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Growing Flowers

Farm all Minecraft flowers like crops also as a lot of optionally flowers and plants more! See Config for more Details! The Idea for this Mod is by gigagames

PneumaticCraft Popcorn by J3FF97

Adds Popcorn to Minecraft, addon to PneumaticCraft

Gilded Games Utility by Gilded Games

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gilded Games projects.


Adds ruins to your minecraft world

Companions by InfinityRaider

An addon for Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize that adds title scrolls which give you a companion.



Bauble Enhancements by Shelter_Rin

This mod will add utilities for baubles that can help players across their journeys


Mod adds new blocks.

BSA Mod by Gaarnik, Asceliopos

The official BSA Mod from BSA serie

dao_za_blockdrops by Dao_Za


Heart Drop by Konlii

Mobs drop hearts when they die, which heal you when you pick them up.

Tophers OreWorld by Topher2001

This mod adds new ores and more.

Patchouli by Vazkii

Accessible, Data-Driven, Dependency-Free Documentation for Minecraft Modders and Pack Makers


This is the officical mod for the Camel Lucky Block Addon, includes custom weapons and tools as well as armour and mobs!

Resizing Potion by Camellias_

It adds 2 potions to resize the player.

Better Deco by enwash, beeshroom, Merlijn (DutchM/merren2306)

Adds some useful things! And some useless things. Actually, like, a lot of useless things.


Allows you to level up your tools by using them.

Mod Amethyst Ore by Darber7005, MCreator

Amethyst Ore Mod

Appalachia by Team RTG

Minecraft mod that adds biomes inspired by the Appalachian region of North America.


Military mod, for 1.7.10 forge

ShotYourScreen by CatDany

Share screenshots with friends immediately!

Just Server Tweak 2 by dohyun22

저스트서버 전용 모드입니다. 각종 유용한 아이템과 기능을 추가합니다! ⓒ 2015 Just Minecraft Server 무단 배포 및 이용 금지

Invention by War Monger, Deltric

Content creation system made by users

More Shears by Kashdeya

Adding shears for a lot of different metals.

Nether Tweaks by Barely_Alive

Tweaks for surviving in the nether or anywhere else

Qoins by quenti77

Money of hypixel

mod_OresPlus by Detuit, MCreator

Added Pickaxes, ruby and quick crafting table!!!



§2jtrent238's Rust Mod by jtrent238

§2Made By jtrent238


Create By JacketCh