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Fluid Generators by BrickMaster5000(SteveBeeblebrox), MCreator

Make water and lava!


Epopée Libre

MoreFoodz by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A mod that adds more food into Minecraft!


The Metalite mod adds specials things to your game such as metalite ore.


Adds new ores and related content

futureminecraft by Lester822, MCreator

Put Only One by ecru

Put Only One

RepairBot by SlothyGaming

A bot that repairs tools.

HitBoxOverlay Mod by RANKTW

RANKTW's HitBoxOverlay Mod.

Friendlyfier by patrick96

Make your hostiles friendly.

Permafrost by Virtuoel

Prevents light from melting Ice and Snow Layers


Adds the Old Vedning Machine


This is a Internet Mod that allows you to enter the Internet

Logistics Pipes by davboecki, AartBluestoke, ArtForz, GUIpsp, theZorro266

Logistics Pipes is an extensive overhaul of the Buildcraft pipe system. It allows for better distribution of items via pipes, more organised stockkeeping and easier automated crafting.

opensource tech

Thut Permissions by Thutmose

Permissions mod for Forge

Transprot by MrRiegel

Item transport over short distance without cables.

AutoSprint Mod by RedPer

Allows you to always sprint after pressing a keybind.

âš? by asiekierka

Various decorative objects.

BambooMod by ruby

Watch the growth of bamboo.




More materials

CeperaProtect by Cepera

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Dieser Mod fügt ein Waffen Upgrade System ins Spiel ein ,welches ihnen erlaubt die Schwerter bis hin zu Level 5 abzugraden


strudel mod

Land Manager by bright_spark

Manage custom sized areas of the world and allocate them to players!

Photoptics by Abastro

Mod about Optics.

mod_Satyrs by TunaDaFish, MCreator

Basic Currency

Angus Young's Additional Ores

Adds a lot of additional ores, including marble, granite, new blocks, new items, new sets of tools and a unique set of Circular Saws.

LitGhost Test Mod by LitGhost



The grand expansion to 1.8