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All of Everything Core by

This mod is required to add the All of Everything Addons and their contents to the game!

Craft Everything! by Andrejs_k

This mod adds recipes for uncraftable vanilla items.

Just Build It by KYPremco

Making building so easy

StalkerMod Weapon by Semoro(XCodersTeam), Dimach(XCodersTeam), Jeffor

Uncle Jeff's Walls Mod by Jeffry Fisher

A new metadata-variant set of rock walls

Enchanted Apples by Ghost

Adds Enchanted Apples.


This is an example mod



CYM by Gulienx2

Jouer vos musiques directement dans minecraft !

Dirt Bikes And More! by rich1051414, Models by JoeTheAntiPro

A dirtbike and jeep mod originally written to compliment the JurassicCraft modpack on the VoidLauncher.

ColoredWaters by Cyphrags

Extending Minecraft with custom colored waters!


The Yibbit Mod!

Emerald Items by Enderite1089, MCreator

A mod that makes emeralds able to be crafted into tools!

Stoneless Mod by darkracers

Make a stoneless survival map

Probe by Yesterday17

Dump information to .zsrc file for future use.

Ru Hats Mod by HellGamer

This modification adds a decorative hats. It was created for the creator's project and the portal



Totally Overpowered by Thomas Wihl

A mod for builders that don't want to play in creative mode.


Decorative Halftimber Blocks

VirtualTool by POQDavid

A plugin to provide virtual gui for all possible items

Pack Display Mod by canelex

The days of not knowing what pack a youtuber / streaming are over!

Easycraft ShulkerBox by Katey, MCreator

Enter short description here

Bountiful by Ejektaflex

Bountiful adds a bounty board to Minecraft.


The original utilities for THTD.

EntityModeSugarBiome by yamato(waco)



Biome Staff by TheRealp455w0rd

Spiritual successor to the 1.7.10 mod Biome Wand

Simple Ore Samples by Valerate

Adds ore samples to the world above ore veins


Das ist die Lidl Mod (Bitte NICHT mit den Original von ArazhulHD verwechseln.)

medoiMOD by mendoitarou, MCreator

mendoitarou THE testMOD

Lighting Wand by Snownee

Lighting up!

Bed Bugs by gr8pefish

Adds a button and command to leave the bed/server when stuck!

Victory Royale Mod by Sk1er

Displays #1 Victory Royale upon game win on Hypixel.


Armor? - No useless defence anymore!


This is an example mod


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