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Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

Wheel Of Time by ProjectMayhem1983

Adds mobs, armor, weapons and things based on the Wheel Of Time books.

Mystic World by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds a lot of stuff related to the other mystic mods

WirelessRedsone-CBE by ChickenBones

Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition Supporters: Vizerei

MinePainter by hypercross

sculptures and pixel art


Changé le temp sans triché!

Core347 by Jake Janzen

Required dependency for most, if not all of MetroidMan347's mods

Remove Mouseover Highlight by MrAmericanMike

Remove Mouseover Highlight mod.


This is an example mod


O Futuro Chegou!!!


This is an example mod

DiscordSuite by Coded

Minecraft Discord Enhancement Mod

MinecraftSky by Haubna



This is an example mod

AliA Earrape by Chachy

Plays Ali-A earrape on win


Provides final control over mods to the player.

Side Slabs by danielm59, TheDCPlaya

Added vanilla slabs placeable on their sides

ET Lunar by ValkyrieofNight

ET Lunar is an addon for Environmental Tech adding some lunar themed multiblocks.

Extendable Ladders by Draco18s

Adds two ladder types that are easy to place and remove, even across open space.

Souls by ChaosTheDude

Spawns a angry Soul that steals your inventory when you die. Good luck!


TeleApples Can teleport you

HammerX by Radient_Sora

Successor to Hammerz Mod!


CAJlOsRealism mod made by CAJlO with Zlobniy_seledka

The Wasteland Mod by Silver_Weasel, The_Holy_Frenchman, The_Holy_Frog, MrSpring

Finally updated, once again! In the year 1337, an apocalypse hit Minecraftia. The sky became dark, the grass died away, forest fires rampant, and the rivers ran dry. The only ones left alive are the creatures of the night, and one human, trying to survive. That human is YOU!

Spectrite by Samuel Harbord

Adds a new and extremely rare mineral to world generation!


This is a mod in beta.

Item stacks by pixelmagic

this mod lets you set a items stack size using a config file

Tomb Craft by SnakeRoyal

This moddifical add to Minecraft items and blocks for you can making tombs and traps

CrucialCraft by Daniel12321

An easy-to-use plugin with all essential commands


This is an example mod