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SendToSpawn by Bebabo10

Sends player to spawn when they log in

DangerSense by Leviathan143

Gives the player a Danger Sense


Create for suvival mode

EndeRF by amazigjj


This is an example mod

Expanded Industry by Draco18s

Adds a handful of broadly useful tools for basic industry.

Component Equipment by spacechase0

A mod similar to Tinker's Construct, but simpler.


This is my first mod.. I phailed at Creative tab... I will fix it... By then Happy Gaming!

DOTV Tweaks by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Custom set of tweaks for Dawn of the Void

Waystones by BlayTheNinth

Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.


Glowing Invinsible Block & Key


eine mod die den Traum eines jeden MC Players wiedergibt :D

Wearables by gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien

Entry to the ModOff modding competition that adds customizable wearables.

More Drinks Mod

This mod makes more drinks in the game sucks af cocacola and monster enegy, but this mod is currently in beta and i haven't created recipes yet so the only way to get the cocacola and all the other drinks is by getting them from creative or getting them from the humans that are spawned in the world.

Ages of Mystcraft by Veovis Muad'dib

Ages of Mystcraft is an addon to Mystcraft that will provide many different gameplay elements. It will comprise of several sub-mods: Ages, Journals, Storage, Symbols, and Tech. This release includes the Symbols sub-mod in a playable, stable state, with more content planned.

[Fizzy drinks mod] by KingstoneKingdome

Make your own fizzy drinks and teas!


The official TNW cape mod


This is an example mod

PrimitiveTools by minaduki

Primitive Tools

Diamond Paxel Mod (Remake) by TheeAnonymousOne

This mod was basically a remake of the very old Diamond Paxel Mod by IWannaWin. I added a German name for it.

Fishdog5000's Core by FishDog5000

This mod is required for all of FishDog5000's mods. It has some basic code that is used in all of FishDog5000's mods


a new dimention, slimy stuff, and not a whole lot more


Mod for survey without passive mob

FutureCraft by Coolax

A Mod that takes you to the future!

Hard Mode Tweaks by Hea3veN

Gameplay changes.

Nether Tools by FeliGM

Built from the hell!

Tinkers Tool Leveling by boni

A small mod that gives your tools XP and awards extra modifiers on levelup

ForgeSubWhitelist by Dries007, DoubleDoor team

Automatic sub login checker for Twitch, GameWisp, Beam, ...

Mob Stacker by blupilot

An item that lets you stack mobs on top of each other.

Ageing Mobs by svennieke, Mrbysco

This mod allows mobs to age and transform.

Put Only One by ecru

Put Only One

Castle Protect by ArtisanGaming

This mod allows the player to reinforce their homes, castles, and other structures by creating reinforced building blocks that are both blast resistant and grief resistant.