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This is an example mod


This is a mod that adds a new ore, carrot ore, and lots of other cool things

Alternative Energy

Adding cables that can be used for IC2 and BC power, and nice power storage for it

Ore Canes by TOMOKO_jsv, MCreator


This mod adds tools and ores for now but it will add much things like food,plants,more useful items etc.

MMEP by Dave40K

Mighty Muffin Expansion Pack

Energy Converters by xalcon

A mod to freely convert between IC2 EU and RF power

Obsidian Ingots by aidancbrady

Energy, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Machines, Magic.

Mystcraft Exacting Research by theorbtwo

This mod attempts to add two things to your mystcraft experince: symbols to let you more exactly specify the attributes of your age, and devices to allow you to get symbols via careful research, rather then by luck


Ancient carrots of the world are being discovered, can you find them


NSO TBs Update

MantraMine Tweaks by Denney

Various tweaks and fixes for the MantraMine mod-pack.

Truskawkowy questing tool by Sk1er, boomboompower

ulatwia questowanie


The Role Play Mod Adds Various Items For Your Roleplays


mod dodaje nowe kolorowe bloki.

Slugs EU and RF converters by Slug_ (Minecraft name), (_Slug on forums)

Converters for IC2 from RF power based mods

More Enchantments by Lithial

Adds new Enchantments to the Game

Big Battery by NoelFlantier

Multi-block battery.

KeyboardMaster by SkyStardust


Chat Notifier by XeliteXirish

Simple notifier to notify you when someone says your name


§a§lThe ExtremeSwords Mod for Minecraft 1.8


This is an example mod

Hunting Chain by MrMystery96

Mod that adds too many mobs to the game, mobs like new types of bears!.

Zevac's SurvivalFlight by Zevac

Do you want to fly in Survival mode too?

MineFAMOUS: Second Craft by

MineFAMOUS: Second Craft is a mod based off the game InFAMOUS: Second Son. But do not fear, this mod does NOT require a PS4 to play!

Corpse Run by C4

Configure what you keep when you die, plus many additional options on death.

Rebind Narrator by quaternary

Rebind the narrator key!