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Death Bags by Codasylph

Provides a bag which can be used to retrieve the player's inventory after death. Options for obtaining the bag are configurable.

Whoosh by ImbaKnugel

Simple portable teleporters.

Colourful Portals Mod by Tmtravlr

Adds colourful portals, which are made with a wool or stained clay frame and colourful water. For more info/change logs, visit the forum post at the url above.

Drawbridges by msvdaamen

Drawbridges placeholder mod.


Deathman Labs LabStuff Expansion.

Cut by loukl

a loukl mod

mod_DUELMONSTERS by TFGalvatron, MCreator



Fnaf world mod snapshot 4

Ender-Rift by gigaherz

The Powered Bottomless Storage System

Multi-Hotbar by rolandoislas

Multi-Hotbar allows you to have a hotbar greater then 9 slots.

One Block Nether Portal

My submission for modjam4.

StrangePickaxe by eyeq



Enter short description here

Mistcraft by Hennamann

A small mod that implements the mist present in Final Fantasy IX

Mob Stacker by blupilot

An item that lets you stack mobs on top of each other.

G-Weapons by SmellyModder

A mod that adds the ability to make giant versions of your favorite Minecraft Weapons. This mod is still a W.I.P so other things like giant shields and bows will be in the future.

DimSotage by Gaarnik

DimStorage add a technologic version of ender chest system with owner, frequence selection and lock system.

Mod Dream Craft by DreamMasterXXL

Core mod for the DCraft pack.

SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame

Obsidian Pressure Plates by Myrathi

Provides pressure plates that can only be activated by players (plus NPC, quiet and shrouded variants).

Resonant Induction by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

Resonant Induction is a Minecraft mod that brings in realistic, world-based technology advancement experience into Minecraft.

tech opensource

EasyRecipes by Lorant2

Make use of rotten flesh!

SGU BetterGeo by Nicklas Lof, Mathias Lindfeldt, Kaarina Ringstad, Josephine Biro, Jo Uhlback

BetterGeo is a mod that puts more geology into Minecraft by adding more blocks,resources and things to do with your findings.

capeAPI by Mitchellbrine

A utility mod that allows for easy cape addition!

101 New Things by MorelPlay

Minecraft New Things

Don't Pick Up by superckl

Adds only one item, the Excludifier!

Ariente by McJty

Ariente: a tech mod with a twist

BurCore by CJ Burkey

Core mod required by all of CJ Burkey's mods.

BLSquadMod by Yario


Nuclear Mod by Ryse93

Example placeholder mod.

Clockwork Phase by Lumaceon

Adding time magic to Minecraft since 1979.

Watch Companion by MageProtocol

A friend for all situations

DanmakuCore by Katrix

A mod that adds the underlying structures of danmaku stuff. Won't do much on it's own.