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Stage Manager by waikitakore

Managing stage effects and lyrics for Live shows, with optional remote control from other servers.


Segunda generacion del Motwi Mod

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.


This is an example mod

EnderIO OpenComputer shim by BrewingCoder

Provides OpenComputer integration with EnderIO Capacity Banks.

SpawnerCraft by CAD97

SpawnerCraft allows you to have the power and convenience of moving and creating (standard) spawners in survival. By collecting the essence of the mob, you are able to infuse a mob cage with the mob to create a spawner, or to create spawn eggs. Now, to get villagers into your farm, you just need to MURDER them, collect their essence, and turn them into spawn eggs! To create a pig farm, just hook up a spawner!

Minecraft-RPC by MCOfficer

Enables Discord's Rich Presence for Minecraft.

arm by SvKask, MCreator

RPG Economy by RiskyKen

RPG Economy Mod.

Server Tools by matthewprenger

Adds a variety of server utilities and commands

serverside util admin opensource

HydroGel by DigitalFeonix

Provides a solid hydrating block

LittleBreadLoaf's Bleach Mod by KnightDemon, LittleBreadLoaf

The anime and manga mod made by LittleBreadLoaf; Bleach! Credit to LBL and his team, 'JoeTheAntiPro', 'Mizore_Shiryuki', 'Dawars'. They all did amazing work and it would be a shame for this to end. Therefore I've picked the mod back up from LBL and with their permission. Enjoy! Special thanks also to Mel, who helped test and find bugs

ClientHub by rhyme

Minecraft MultiPlayer Server Client Mod.

Hot Green Fire by TehSomeLuigi

A simple mod that adds a new Flint & Steel capable of creating Hot Green Fire, fire like it was in the olden days.

extra_recipes by Cullan Daly, MCreator


Skins needed to play OMGisGreen' Sagas

Sopwith's AllSnow Mod by Sopwith

Makes every biome cold, and so that snow falls.

EffectSwords by Dashnopat

Adding swords with effects, eg. Ice Sword.

TrollsMod by LEGOlord208

Troll your friends!

CreeperHostServer by Cloudhunter

Companion server side mod to allow you to pregen chunks

Survival Inc. by Schoperation(Original Mod), Enginecrafter77

Tired of the all-same routine every day? Do you want something more... let's say, special? Wait no more! Survival Inc. corporation is proud to present you our newest product in a line!


Your favourite agricultural mod!

Hexxit Gear by sct

Special gear designed to work in conjuction with the Hexxit modpack.

Shur'tugal by Iamshortman, Miners_Mod

Bringing Eragon Dragon Riders to minecraft

idek by mr.crabs, MCreator




thelegendofthebrave by Entropy, MCreator

Made by Entropy

Better Slimes Mod by milomaz1

Replaces vanilla slime generation with a better and more fun slime mechanic, and adds a new variety of the gelatinous characters you love... or hate.

Ore Addons by DJ AD4M

Bored of the basic Minecraft ores? Here is the solution


Made by Peach


This is an SahyungSu mod

Minecraft Expanded by Cody Cornell

Adds items and blocks to add to the game.