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This is an example mod

Survival Command Blocks by Lothrazar

Craftable command blocks that are restricted out of editing in all gamemodes.

The Emerald Haven by Epicloudygamer(The Emerald Modder/ The Emerald Star,The Emerald Star#2960), Sourlightz(Nothingness, Nothingness#3171), Fizz, flickeringradio, The Potato God, Calloway Caliphus, bananacreampi4552 , MCreator

We will be working on a major mod that will be unique and add in a variety of items, mechanics, blocks, dimensions, physics, and more! The mod will focus on magical aspects, story, and adventure. So far the mod adds in rocks to spawn in your world and molten stone near the bottom of your world. Also a wide variety of biomes spawn within the overworld. Explore your world and find structures, biomes, and more!

CraftableFarmland by defeatedcrow

Powers of Terra by cyanik21

Harness the power of earth to do things.

The Package Mod by whizzball1

Factorio-style recipes and research.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Event Debug by boq

Simple tool to collect event information

CJBModItems by otakux


AntiGhost by Giselbaer

Some Mod

VoidDecay by Funwayguy

Slowly eats away at ones world with devastating effects

The Brisingr Mod by Baraxor, MCreator

The Brisingr Mod

Modular Machines

Customize your machines

mod_SoManySword by Esstandy, MCreator

TF Simply Magic

A Mod that adds a simple magic system.

WebDisplays by montoyo

Web Screens! Yayyy!!

Parachronology by ZenDarva

Skyblock Resource Mod

Ant Hat Mod by WhirlWindBB, MCreator

A Mod for PopularMMOS about Ant Hats!

BifurcatedHopper by Asatsuki256

Smart and useful hoppers and redstone machines.

Walkabouts by Aelpecyem

This mod adds some nifty gadgets! Note: This mod isn't balanced yet

Thaumic Wonders by Daedalus4096

Create wonders with Thaumcraft 6!

Invention by War Monger, Deltric

Content creation system made by users


Mod adds characters,food and things that appears in A & O movies,cartoons and comicbooks!

Master Blocks Mod Forestry by leplopp


Deeper Dimensions by Doobleberry, MCreator

This mod adds in deeper parts of The End Dimension and the Nether Dimension

Skytech Crops by HunterzCZ

Add new crops to Skytech modpack.

Megelium Blocks by Matthew Ringrose (matt_r__)

Super strong blocks, perfect for building bomb resistant structures and preventing greifing.

RootMod by Minecraft Name : Drag0SEaters, RootSlayers

This mod is in Alpha.

Waystones2Waypoints by Noobanidus

Automatically create Xaero's Minimap Waypoints when activating a Waystone.


This mod adds 2 MinePhones into your world.

Boku no Hero Academia Mod by Maki325

My Hero Academia mod for Minecraft