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FriendlyMobs by kegare

Mobs can become everyone friendly.

Nature items mod by kemo_gameing, MCreator

Here is some nature stuff by kemo_gameing hope you likedit :D

More Planet's : Fronos by SteveMCCommander

Requires Adds-On for More Planet's

RoleplayCraft by Kreezxil, efbrfburfhfufrffrfrf

It's about role playing with your partner.

OreSpawn by TheyCallMeDanger

With Girlfriends, Kraken, Mobzilla, Zoo Cages, Ray Guns, tons of new ores, new plants, and 5 new Dimensions, OreSpawn has a little bit for everyone. Well, a lot, for everyone.


RPG Additions to 1.7.10 features inspired by newer mc features!

Power of the Elements by Prime17

This mod allows you to control the elements of fire, ice, lightning, air, and earth!


Enter short description here


Cool TP stuff!

Overworld Mirror by HyCraftHD

This mod just mirrors the overworld and let you travel with a portal between them



The Real Kether by Kczyku



This modification changes food system in Minecraft, and also adds many other things!


This is an example mod

Pingus Mod by killerwaddledee

Pingus is a free lemming’s clone, originally made for Linux. It is a 2-D platformer where you try to get penguins called pingus to an exit. They are not just ordinary penguins, you can give them special abilities like bomber or bridger to get to your goal. This mod adds the pingus and their abilities.


This mod adds swords and mobs

Thaumic Dyes by EtsyTheDragon, KryptonCaptain, Amerem

This mod adds in upgrades of thaumcraft armor!


In this mod you are able to make emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, obsidian and quartz tools, weapons, armour and battle axes.


Dieser Mod fügt Mehr Items für Minecraft hinzu! (Spezialisiert auf Minecraft Mechtra, by Soaked)


This is an example mod


this mod is breathed in God cookie then you are as a mod in alpha want to say at the beginning

Animations by TheCahyag

Animations - Allowing the creation of frame based animations.


Burn Things

Hardcore Craftable Horse Armor by SackCastellon

The Hardcore version of my previous Mod: 'Craftable Horse Armor'

Baby Mobs by Furgl

Adds baby versions of many vanilla monsters, each with its own special abilities.

MUTCD Signs Pack by imtheman100

Contains signs from the MUTCD in block form.

Mutant Creatures Reborn by Darius Bennett, MCreator

The Mutant Creatures Mod, Reborn!


Here's privately mod


This is an example mod

Suppergerrie2's Drone Mod by suppergerrie2

This mod adds tiny drones