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pala_mod_tool by AG, MCreator

Enter short description here


This mod makes vanilla mobs stick together in herds. These herds then slowly repopulate themselves. Also, zombies. Thank you to all the people trying my mod. That means you!

[Ice cream mod] by KingstoneKingdome

Tasty Ice cream!

Little More Mod by MiniTMO

This mod adds two new ores and two new blocks (ruby and sapphire). It also adds new tools and new armors (lapis, ruby, sapphire, quartz, obsidian and emerald). You're also able to make battle axes.


A way to get jungle wood very early on when mining at night.


A minecraft mod allowing you to become a mankini wearing star. What would you ask for more?

fortnite mod 2.0 by Jasper, MCreator

Enter short description here


This mod can create a dimension that fully ore.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Potato Armory by theorigamiauthor

An amazing armory full of potatoes and wonder

isDev Core by IvanSteklow

IvanSteklow's Development Core


This is an example mod

StriMod by Striladen by Striladen

Un petit mod


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.

Tools For Everything by ostpol

Adds Tools for many Materials in Minecraft.

Graylist by StarTux

Example placeholder mod.

Manu's Tweaks by MCManuelLP


Crafteable Totem And ChainMail Armor Mod by Wofelet, MCreator

Craft All Armors! and the totem...

TNT Sword by AngelShadow9451, MCreator

TNT Sword for taking enemies out with a bang.

Deep Mob Learning - Blood Magic Addon by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Need blood? We got ya fam.

JackOFix by Peffern

This mod causes JackOLanterns to burn out after twice the burn time of a torch

Mo' Minecraft by frumpycat123

This is my first ever mod that is aimed at adding spice to minecraft while learning how to code.


The Role Play Mod Adds Various Items For Your Roleplays

fortcraft 2.2 beta by tangentsoda, MCreator

its a beta


You Have Downloaded The First Version Of Crystal World Mod! Thanks To MCreator I'm Able To Upload This Mod Onto Minecraft Forums!



Super Blocks 'n Buckets by The_Wabbit

Fit much more stuff in much less space! Store 64 blocks as one superblock. Fit 15 buckets into a BIG bucket! Compact 100's of items into packed items.

Random Magical Stuff by bearbear2k

A mod that adds cool magical items