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No Collide Carpets by Lyes Oussaiden

Stop those carpets from being so annoying!

LED Lighting by goldensilver853

Adds LED Lighting strips.

TameHumans by civilframe

Tame humans who fight and mine for you!

Killer table by Alexiy

A reimplementation of Peaceful table



Better Than Mending by legobmw99

A small tweak to improve Mending


Adds a dimension made of obsidian!

Snow Accumulation by Crazy Crafter

Makes snowfall accumulate

ExtrabiomesXL by MisterFiber, ScottKillen, JLBShecky, bspkrs, allaryin, ExterminatorJeff, TDWP_FTW

ExtrabiomesXL adds new aesthetic content that greatly enhances Minecraft's landscapes and exploration.



Minecraft Metin2 Modu

Better Muffling by Korti

A simple block to muffle the sound around it.

Midas by Torquebolt

Turn trees to gold.

Craftable Gunpowder by Netglex

Has it always bothered you that only Creepers and Ghasts drop gunpowder? Then, you are at the right place. This mod enables crafting your handmade gunpowder.

Example for JourneyMap API by TechBrew

Example mod showing how to write a plugin for the JourneyMap API.

Truskawkowy bedwarss stars mod by Sk1er, boomboompower

pokazuje gwiazdki na bw

Bio Technik by FTB_lag

Add new game function. RF Orbs.

Gamestage Books by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Books that unlock gamestages when read.

Rock Tool by Qaz, MCreator

This is a simple mod for modpacks that adds a tool to use as starting tool.

Ender Tanks by ShetiPhian

EnderTanks will share storage with all other EnderTanks on the same network with the same color code.

Sleep by Arcaratus

Sleep tight!

Fidelis by UnderMybrella

Soulbind items to you.


It will be used to mix mod


Enter short description here

Fullscreen Popup Mod by never

Fullscreen Popup mod provides supports in Minecraft China.

Scientific Craft by twilight_ape, African_monkey

Scientific Craft

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds a TF2 Sentry to minecraft

ExtraCraft 2 by ChargedCreeper96, diamondgamer9087

This mod is a W.I.P.

Cosmic Weaponry by Milomaz1

Adding weapons and tools, etc. from outer space...

Crazybombs by TheGhastModding (89_Mods)


Starcraft Core by mattparks

Starcraft-2 addon adds all of our solar systems planets, and some moons soon! More info can be found at

MetaChanger by GoblinBob

This mod was created for all the people who struggle with building using texture packs by the likes of Conquest. Features: - Use the Meta Cycler item, and cycle through hidden metadata of blocks to present alternative textures provided by a texture-pack of your choice. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Meta Cycler item, and cycle through all variations of an already placed painting. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Biome Cycler item, and cycle through biomes of a specified pillar of blocks to change their look according to the texture-pack of your choice. (LMB - backwards, RMB - forwards) - Use the Biome Setter item, assing a biome to the item from a list by holding Shift and pressing the Right Mouse Button, and set that biome to as many pillars of blocks you want! (RMB + Shift - select biome, RMB - set biome) - See what biome/metadata a block has by simply looking at it with according tools (listed above) in your hand.

Arcanum by HellBreecher

Make your minecraft experienced all the better!

Lemon's Simple Teleporters by Lemonszz

A simple mod for teleportation!

Obsidian Items by CoolioSauce

Create tools, weapons, armor and more with obsidian.