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Arbox by SecretSquigglez

Nothing cuts air better than sharper air

StalkerMod Weapon by Semoro(XCodersTeam), Dimach(XCodersTeam), Jeffor

RPG Loot

Adds RPG-like looting to minecraft.


Just a short private mod that I made for Myst Modpack.


Generic Description

No More Heroes by ReddehWow

Laser Katanas, and more!

mod_ninjagocraftweapononly by pan100, MCreator

ninjagocraft is awesome !!!!

Lantern Corps Universe by Spyeedy

Adds in content from the Lantern Corps in the DC Universe.


This is an example mod

BOP Integration by Amnet

Biomes O Plenty with other mods

MaidCall by pekorin


Nation's Uprising Mod by Patou43

It is the official mod of Nation's Uprising Launcher. Please, never delete.

Glass Jaw by Falkreon

Makes sure armor-piercing effects pierce armor

Inventory Vehicles by Antikore, MCreator

Vehicles you can carry in your inventory and use them with fuel to do some work easier, mainly traveling from one place to another


GregTech Materials is here!!!! You can get easy :)

AbyssalCraft Integration by shinoow

A mod that handles AbyssalCraft integrations.

Elemental Witch Mod by HoopAWolf

Elemental Witch Mod, for an adventurous world!


This is an example mod

Plugin Messages Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Plugin Messages Mod

Joe's Superheroes Mod by JoeMyGodGaming, MCreator

This Mod adds a load of Superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics. More are Coming this mod is currently a Work in�progress. Suits, Items, Weapons, Dimensions, and More! Next Update info: Speedsters! So Many Speedsters! Kid Flash, Zoom, Jessie Quick, Black Flash, New Flash Skin and Some Hidden Speedsters.

Back Mod

This is a Back to the Future mod.


Made the flares 100% canon

Turn Based Minecraft by Stephen Seo

Changes battles to be turn-based.

Raider Explosions and Base Reinforcement by Mr.KTO-TO

English: Improve raid(grief) experience. Fortifications for buildings and means for their destruction.

James090500's MinecraftCape & Elytra Mod Mod by james090500

Custom Cape and Elytra textures

Back to Eco by Tebreca, Igrek, xMrV1zzy

A mod that turns minecraft more into nature science.

Beta Terrain Plus by mrburgerUS

Generates Beta Terrain with a modern population method, modern structure rules, and modern Biomes. Check out your favorite seeds!

Composite Obsidian Mod

Armor and tools from composite obsidian

Aaron's Mod by Aaron

Table, emerald tools/armor,Enderium sword/armor,dry wall block

ShotYourScreen by CatDany

Share screenshots with friends immediately!

Structured Crafting by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Craft stuff in your world, automatically.