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mod_Nassbrock by Nassbrock, MCreator


TerraDuellum by SionoiS

TerraDuellum is a multiplayer mod that rebalance town vs town battle.


Secure Contain Protect themed mod

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.



Runic Dust Mod: Default runes and inscriptions pack by billythegoat101

The pack containing all the basic runes and inscriptions in the mod.


Stare Jedznie


Obsidian Pickaxe

Geologica by noogenesis

Adds realistic geology in the form of new types of rocks and ores. The distributions are completely customizable, either via the GUI during world creation, or by directly modifying the CustomOreGen config.

custommc by KevinWalker


OreRenderOverrider by Ferne

Built against Forge

Carry On by Tschipp, Purplicious_Cow, cy4n

Carry On is a simple mod that improves game interaction by allowing players to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities using only their empty hands.

Goblins! Mod by Sartharis

Goblins! is a mod for Minecraft ,which adds Goblins and their Villages to your world! Those little buggers don;t like you at all and are more than willing to kill you! So get your weapons ready, because someone has to exterminate them! Goblin villages are filled with great treasures and totems! Collected Totems can crafted into magical powders, which can be used to craft many powerful items (magical weapons and awesome utilities!). Villages are often located in swamps and plains, look there for them!

Realistic Cobwebs Mod by UpcraftLP

Make them cobwebs burn!



Granter Mod by Bugzoo

This mod adds a magic block called the granter. Give this block items and blocks to see what happens next...

MusicPlay by LazyGom

ToolsCombine by S4lad

Combine Tools...

Wall Teleporters

Blocks that can be masked as any other block and when walked into, teleports you to a different location

Hutos Mod by Huto

Example placeholder mod.


Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings.

Block Armor by 2piradians

Adds various block-type armors to the game.


Epopee Libre

Hirakana by Axer

Japanese input.

Advanced Finders by EnderLanky

This mod adds new compasses which help you to find ores, gems, metals and chemicals more easily.

Spawnable Fluids by jordsta95

Small mod that adds tools to spawn source blocks of fluids that do not flow


Este mod foi feito para as pessoas que gostam de construir!

Easy Retrogen by cpw, KitsuneAlex

A fork of cpw's simpleretrogen mod.

Superior Craft! by Matthew98989

´┐ŻbSuperior Craft is a mod that adds in over 200 new blocks, items, and features into the game. This is a newer mod and it may contain some bugs.

InGameInfoXML Tough As Nails by smbarbour

Adds tags for Tough As Nails


This is a mod that adds in ender-related items

Worse Solars by ProspectPyxis

Just a solar panel that breaks down after some time.