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WCDS Tools and Armor by EnderHunter919, MCreator

Addon that adds armor and tools of the metals from When Clay Don�t Spawn.

Project Prism by KodingKing1

Adds new types of unique gear and weapons to your Minecraft world!

AbyssalCraft by shinoow

This mod adds new things to the game, including a new dimension and a overworld biome.

Quantom Zone by Stereowalker

Finally, Variety in Minecraft. Just Try Not To Get Infected or Eaten. Beware of THE Beast


EZTools adds tools to minecraft!

Goblin Encounter by Conflee, MCreator

A mod that adds goblins and structures and a boss.

Mod Debug World Type by Darkhax

Adds modids to debug mode.

platinum by manuthebyte, ExampleModDev

gamma-wave synchronization nova

derfl007's Road Mod by derfl007

Road Mod by derfl007

Netherending Ores by ICannt Team

Netherending Ores

Progressive Alchemy by zerofall

ProjectE Addon that allows you to customize progression.

PipeBlocker by embeddedt

Implements an allowlist/denylist for ObjectInputStream deserialization

Dimension Inventorys by lumien

A small mod that allows you to specify which dimension share a player inventory and which have unique ones.

Charcoal Mod by Sanshirooo, Hind

It is a MOD to add items which mainly use charcoal.


Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings.

Torcherino Pro by example

Super OP Torch.

Scape and Run Monstress by Dhanantry

A mod with monster girls

Free Pants by bafomdad

Pants that are free

SimpleHUD by TGMDevelopment

StriMod by Striladen by Striladen

Un petit mod


Overpowerd Armor

Elevators by TheRealp455w0rd

Single Elevator Block

Mill�naire Extended: Inuits by LaikaIwanowa

An addon for Mill�naire which enhances the base experience by adding more additional content for the Inuits.

TFCNT by lipki

TerraFirmaCraft need that.

qcm by zheny, MCreator

Created MarMeLad

Fire Mod by ElFrostburnMC, MCreator

Adds Fire Armors, Tools & Blocks


The official TNW cape mod

morecraftablemusic by 31654, MCreator



wp by user, MCreator


injection point type '%s'

Custom Signposts by Pavocado

Simple customisable signposts

LEEDSBIO2 by PC, MCreator