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AdditionBlock by Eazy_Ender

AdditionBlock a tous d'abord été conçu pour les serveurs AlfheimOrigins et GunGaleOnlineOrigins donc aucun craft n'est possible , c'est juste pour le créatif.

MoreVanilla 1.7.10 by RCGamerYT

Adds in many more vanilla based tools and items to minecraft

Swan Boats! by SoggyMustache

Adds a swan boat

Industrial Programs by Anar

A Minecraft mod adds more compatibility OC and Other Mods.

Spectastic by mbaxter

Toggle between your current gamemode and spectator

Atomic Engineering by Flippity

This mod explores the evolution of technology, including fission, and fusion.

PixelmonCore Server Mod

Exclusively for the PixelmonCore server, this mod adds over 400 new ores, weapons, armours, terrain, foods, building blocks, crafting items and quest/event items.

Dashing Dashboard by Glasspelican

Posts server statistics to a dashboard powered by

EverlastingAbilities by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Discover, share and conquer abilities that stick.

Brain Stone Mod by The_BrainStone, The_Fireplace

This mod adds a mysterious substance called BrainStone.

Chester Mod by Xwaffle

Add Chester from Dont Starve to Minecraft. Thanks ZedEhco for the Chester model


Upload your own custom paintings to minecraft server!

Shamanry by Asyncronos

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft

Dead Cells by Martacus

Dead Cells inspired mod

Paladium Christmas by goldorak85

Paladium Christmas Mod.

Lively Animals by Rui_rui

This mod seeks to further immerse the player into the game by modifying animal models and behaviors to be more life-like. No more cross-eyed statues!


Troll everybody with this trolly mod :D

OgreSean Mods by OgreSean, GotoLink


This is Yahllama´s Mod


This is an example mod

More Stuff Mod by C_ube_B, MCreator

Adds NPC's Armor and More!

IngotsAplenty by 33kingkiller

Too... Many... INGOTS!

Extra Trees by Binnie

Extra Trees is a mod that adds many new tree species, as well as new planks, doors, stairs, fences, gates and slabs. It also has the woodworker, where you can combine two planks to form any pattern you would like.

More Recipes! by LazyCow1120

Adds More then 60 NEW Recipes AND Spawn Eggs and Music disks!


This is an example mod

Pink Flamingo

Adds a decorative pink flamingo block.