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UnicornMod by SquidBananas

This is a Mod that adds Unicorns and a new Biom!!!

Adventure Backpack by Darkona

Useful and pretty backpacks for Minecraft

Custom Cursor Mod by ATE47

Change your cursor.

ThrowCraft Reloaded by Aggurai

ThrowCraft - The power is in your hands! The epic 1.0/1.1 mod that gave people the unique ability to cause chaos with eggs and bombs has finally been updated... and its time to wreck some havoc!

Itemdex by Cepera

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Machine Factory by zkiller20

New tech mods


Military Uniforms for All!

Uncle Jeff's Nethergem Mod by Jeffry Fisher

An apex gem for the nether: As hard as diamond but as enchantable as gold.

Lore Expansion by TehNut, CyanideX, dmillerw

Add a narrative to your world.

DeiRaMod by ReiZam

Official DeiRaMod by ReiZam

Extended_Villages_LotsOMobs_addon by TheLarsinator

Extended Villages addon for LotsOMobs


An addon for Naturanium - Flight simulator

MobAmputation by iChun

Tools will have a random chance of amputating limbs of mobs. Swords and axes being the highest, followed by pickaxes, arrows and fishing hooks, and finally spades.



Fragile Glass by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Fragile Glass! This mod adds a new type of glass - made from sugar water - which shatters on impact!

PixelRadar by CallMeTheDr

Detect any pokemon in your area

SuperFartMod by syoudai55551


TcpNoDelay by EXTAZZOU

Makes you have a better ping

PixelAutoMessages by FabioZumbi12

A plugin to send automatic and scheduled messages to chat.

Dabraleli Mod by Dabraleli

Fixes by Dabraleli.

Anvil Patch - Lawful by Lumber Wizard

This mod removes the level cap from the vanilla anvil, and also the cumulative XP cost for items, in a non-hacky way. It only works for the vanilla anvil.

Color Code GUI by NukeDuck

Adds formatting buttons for use on Bukkit servers, and a Unicode table.

Useful Features by oDD1

Различные полезности и не только


This is the perfect mod for people who want quick, easy and powerful armour on Minecraft servers Which do require fml AND, you can even use this in Singeplayer

p455w0rd's Things by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Stuff for 1.10.2


This is my first mod, Just random stuff so far, Please enjoy!!!

AzuMod by coco 04, MCreator

mod AzuriaMC

Translocator by ChickenBones

Translocates stuff! Credits: MouseCop - Textures

Explosives+ Remake

A remake of Explosives+.




Created By MrEmixam

Better Ores by Ice922, xxblitz06xx

This mod adds a whole bunch of new ores into Minecraft!