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ToroHealth Damage Indicators by zeriley

Displays damage indicators and health bars for all entities.



Custom Armor Skin

Ce mod permet la creeation d'armures en 3D entierement personnalisables.

Sk1er Combat Info Mod by Sk1er

Adds a GUI for Hypixel Combat Info.

Extended Metals Mod by Rolik

Extended metals mod adds many new types of metals, tools and much more!.


The Spectate-Mod for the Flans-Mod1234 Server.

Adventure Bags by Team Roots and Yulife

'Simple yet useful'-AlexisMachina, adds a new satchel and backpack for your adventures!


Adding third dimension to items and blocks since 2013!

mod_UsefulJunkMod by TheFyox,TOT[TheFyox's Operation Team] and IM[Idea Master] MrSmiley101, MCreator

Makes the junk in Minecraft useful! + useful stuff!

Compound Ores

Randomly generated ores with the resources of two single ores inside.

Strata by blueyu2

Adds layers of stone, called strata, into the world.


Chunkloader for Forge server

PleaseWelcome by Katrix

A plugin to control what happens when a new player joins the server.

Baking Bread by BTeri

Advanced Bread Baking

Ranged Pumps by Ranged Pumps contributors

Ranged Pumps is a simple mod that adds a pump that pumps liquids in a range


A mod set in a post-apcolipse world

TsaleCraft by Hossam Mohsen, Reem Mohsen

This mod adds all king of new stuff like foods, machines, trees and more coming soon!

SignEditor by FabioZumbi12

Simple tool to edit sign lines.

EnderExpand by bunnyvodkahunter, MCreator

A W.I.P. minecraft mod with a lot of items around th end theme.


A mod with.. yeah.. soda..

Thumpcord by Arkan

Thump Discord adapter.

Upgraded Tools Mod by vincentmet, AgentCPU0, skunkdonkey

New Sticks And Tools.

Desolation by FlashFyre

A mod by FlashFyre.

Rope Exploration Pack Mod by HyagoSanter

This exploration themed expansion pack adds ropes to Minecraft.

HelperTools by DoctorWiggles

A simple mod dedicated to adding alternative tools for helping around with survival mode construction and more.


This is a mod used for permission stuff!


(Coming Soon)

MC Jammer by Aeronica, Bimbie

MML Playing and Jamming (mabi)

Open Modular Turrets

All a man needs are meat ingots, and big ass turrets. Adds a heap of new turrets and upgrades!

Just Report It by Lucas_gamer13

Denúncie os jogadores de uma forma mais fácil.


FinalFrontier Space Mod

realistic explosives by konatatatata

DeUped Mod and Foodz++ by iC4Motorbiker, Gameur9z for amazing Textures!

Thanks for downloading this Mod! It took a ton of trial and error with the help from my amazing Dev Team! When I say trial and error, I mean like it would crash because I thought you could craft with Potions... But you can't. Anyways I put so much of my time and effort into making this mod! It couldn't have been done without the support of you, The downloaders.