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This mod will add a cool melee weapons in the game!

VMC_GunPowderGalore_1.12.2 by JTPC

Adds some essential gunpowder related, simplistic machines and recipes!

JohnMod by RarePummel53, MCreator

Enter short description here

Rope Ladders by Selim_042

Adds rope ladders that can be dropped from above.

Jazzghost mod by pires, MCreator

OCRocketry by slava_110

AdvRocketry accessible from OpenComputers now!

RyuIchimonji by R_Liu

Grobletombus et vivat in aeternum.


カスです 5zig入れてない人用?

Tapuchips-1.2.0 by DoctorGrass, MCreator

This mod adds Tapuchips, The israeli Version of Lay's.

EetlesReborn by Judacraz, MCreator

What are elytra made from?

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!


This is an example mod

MineScape by DjStarters, MCreator

RuneScape meets Minecraft!

Companion mod by Casual_Dutchman

This mod adds a companion to the game, He will help you.

Flex Mod by mrgwbland, MCreator

Improvements to Phil Swift

Just Bacon by LandSlide183

A mod that adds bacon to minecraft.

JackOFix by Peffern

This mod causes JackOLanterns to burn out after twice the burn time of a torch

No Enderman Pickup by Dj

A mod to disallow Enderman pickup!

Re-Zombies-V1.5-Ver-1.12.2.jar by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod inspired by Mo-Zombies that sadly hasn't been updated sense 2015.

Reimfood (Beta v 0.1) by Reimzon, MCreator


AuroraBackup by PistonMC

This plugin can backup the server file and world

What Should be in Minecraft by FinalKill9175, bounty_hunter_85

Made by FinalKill9175 and bounty_hunter_85, we made a collab of all the things that should be in minecraft!

ColdWeaponPack by By MAXUS_YT_

hehe :)

ProtosCraft by ProtosAlen

Adds random stuff.

Uranium Reenriched mod by CsokiCraft

Continuation of the old Uranium mod

Condition: Overload by UvMidnight

Tinkers construct addon that brings warframe's respective gameplay element, except with potion effects

Proud Creepers by Fureniku

Rainbow-coloured creepers, that spread peace and plant flowers and grass when they explode

FloatingRuins by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Floating islands taken from the ground with ruins on top.

worldgen ruins dungeons serverside opensource

Amplasio by T3rr1X, MCreator



SaltAndAlabaster by defeatedcrow

Salt and Alabaster!

Growing Up Core by Dagarath

Core changes for the Growing Up Modpack.

Gift From The Gods by TheEmosewaPixel

A mod that gives players a random item every few seconds.

TFCNT by lipki

TerraFirmaCraft need that.

Mute Withers by Rick South

A drag-and-drop mod to mute/silence all withers and their explosions in the world.