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This is an example mod

NationsCapes by Noppes

Adds multiple functionalities for

Extrabiomes Meadow by allaryin

Meadow biome and everything that comes with it.

Old Java Warning by Darkhax

Warns about old Java..

PeanutsAndStuff by Mj11jM, Gigabit101

MinePass by MinePass, SovereignMP

MinePass Network Game Server

Pam's Simply Strawberries by Pamela Collins

Adds a new crop to vanilla Minecraft with semi-unique crop mechanics.


Gooey tools, armor and more :3

RWBY Models by Bluexin, Blaez

Custom weapons using RWBY-themed models.


This is mod adds new sword features to the game.



mod_kap by carlos2002, MCreator

OresDropMores2 by BStramke

Rewrite of


This is an ewwwxample mod

MattDahEpic Core by MattDahEpic

Base Mod for all MattDahEpic mods.

Easy Commands by Tinsley_

Simplifying and adding many commands to Minecraft Vanilla!

mod_ThnxCyaSneekPeek by Airsoftking118, MCreator

The Purple Stuff by MrPurple6411

Total Cheat Stuff

QuazarCraft by Qwiddle

This mod adds Quazar, a technologically advanced metal/crystal with magical properties. This ore can be used to make many decorative blocks and a multiblock 3x3x3 crafting table. Plants, World Gen, Armor, and Weapons have been added or will be soon. Machinery will come eventually.


This is an example mod


ItemBlacklist per dimension.

Liquid XP by immibis

Liquid XP and related machines.



This Mod Adds Masks From Hotline Miami Game

Thaumic Horizons

Pushing the boundaries of magic

Web-API API by Valandur

API interface for the WebAPI

Surplus Tools by vBaZaaR

Because there aren't enough tools already!.

InfoMod by Outi



The paper has become realistic!

Evil Notch Core Loader by ExampleDude

Makes Vanilla Great again {1.2.5 Features} Also Contains Apis/Utilities

Darwin by Manchou

This mod add mobs with genetics.