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Benvenuti nella mia prima mod PietraLavicaMod, visto che questa è la mia prima mod ci saranno diversi errori e spero di risolverli il prima possibile. Questa mod contiene: -Pietra Lavica -Pietrisco Lavico -Mattoni di Pietra Lavica -Spada in Pietra Lavica -Piccone in Pietra Lavica -Ascia in Pietra Lavica -Cuocendo la Pietra Lavica si otterrà il carbone La pietra lavica si trova ai livelli della lava e c'è una piccola possibilità di trovarla nel nether

Manger Mod

Adds a manger to the game, which automatically breeds nearby animals, as far as there's enough food stored in it.

ChickenChunks by ChickenBones

Advanced chunkloading management


The Corrupted Sector by tonius11

A Forge-based 'corrupted world'-themed mining world mod. Provides a new dimension that exists to be wrecked, destroyed and drained of resources.

ImprovedHoes by Furgl

Improved Hoes makes farming with hoes much quicker and easier. Each type of hoe has a specific range of blocks that it can work with. Within this range, the hoe can till land, harvest crops, or harvest and replant crops. Shifting while using the hoe will operate the hoe normally.


See invisible players

More Armor and Tools Mod by Seanboyy

Adds new upgraded diamond, emerald, obsidian, and hybrid type tools and armor.

Thecow275's Electrica by thecow275 (Furry_Fox_Male)

Thecow275's Electrica is a Replacement For The Ever So Popular GregTech

JustDaggers by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds some daggers.

ChromatiCommands by Funwayguy, covers1624

Alternative commands for ChromatiCraft

Rose Mod by Tyler Arbon

Adds rose moss stone


This adds some axes that are guns...

Custom Tinkerer by Stacra

Adds a variety of new modifiers to Tinkers' Construct.

Beer Mod by Runegentleman

This mod is a very very bare-bones way of adding beer. You can plant hops on farmland or grass and harvest them to get more hops. Hops + water bottle = potion of Strength I. Wheat + sugar = hops.


This is a good light and also a good fuel too

Soda Drinks 2 by VeloceHD, crazybram

A mod that adds several drinks to the game

Animunda:Black Arts Of The Void by SirShadow,Elucent,Werty1125,AlexisMachina


No Focus Mod . Copy of Hyper Mod

Survival Industry: Low Grade Steel by jeffpeng

Adds low grade steel to the game. This steel can be made in the RotaryCraft furnace and is compatible to most mod steel, but cannot be used as HSLA Steel.

Waila Stages by Darkhax

Allows Waila to be gated behind stages



Xtra Armour Mod

This mod adds armour such as Dirt Armour, Cobblestone Armour, Sand Armour, Gravel Armour, Invisi Armour and much, much more.

Stamina Sleep

Sleep tweaks for the stamina of SextiarySector



UltimateMod by RapidEv


Late OreDict Removal by codetaylor

Post-init removal of OreDict entries.

RSP Extras by REX2201, MCreator

Blast Proof Blocks and a disguisable stone block that works as a door.

§3§lJellys §3§lChristmas §3§lMod by §c§lMegaJelly

§6This is a mod that adds Christmas models and items to your world! This is my first mod so if you liked it, §3donations §6are really appreciated. You can do this on: §6This took me a while to design, I hope you enjoy it :)

Tutorial Mod by Bfox1

An Example Mod full of basic stuff for simple setup.

Rpg Pets by Vinnysaaur

Adds usefull pets.

Redstone PCB by BordListian

adds a simple way to control redstone connection

CustomSkinModFix by xfl03

Mod fix for CustomSkinLoader.

Placemod by Ternsip

This mod spawns various structures taken from schematics during world generation.

VexMusic by gdenga


Chest Counter

Counts items in chests