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More Bosses For your minecraft!

Rollercoaster Mod by roboyobo, modmuss50

Adding the ability to create roller coaster tracks into minecraft!


This mod adds a recipe for [Leather] and [Fire].

AdvancedVanilla2 by canitzp

This Mod creates compatibility between Mods. This is Version 2 and not compatible with the older Edition.

Advanced Brewing by MewK

Industrial brewing and additional potion usages.


Need I say more?

Achievement Books by vsbmeza

For map makers who are creating a diverse world with many options, putting all achievements in one single book might not make sense. This mod adds the option for multiple books.

Telekinesis by FLVD

you can pickup all item those drop on the ground remotely.

Resizing Potion by Camellias_

It adds 2 potions to resize the player.

AuthMe Login by Indeed

A GUI for AuthMe to help player login

Peko's HarnessLead by pekolin


WarsFtbDynmap by Warmad0311

War's FTB Dynmap Integration Server Side mod

SeriousCreeper's Crafting Runes by SeriousCreeper

Crafting Materials


An alternative to endermites, tiny little creeper demons!


This Mod adds the awesome Technology of GregTech-Intergalactical to your World!

Timers of Death by Ashleee

Do not die too often, you silly fox!

Mystic Mod by Gareth Coles

Collection of tweaks for the Mystic Minecraft server


This is an example mod

Ender IO Addons by HenryLoenwind

Additional machines for Ender IO.


My first Mod

CrystallineMagic by tm1990

Crsytalline Magic is a crystal based magic mod.

ZenStages by artdude543

Advanced CraftTweaker Classes to allow making Staged Modpacks that much easier.

Healing Altar

Mod is made to cover the gap for early game healing in hardcore worlds.

Colorful Potions by C4

Dyeable potions!


Went form Pixs to Moar than that.


Hope this doesn't crash!


Easy, yet powerful Plot World generation and management.

Fire's Currency by Firestarme

Simple currency mod for the official cauldron server