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Totemic Enemies Mod by Zetal

Monsters are territorial. But so are you!

Innocence by s0baco

MsgAll by P0ke

Allows you to message all of your online friends at once



Bables by DrMeepster

A test of Baubles.

Tanks by Jaredlll08

A simple Tank mod.

CoreLib by BrainStone, WhoNeedsScript

Core functions, a database and user API.

Defuse Time by Kokeria

Tells you how slow you are at defusing in Cops and Crims.


Remilia1124holy the create a mod


This is an example mod

AutoFood by immibis

Allows you to automatically feed yourself.

Markdown Chat by DarkEnchanter1

A mod that makes chat use markdown formatting.

Project Arcane

Adds armor, tools, energy, blocks, and much more!


Build your own log cabin in Minecraft!


Now there are pretty barrier blocks in Minecraft that you can craft, and use to make something look, like its dangerous or noby may go in there!

§9Key Effects by §6XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor), Steve44TV

This mod adds new usefull keybindings to the game!

MagicDucky by MagicClucky7, MCreator



Find rubies, make powertools and more!


U Get Free Diamond or at least very very cheap

TrollStuff by TheBlintOne, Thanks to ConstantNexus

Tools 'n' stuff for fun!

Better Than Mending by legobmw99

A small tweak to improve Mending

Obsidian Expanded by Lunchington

Obsidian stuff and things...

stardvoid by Kanbe Kotori

A Minecraft mod


This is an example mod

WITUUID by creeper123123321

Example placeholder mod.

Environmental Materials by ValkyrieofNight

Environmental Materials is a mod inspired by the original Environmental Tech mod containing a vast selection of materials to build with. This mod also gives the void miners more resources to mine.

Warrior_Mod by wg93589, MCreator

Made With MCreator