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This is a mod.

GrowthCraft Core: Booze

Shared files within GrowthCraft

Placbo by Sk1er

This mod is not a placebo.

Dimensional Anchors by immibis

Yet another chunkloader mod.


Try the secret dimension


This is an example mod

Set Effect by Lemons

Add effects to the player when wearing a full armour set


Mod for multitool phones in survival and eve a redstone dimension.


You can Dig Bedrocks using Diamond Pickaxe

BigTrees by Karob

Generates various large trees, giving Minecraft a more dimensional atmosphere.

Functional Aesthetics by uberifix

A mod that adds cosmetic blocks that are resource pack dependent. This allows the mod to fit in well with nearly any resource pack.

§3More Fuels Mod Light by §3B§bo§3r§be§3d

§b§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel.

School Mod by Endernoobs314owen

Craft Amazing Textbooks That Grant Amazing Abilities

Marker Mod by SonarBeserk

Provides a system for marking maps


This is a diamond mod in minecraft.

Bio Cristals by Chompzki, Piron

Agriculture with cristaline biotech.


This is an example mod

Universe Mod

Universe Mod adds 3 more universes(dimensions): -Land of the Spiders, Dark-realm, and the Unknown; -12 new ores: Land of the Spiders: ~ Sekiton, Aian, Gorudo, Daiyamondo, Emerarudo Dark-Realm: ~ Meitan, Tieding, Jin, Zuanshi, Cui The Unknown: ~ Symbols 1, Symbols 2 -2 new bosses(Names are a WIP): Tarantula (Land of the Spiders), Unknown (Unknown) -10 + new hostile mobs: Land of the Spiders: ~ Emerald-Cave Spider, Anchor Spider, Black Widow, Wolf Spider (Based on the actual wolf spider not a MC wolf) Dark-Realm: ~ (Grim) Reaper, Dark-Realm Villagers, Grinder, Ghoul The Unknown: ~ ?, ?!, !?, Cubes -New Villagers (just well without villages for now) found free roaming the Unknown


Added only a pickaxe????!!

mod_WorldStateCheckpoints by MightyPork, bspkrs

Allows you to create save points in your SP worlds! Keys are F6 to get the checkpoints menu and ALT + F6 to quick-save a checkpoint.

Project EX by LatvianModder

EMC Condenser Mod by LatvianModder

This mod adds EMC Condenser, that you can use to transmutate items

No Damage Immunity (NoDamI) by ProfHugo

Take all the damage!

A Bit of Capes by Kriogenic, Jadar

A mod which adds capes specifically for A Bit of Everything mod pack

UnKnownMod by Exysting

Mod for UnKnown Team.

Planter Helper by portablejim

Also known as VeinPlanter. Helps plant crops.

MR Mod by Thornbush42

Designed for use with Mystikal Revolution modpack, this mod adds Carbyne items and ores, as well as a few minecraft hot-fixes

ItemScanner by Kashin

ItemScanner adds scanner peripherals for ComputerCraft enabling the retrievel of itemID and likewise information

BaseIO by FlatronEZ, deregges, J4kee


MCLink by Dries007

Automatic subscriber whitelist management

Useful Redstone Reborn by _TheCreator_ (ported to 1.12.2 by _Maxmos_), MCreator

With new redstone content, make the game funnier !

Chunk Analyzer Mod by otter-in-a-suit

A mod to analyze your chunks for couple of ressources.