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HardHealth by jgile2 by jgile2

Makes it so if you are in hard mode you will not regen health

Colorful Tools by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

HeadAnimator by ExampleDude

Toggles your Hat modelpart so it can be animated.

DisconUtils by Disconsented

General Utility's mods

redstonepumpkin by Cyberscript, MCreator

Togglable Iron Golems

Geko's Lasers by Geko_X


Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Dooglamoo

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.

Ender Pearl Ore by KakesRevenge

This mod adds ender pearl ore.


Create statues out of various blocks


§4Adds Rocks To Minecraft

vitzli's Recipe dumper by vitzli

vitzli's Recipe dumper - dump recipes and ore dictionary

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

Lot's 'o Recipes by Hoofer, Jonathan, MCreator

This mod adds a TON of new recipes, including a few items in the mod.

Tinker's JEI by possible_triangle

Currently only adds a JEI tab to show tool material stats

Blocks Plus by DylanGore

This mod adds a variety of decorative blocks to the game.

Coper's Menu Mod by Coper

Changes main menu and ingame menu.



Ingame Account Switcher by Elvm

Allows you to switch between accounts.

Equipment Tooltips

Stat icons for equipment tooltips

World Stripper by Ewy

Strip The World! #AllNude

Translocators by ChickenBones

Translocates stuff!

Pointy Sticks Mod by Endernoobs 314owen

Craft the Pointiest of Sticks

AnotherRecipes by minaduki

Yet Another Recipes


Swasticraft, or Minecomf, is a mod with swasticas. Where you kill hitler.


This is an example mod

Expandable Inventory by _Socol_

Expand your own inventory with different upgrades!

RP Craft by GalianRyu

Everything you want or need for RP Servers and Adventure Maps

SaltAndAlabaster by defeatedcrow

Salt and Alabaster!

Discord Rich Presence by Alwyn974

This is a Discord Rich Presence for Minecraft

By The Gods by shinoow

Maybe trying to summon a Great Old One isn't a very good idea...

Not Enough Potions

Adds ways to craft the potions from Potion Core through teh config files. Adds a mortar and pestle and a mixing cauldron, and also uses the vanilla brewing stand.

Breaking Bad Mod by StardustSugar!, MCreator

Cook like Heisenberg!