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Ore Control by masa

Removes vanilla ore generation from the world

Doomed Whispers by Akisan

Overhaul of Thaumcraft research.

MoreFoodz by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A mod that adds more food into Minecraft!

Zencessories by SkySom

Mystic Divination by HalestormXV

Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation. A mystic believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. Shall we begin?


Add some decortations to your kingdom or castle in minecraft

NEI Forestry Plugin by smbarbour

Adds Forestry shaped crafting (i.e. Multifarms) handler to NEI

Malisis Core by Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter

API rendering and ASM transformations.

3D Maneuver Gear by InfinityRaider

3D Maneuver Gear in Minecraft

NorthernCompass by LX_Gaming

NorthernCompass Source -


This is an example mod

MiningTweaks by Ellpeck

A mod that lets you configure the hardness and mining level of existing blocks


Bouboule Simulator 3 Mod

Mwh Shoppin Lyst by 3mily, MCreator

For one of my fans Zizzly

Optifine extra Utilities for optifine by _Chelos_

Optifine extra Utilities for optifine

Mystical Agriculture Tiered Crystals by Ilovepie220

Adds Tiered crystals to Mystical Agriculture.


Alchemical Laundry for EE3


This mod add materials, items, food, block, armor, inventory tabs, decoration, recipe and effect

Quirks And Perks by TehFlaminTaco

A mod that does various neat things.


Make more with Paper!

stabilizermod by Ternsip

IC2 BuildCraft energy converter

Misc Things by Yabdat

Misc Things

TMD Mod by zeuslightning125

The Mining Dead Server's custom zombie mod & more.

GT6 Ore Helper by Zuxelus

NEI info of GregTech 6 ores. Shows also ore info in dimensions from other mods (Twilight Forest, Erebus, The Betweenlands, The Aether, Galacticraft, etc)


my first mod :D make hamburgers!!

AyNotif by Manercraft

AyNotif | Savoir quand Aypierre Stream !

Debug Crosshair by titanknox

Example placeholder mod.

The Lord of the Rings Mod

The Lord of the Rings Mod adds the world of Middle-earth to Minecraft, with many new blocks, items, weapons, biomes, animals, enemies, and more. Choose your side - will you fight for good or evil?

Bunker Mod

Bunker Mod.


This is an example mod

Metal++ by CodingCrusader

Adds a bunch of new metals to discover in your Minecraft world.

Infused Ring Mod by Naturaspell