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BauerCam by Gregosteros

A frame time based camera path tool

Just Enough Items Addons by mezz

Mod addons for JEI.

Boxes by Matchlighter

Strata by blueyu2

Adds layers of stone, called strata, into the world.

Craft Cards by Lomeli12

A very simple mod that adds special cards that can have recipes encoded to them, then used to insta-craft the items.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Speed Bridge by TSGLuke

Lets you bridge hella fast.

Digimobs by Cyan

A Digimon Mod for Minecraft. Bringing Digimon to the Minecraftian Universe

Sweet Mod by RedOfTheStone

Craft your own favourite Sweets in Minecraft!

Screenshot Diary by a3626a, Abastro

Can edit screenshot with texts and notes.

A Chunk Loader by CorwinJV

It loads chunks


This is an example mod

Mill´┐Żnaire Extended Trading by LaikaIwanowa

An Addon for Mill´┐Żnaire which extends the trading system by adding more items and blocks.

InstaBackup by DiabolusNeil

Allows you to easily create and delete backups of your world.

Tinkers' Construct Logger

Dumps Tinkers' Construct Tool Material data to a CSV file

Utility Worlds by Zarkov

Adds player created mining and void dimensions.

GenDustry by bdew

Advanced powered apiary with tons of upgrades, Genetic manipulation of bees, trees and butterflies, Forced mutation, Construction of new organisms from genetic templates

Baconators by Baijson

Bacon - ON A STICK!!!

Cheese Vehicle by CoffeeCatTeam

An addon to the CheeseMod and MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod that adds new vehicles and hopefully engines in later updates!

Flowercraft by Blubbeltasche

The Mod adds 15 new Flowers with dyerecipes.A new Biome ((Phantasia)) and 17 BigFlowers, 12 FlowerHedge and 12 FlowerVine.


This is an example mod

Zora no Densha by ZnDevelopment

Zora no Densha adds tracks, trains, and lovely track-related decoration to Minecraft. This mod comes with a default Track Pack.




FireBallsForPlayers Makes It Easier To Take Down Flying Mobs Like For A Example: Ghasts, Blazes, Bats, ETC.

Infinity Storage by LousyLynx

A fork of Refined Storage, to bring back a couple of key features from AE2.

Watercan by codetaylor

Simple, configurable watercan mod.

Craftable Name Tags by HyperHamster

Adds a crafting recipe for nametags.

CrayTokens Lite by Paint_Ninja

A lightweight rewrite of CrayTokens by Mr_Crayfish for Minecraft 1.7.10

Escape Tweaks by crueltyinc

Adds a few features to the Escape the World modpack.


The Useful Update

Simple Hammers by DaemonUmbra

A mod that adds configurable multi-mining implements


Create By JacketCh