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Prestige by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Adds a prestige system, which allows progress to carry on beyond worlds.

DegradeExplodedBlocks by Joseph C. Sible

Causes blocks that are destroyed by explosions to be degraded instead of dropping as intact items or completely vanishing.

Turbo Model Thingy by jamioflan, garycxjk

Copied from flansmod 4.9.0

Gliby's Voice Chat Mod

Gliby's Voice Chat mod enables in-game voice communication, as well as support for 3D positional audio, global, region chat.

SCP's Armor by skeletros59, MCreator

SCP Armor Staff for SCP: lockdown mod

Aqueducts by BordListian

adds aqueducts for long-range liquid transfer

┬žbValniun by Valron16

This is my first Mod expect bugs and mistakes. It adds some epic items into your Minecraft world. Only you can decide what to do with all that power.

Pam's Harvest the Nether by Pamela Collins

Adds trees, fruits, bushes, crops, glow flowers, and survival recipes to the Nether

Inevera Craft by Gomer3261

Use magical wards to affect the world around you!

Everlasting Tools

Makes it possible to have tools that never break.


This is an example mod


Gives you more armor! Pretty cool stuff huh.


This is an example mod

RoMiMoCo-Ores by the_rooster

Add JSON Defined ores, and associated items


This is an Alchemy mod


Just some random stuff.

UsefulFood by Silentspy, Bockwurst

Adds a variation of food types

Nuke in the hell by EmaX, MCreator

Enter short description here


Mobs with Ranged Weaponry

Minecraft Crafting Ideas #2 - Miecze by Xeno, Roxmb

RSMC by Ahorner, Guff1118

A work-in-progress mod bringing RuneScape elements to Minecraft, one block at a time.

Runic Dust Mod- Thaumcraft Addon by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds dusts, runes, and inscriptions for use with Thaumcraft 4.

SanAndreasPs Managers by SanAndreasP

A collection of several managers for mods. Includes a language manager, a config manager and an update manager

GoodTime-Industrial by _JAVA7, liach, Seedking, JAVA0, GoodTime Studio

Obelisk by The_Icy_One

Sometimes a slightly glassy lavarock is magical. Sometimes it isn't.

RCS by StyleGame, MCreator

Bored of looking to chests to find the Name Tag or Sadle with Horse Armor to start the adventure? Now all changes!