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Thaumic Nexus by KryptonCaptain


Sonic Tech by Hazmatik

The Dcctor is Back

Easycraft ShulkerBox by Katey, MCreator

Enter short description here


Adds a gold recipe

Smart HUD by InsomniaKitten

A dynamic HUD for displaying inventory items.

Ore Dictionary Tool Tips by ericBG, a.k.a. _selfishPersonReborn

Shows tooltips for OreDictionaried items.


lots of fruits for the cubic world.

Arcane Bags by Socratic_Phoenix

Insane storage

Hot Water Mod

Add more liquids and new fuel into the game

Better Recipes by Zzyxz

*Requires Better Furnace to work properly* Alters iron and gold smelting. 1 iron ingot now consumes 3 iron ore blocks and 1 gold ingot now consumes 4 gold ore blocks when created via the furnace.

Concrete Conversion by _NIMJA

Adds another way to convert concrete powder to concrete.

Craft Cards by Lomeli12

A very simple mod that adds special cards that can have recipes encoded to them, then used to insta-craft the items.

LittleHelpers by Navybofus

A small amount of automation to lessen the burden of repetitive tasks.


This is an example mod


pistola en prueba

FluidTransformTweaker by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Crafttweaker integration that lets you add Fluid in-world trasformations.

Minerancher by Gator, MCreator

Slime Rancher in Minecraft!


The most powerful ore in minecraft!


This mod is in alpha


debut du seigneur des anneaux

Japanese Emoji Commands by ProxyNeko

A simple mod that let's you use Kaomoji (Japanese emoji) in Minecraft with simple commands rather than having to go and find them online if you don't have a supported keyboard.

§bMore Blocks Mod by '§bMCE626§f' §bSteve§f

Adds more blocks and items!

Magical Psi by wiiv, Vazkii

Magical Psionic Spellcasting Instruments


9 tane demir blogunu crafting table'a dizerek 3 adet elmas elde edin !



FF Quiver Mod by FreneticFeline

Adds a Bow and Quiver and various additional types of arrows.

Craftable Command Block Mod for 1.7.10 by Dot_Silver

This mod adds a recipe and performs no further changes (e.g. making the block breakable in survival mode)

Halo Energy Swords Mod by Limphus

A simple mod that adds the energy sword from Halo.

Screenshot Diary by a3626a, Abastro

Can edit screenshot with texts and notes.


adds new metals and tools

AcidicBiome by Frederick404, MCreator

Acid Biome and Dimension


See the website for detailed information on this mod!


Enter short description here

mod_CarklyMod by Emerald_miner_3, MCreator

The Carkly will get to you

MagicalWings by AndreykaMrPvP, AlexTM

Magical Wings

Variety Chests by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds new chests into Minecraft, which are purely asthetic.

Topher's OreCraft by Topher2001

A mod made by Topher2001 that adds cool ores and stuffs.