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Famous 2

Famous 2 Add's more then 50 Famous Minecrafters into your Minecraft!

Botany by Binnie

Adds breedable flowers.

TrollStuff by TheBlintOne, Thanks to ConstantNexus

Tools 'n' stuff for fun!

Redstone Energy Field

Adds a redstone energy field block

Giacomo's compass by Zacomat

Bind your compass to wherever you want!

mod_TheWalkingDeadMod by MobApocalypse, MCreator

Based on 'The Walking Dead' TV Series by AMC

FluxedFeederUnit by tonius11

RF-powered feeder unit for Railcraft powered rails

Civilian Weapons by selrahc13

Adds weapons and items commonly found in a modern American home.

Tanpopo by Schr0

mod of the Tanpopo, by the Tanpopo, for the Tanpopo

TooManyBricksMod by oskar, MCreator


Costumes by DoctorGrass, MCreator

Its Not Long Enough by Kreezxil

Allows time in Minecraft to be just as long and boring as time in the Real World


First Version of the Mod

BicReturns by Tung115, Catpan, MCreator

BicBiomeCraft crappily remade for 1.12.2 specifically for my Asgard Returns modpack.

ForgedPerms by kremi151

Linking the Forge permission API to the one of SpongeForge

BedFix by Alexander01998

Allows you to sleep in beds whenever you want.

CD4017BE_lib by CD4017BE

Large collection of classes needed by my other mods

Simple Inventory sorting by cpw

Simple inventory sorting. Middle click to sort your inventory. Scroll wheel on a stack to move in and out

Electro-Magic Tools by Tombenpotter

Electro-Magic Tools is a mod that combines magic and tech by allowing for magical tools and machines that run off electricity

magic tech opensource

CreeperHost by Ellpeck, Cloudhunter, K4Unl

Mod which allows you to purchase a server in game, and view server stats!

RetroComputers by the_real_farfetchd

RetroComputers adds programmable computers to Minecraft. It's not like ComputerCraft though, in that it can be programmed in actual machine code, which means you can totally program your own OS if you know assembly!


Quick Scope Here :D

PanoramaMaker by ExampleDude

Standalone version of quark's panorama maker. Makes panorama pictures for main menu.

Stacks on Stacks! by PRIMETOXINZ

A mod that adds ingot piles like those of Terrafirmacraft

Ruby Mod by legoman519 AKA 0CaptainMinecraft0

Adds in a Ruby block, ore, armor, and tools

InfDragon by Jared, MCreator

Enter short description here

Mo' To Minecraft by mightydanp

The Mod You Wish You Had

Storage Drawers: Biomes O' Plenty Pack by jaquadro

Adds additional wood styles from the Biomes O' Plenty mod.