FatherToast

Changes the mechanics of bows, allowing headshots and reducing the damage arrows deal at close range.

Moses Mod by Hunternif

Introduces the item "Staff of Moses", which can be obtained with the help of a burning bush. With the staff equipped, right-click in the direction of water will create a passage; right-click in any other direction will close all passages. Hit stone to create a source of water. Hit water to turn it into blood. The staff can be upgraded if it meets lava, then it will be able to part lava too.

Thaumcraft Minus Thaumcraft by SpitefulFox

Thaumcraft Minus Thaumcraft is an add-on to take all the Thaumcraft out of Thaumcraft.

LoVoxNox by NoxIceCat