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MemoryFix by prplz

Diamond Tipped Steel Mod by TheModMonster

Allows the Player to craft Steel Blocks, Tools, and Armor. You can even plate your tools with diamonds!

Easy Books Mod by MetaTresch

Make it easier to craft paper and books.

GregTech Classic by e99999, trinsdar

an experiment with Forge 1.12.2.

Ztones by riciJak


New Radical Botany by CanVox

Don't forget, you only get what you give.

MoreBow by important__

Magical Sculptures by Rikka0_0, Yuriscat

Magical Sculptures!


Adds grappling hook stuffs.

rss by usuarito, MCreator


A mod for adding waypoints and navigation to Minecraft.

saber sword by AQ, MCreator

The Lost Cities - TFC Edition by McJty, AnodeCathode

The Lost Cities TFC Edition

Kerency Space System by §aMarco - Nick: TheBlasterEnd

Tengo a precisare che questa è la mia prima mod(addons) e quindi non sarà perfetta, ed ho deciso di dedicarla ai Kerency per il loro duro lavoro su YouTube. Spero che l'addons vi piaccia!!

Blood Smeltery: A TCon Addon for Blood Magic by Smileycorp

Adds the ablity to create Life Essence and Rune blocks in the Tinker's Construct Smeltery.

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Living Chest by Syllient

A mod that adds Chester (from Don't Starve) to Minecraft.

Medieval Craft by Kitsu Shadow

Medieval Craft


This is Ultra Dimensionality Tools mod!

Skewers by Casadis

Adds various Skewers.

Ced's Kappa by CedKilleur

Add Kappa material and other stuff

Book and Sign Saver Mod by Walking_Library (Caleb)

Allows the player to saves signs and books to a json file

PyCraft by kapiteon

Allows you to use python in console(example: / print 'Hello, world!').

Oceany Mod by CatDany

Technomagic in Depths of the Oceans


The cheesecake mod inspired by MrBigCheesecake

Demirci Modu by Serkan �zel

Minecraft a notch demirci ekleyin silahlar�n�za art� bas�n.

Cooked Stuff by BerkeA111

A Mod that adds A lot of new consumables

ViesCraft by Viesis

Airships through the eyes of Viesis!

FoolsLib by UpcraftLP

Library for creating Lucky Blocks

Resident Evil by Utente, MCreator

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility

武德 by YurisCat


AntaniCC by admiral0

Tiny mod to add IC2 peripherals

EventosCrazyland by alber, MCreator

mod_WorldStateCheckpoints by MightyPork, bspkrs

Allows you to create save points in your SP worlds! Keys are F6 to get the checkpoints menu and ALT + F6 to quick-save a checkpoint.