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Breanna's mod by ExampleDude

This is for you


the mod is for HQM

Key to TP by circularmoonray

Press key to TP like a compass

Fence Overhaul by The_WeatherPony

Adds improved fences to Minecraft


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Resource Reloader by LatvianModder, modmuss50

Infinity Core by Jason_McRay

Core mod for InfiTech modpack

Wynncraft Experience Display by nbcss

For display player experience


The mod is still in the beta phase!


This is an example mod

Danger Lies Ahead by Nierhain

Makes the world more dangerous

Extended Automation

Little mod to tweak other mods


For Friends

Earthcomputer's Client Command Mod by Earthcomputer

Commands for the client

Dirt2Path by mallrat208

Want Paths? Have Dirt? Great News. With Dirt2Path when you right click on a Dirt Block with a Shovel or Shovel like tool, you to can get Paths.

FTB Quests by LatvianModder

IP Finder by WORMSTweaker

Get the IP of the actual server you're on and return it to your chat.

Just enough recipe books by Vexatos

No recipe books are just the right amount.

Sterling and Black by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Sterling Steel and Black Silver alloys to Zot's Only Silver. Fusion Furnace plug-in

Jewellery by Kethas, ICallHax_TV

Adds Jewellery.

MC Tools by Connor Linfoot

The MC Tools mod.


Villagers are picky!

HC Armor by DotSplat

Hardcore Armor

CraftableHorseArmor by DemoXin

Dress your steed to impress! Adds recipes for crafting saddles and horse armors.

Blood Mod by jawser78

Blood Mod! Please Support me @ . If you want to help out with the mod, comment @ Thanks!

RedServer Mod by Andrey

Новые блоки и предметы.


Apocalyptic Weapons Pack

The Cactus Mod by Mrbysco

A ModJam 2018.1 mod.


Boom Command And New Armor!