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This is an example mod

JourneyMapDefaults by BinaryCraft

Allows mod pack makers to easily provide customised default settings for JourneyMap

Pam's Cookables by BloodWorkXGaming

Changes the recipes from Pam's Harvestcraft back to cooking

PortalGunClassic by iChun

A remake of the first Portal Gun mod released in 2011.

MionCore by Stefan Wimmer

Provides useful functions

The Stone Eater by TheVirtualGamer

Extremly durable pickaxe for VeinMining


Awesome armour

End Teleporters by Markus1002

End Teleporters is an End-themed mod that adds a new, balanced and quick way to travel around in your Minecraft worlds.

┬ždThe Sub Mod by FatherToast

Creates events within the game when somebody subscribes on Twitch.


Muti-Colours of all the wool!


An extremely customizable server status ping plugin for Minecraft


Displays saturation.

CraftTweaker Editor by Tiffit

In-Game CraftTweaker Script Editor

AdminCommandsToolbox by ProfMobius

Some admin tools like pregeneration and chunk purging.


This mod will make you want to mine more, as it adds more uses to the vanilla Minecraft ores!

Rando Restockable Crates by Iskall85, Scalda, Jo-Mama75, Winter_Grave

It allows to place special crates in creative that will have random loot that will restock.



Eldritch Empires by Sea-Bass

Eldritch Empires - Minecraft base defense.

Shared Potions by MrRiegel


for greenscreen videos

Dynamic Sword Skills by coolAlias

Bored of Minecraft combat? Parry, dodge, unleash devastating blows, and more!


This is an example mod

Crystals by amadornes, therealfarfetchd

A mod inspired by Thaumcraft 2 seals!

Squid On Fire by Walltomcat

Grilled Squid mod created by Have a nice Squid day!!!

ReAuth by TechnicianLP

A mod to renew your Session

Magica by Namroc Smith

Become a Norse Runecaster

Hooked by TheCodeWarrior

Grappling hooks designed to be useful tools above all else. Replaces all the unique aspects of creative flight without the unfun bits.

R.O.A.R. The Root of All Automation. Really. by 6NGB

Adds the minimum set of machines to automate all that is vanilla Minecraft.

NationsGUI by iLexiconn

Shop GUI, menu GUI, summary GUI, assistance GUI, unicode remover, updated skins, updated heads, updated tab menu, control blacklist, sprint key, door knock


Epictonium !!!