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Colourful Portals Mod by Tmtravlr

Adds colourful portals, which are made with a wool or stained clay frame and colourful water. For more info/change logs, visit the forum post at the url above.

BookOTD by windy

Simple plugin for displaying a "message of the day" to players as a book.

Orbis by Brandon Pearce, Emile van Krieken

Orbis is a new tool and platform being developed by Gilded Games. It will allow both us and the community to develop structures with procedurally generated elements much easier, and implement them into our projects. Orbis wouldn't be possible without our supporters on Patreon! Consider supporting development at: View the source code and contribute to the Orbis project on our official GitLab here: We also have an official Discord server! Running into issues or have a question? Check out our support page here:

Trophy Lite by Elrol_Arrowsend

A Trophy for Stranded on Earth Lite

Alfredo's Titan Bows

This mod introduces new bows with powerful effects. Each bow has its own type of arrow.

JMap Staged by Darkhax

Allows for Journey Map to be gated behind GameStage progression.

So useful mod by StavZ

Made for StavZ. Made by StavZ. Very useful mod such Badlion Client. Includes: QuickButtons CoordsHud


Awesome Mod OP

Vanilla Extended by Dragonnox

More vanilla style content for Minecraft.

Incredible Craftsmanship by touro games, MCreator

Enter short description here

Crafting_NetherStar by Jeff, MCreator

MrCrayfish's Construction Mod

§eAllows you to construct awesome buildings without being good at designing.

Vanilla Automation by universal

Adding tweaks to existing blocks.

TFC Seasonal by Lumintorious

A mod for more vibrant and varied grass colors.

The Llamanians by Llama from Andromeda

MoreFood 2 by Stefan Wimmer <>, uriba

Bringing the next logical step from vanilla food. More food-items and a new crop on top.

Spinning Wheel Mod by Gamblerrur

§l Now you can spin 1 block of wool into 4 string!

Spartan Weaponry Arcana by ObliviousSpartan

Official addon mod for Spartan Weaponry. Adds support for Botania, Thaumcraft and Embers materials.


For craft the Redstone Skinsystem by turikhay, ErickSkrauch, afdw, Prototik Skinsystem server plugin

Expanded UNUverse Pack

Expanded UNUverse Pack for Minecraft Transport Simulator


Version del More Gems para CubeGamer420.

MCTY by Jao_Shingan, MCreator


Adds some refrences to jays stream

TFICore by fabbe50 aka Teemo

Base mod for all The Fifth Idiot mods.


Addons for Airports

Dimensions by Calenria


Camouflage Mod by SackCastellon

This mod allows you to be invisible to other players.

NoteblockTweak by CharlieJiang

A mod allows controling noteblocks by note like 'A#5'. Only compatible with Piano+ respack yet.



OG Dragon+ by GenDeathrow

A pre 1.9 dragon mod. Slightly modified and allows for world type filters.

Thirst Mod by tarun1998

Thirst in Minecraft.

Arma Mania Mod by nicoszpako

Mod pour le serveur ArmaMania par Nicoszpako

Mineterstellar by Mortimer Kerman, MCreator

L'univers et les musiques de ce mod sont la propri�t� de Warner Bros. Merci de votre compr�hension.