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elemental stones by kalaxi

A mod that adds rocks

OCDevices by ben_mkiv

Various devices for OpenComputers

MercuryLite by Ich

Mercury = Hg = HG = Hardcore Games

mod_ZombocalypseMod by TheACGamer, MCreator

Run, Shoot, SURVIVE

DAP by Libroru, MCreator

Restart! 2.0 is the new beginning of the outdated DAP Mod!

ServerTools Backup

Backup addon for ServerTools

serverside util admin opensource

StoneShooter by f04041


Better Teleporting by isteinvids

Better, more seamless teleportation. Now compatible with multiplayer! (Just make sure you have Forge server installed)

§9§lLots of Things by superdextor

§eadds in random Items Blocks and More!

Broken Wings by quaternary

Disable flight in certain dimensions.

Simple Auth by Mordraug

Lightweight Auth mod for forge!

Beacon Craft by S4ncho, MCreator

The First Mod who you can Craft a Beacon


What every speedster needs! -By Cisco

Minecraft Chocolate by Esrome The Strange (AKA Catwolf57)

Welcome to Minecraft Chocolate, a mod intended to add the same type of things already in minecraft and add more variety to your gameplay.

Alpinamod by zanfils, MCreator

Item Delocalizer by BRE

Make item names unlocalized in any locale.

Hero Reactions by gr8pefish

Hero Feedback overlay displayed inside of Minecraft!

ExplodingTNT Mod by Me, MCreator

Enter short description here

Extended Blocks by Max_Freemen, LeyxorCheysen, max100500pro

This mod adds a lot of decoration&building blocks to your Minecraft world.

Corrupt Items Mod by HudsonGTV

Corrupt Items Mod

Patchwork by OreCruncher

Adds miscellaneous items

Torojima's Build Helper by Torojima <>

Adds wand item for convenient building to the game.

RTFM by Sangar, Vexatos

A markdown-based manual.


Provides a variety of colorable backpacks for convenient portable storage and sorting.

Bone Armor Mod by monkeyfunk26

Adds new craftable armor sets and tools. Introducing: Bone and Withered Bone armors! Look like a Skeleton, or a Wither Skeleton - but wait, there's more! Recipes, natural drops, balanced armor (with effects), swords (one with a potentially life-threatening effect imbued) can be made. Oh, but it's not that easy. The Withered Bone armor and tools can only be made by applying some Solution of Wither, something that isn't too easy to come across. Enjoy!

FxControl by McJty

Be In Control of Effects

Cooking Unlimited by Janpoizz

Extra food for Minecraft 1.12.2

Changed Block properties addon by LMH01

Adds new Blocks with diffrent features!


This is an example mod

V0id's Smart Backpacks by V0idWa1k3r

Ever wanted a backpack with advanced functionality? Maybe one that can automatically pick up certain items? Maybe one that can autosmelt items? Maybe one that can compress all that cobblestone? Now you can!

Forest Spread by GiantNuker

FORESTS SPREAD :D and trees die if crowded

Medieval Architecture by §bBodTheConquerer§r

Adds new decorative building blocks.