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LatCore by LatvianModder

Core mod for LatvianModder's mods

mod_jj by jj, MCreator


Platforms by ShetiPhian


Shadows Of Physis by TTFTCUTS, Arheo

Craftable Spawn Eggs by Alexcamostyle

Allows spawn eggs to be crafted.

Elves And Dwarves by superninjaman45

A mod which adds creatures like elves and dwarves as well as magic wands.

Pixelmon TCG by Pixelmon Development Team, Pixelmon Modelling Team, Waterdude, Hy, Isi

Trade cards and do battle!

Smart Moving

The Smart Moving mod provides various additional moving possibilities: * Climbing only via gaps in the walls * Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks * Alternative animations for flying and falling * Climbing along ceilings and up vines * Jumping up & back while climbing * Configurable sneaking * Alternative swimming * Alternative diving * Alternative flying * Faster sprinting * Side & Back jumps * Charged jumps * Wall jumping * Head jumps * Crawling * Sliding

NyaSama Railway by NSDN

NyaSama railway mod.

Livestock + Realism by insert

Bring realistic livestock to your Minecraft world.


Nerfed hoe


Adds sliced bread and toast!

Mob Defensive by 'ForsakenTurkey', 'MCE626'

Defend yourself, dammit!

HUD Toggler by Le Duy Quang

A mod that toggles things in the HUD. Simply like that.

JavaScript Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Quick Measure by Ato

This MOD provides quick access to measure count of blocks.

James Brown Furnace by Kobold Commando

A furnace, but also James Brown.

mod_MumbleLink by zsawyer

A client-side Mod so that Minecraft now natively supports Mumble's positional audio feature. This means: Directional and positionally attenuated VOIP in relation to the game world. This is the Risugami ModLoader based version. Uses JNA (



Dark World by Matthbo

Recreates the overworld in a new dimension, and makes it evil.

ChunkLoaderZ by AEnterprise

Chunkloading mod for 1.8

mod_DiamondBiome by terminator9756, MCreator

This is a basic mod I made with MCreator before you critisize me for whatever reason it is a really buggy program and there is no coding which means it's harder to make things cool.

Mob Properties by FatherToast

This mod allows you to customize all mobs, vanilla or otherwise, with completely configurable drops, attributes, equipment, potion effects, and even NBT data.

mobs tweak


a plus is recipe a dirt and tnt and stone.

mod_road by , MCreator

Graves Mod by FireBall1725, FusionLord

Provides grave stones with your items in it upon death