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EetlesReborn by Judacraz, MCreator

What are elytra made from?

BringLifeMods by killeur54

Mods qui ajoute quelque minerais dans votre espace de jeu.

§6Taxi§r by Dbrown55

Adds the 406 from the French movie Taxi in Minecraft

Minecraft Chromium Embedded Framework by montoyo

API required for mods that uses Chromium in Minecraft

Simple Leather by MCOfficer

Smelt Rotten Flesh for Leather. easy.


Hope this doesn't crash!

Gadomancy by makeo

An addon for Thaumcraft.

ButcherCraft by Lance5057

Indepth butchery mod


Mod inspirated by 7 days to die game.

Util by eyeq



Adds Armor made for flying


Stone to Cobble

MoreRecipes by eyeq



Enter short description here

Deepworld by (PL)ItzDennisz, (M)DalekJest, (T)ZstormGames

This mod is a Minecraft version of the MMORPG; ''Deepworld'', Specially made for the players of Deepworld.

DaBells by SkyNetAB Team

Our first mod!! We've added a couple of bells to Minecraft. Hope you enjoy them!!

Chatty by CruzBishop, AppleCrack

A chat plugin like no other


Complete Rewrite of CMM

Auto-Miner by felesmortis

A small mod adding an autominer with upgrades.

Zev's Additions by Zev613

Zev's Additions to Minecraft, vanilla-style.

Wormholes by armaDio, GabrieleMaurina

Have you ever wondered what happened if you went through a wormhole in minecraft?

FMPIntegration by wasliebob

This mod adds microparts for all blocks ingame

cosmetic opensource addon

CivilizationMod by JanCrafter12 (aka Janpoizz)

Civilization Mod by Janpoizz. Made on 15/04/2017

Scarper by BinaryCrafter

The mobs have had enough of you attacking them

MaxiebytePortalMod by Maxiebyte's mind


Mining Hats by Hkiller1

Hats that are useful for mining.

SkyWars Stats Mod by KAD7

A customizable mod that overlays your Hypixel SkyWars Statistics unto the sceen so you can monitor your progress.

Thaumic Expansion by The Temportalist

Put Desc Here