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Herobrinee is back

WynnPlus by L4w3s

Adds extra features for WynnCraft, such as a leveling buddy which will let you select a mob you wish to grind and it will inform you how many more you need to kill to level up, advised but not required to be used alongside an existing WynnCraft modpack (WynnCraft Enhanced OR SHCM Wynn Mod).

Pokécube Manchou by Manchou

This mod adds the Pokemobs made by Manchou.

Ender Portal Decoration by Thiakil

A simple mod that adds some decoration blocks that look like ender portals/gateways.

CEU by Tictim

simple converter for GTCE EU/FE


The Ultimate MOD!

Useful TNT by Reika

UsefulTNT creates an item, which when used on TNT, will set the TNT off in a way that is more useful to mining

Advanced Addons by sblectric

Useful additions to Advanced Swords


Used for a skyblock companion, when right clicked 'Toggles Downfall'

Chouzetu_Kawaii_Mikosan by fururin, NurseAngel


Pickup Control

Control what goes into your inventory!

EBXL Redrock+

Adding new blocks based from ExtrabiomesXL Redrock

Death Chest

Climbin' in your inventory, snatching yo items up, trying to save them so y'all better hide yo kids hide yo wives


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


Enter short description here

Blacksmith Trash Can by Zarkov

Adds an item trash can that only accepts vanilla weapons and armor.

Star Wars: Galaxy by parzivail

Exploration. Adventure. Star Wars: Galaxy.


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things

Dead Mess by dmf444

Filling the world with blood. Removing all vegitation, that is us!




Die benötigte Mod für Obliviscate Folge 1-25

Egg Staff by Dustin Hecken

Gotta catch them all!

AOTBTFixes by geret13

This mod fixes some issues with the Attack of the B-Team modpack

Impurity Capes by Reflxction

A mod which gives special capes to Impurity members.

George's Armor And Tools Mod by SoggyMustache

8 new types of armor, and 3 new tool sets

Obelisk by The_Icy_One

Sometimes a slightly glassy lavarock is magical. Sometimes it isn't.

mod_TheHighlandsMod by Mr. Burrito, MCreator

Adds some weapons, food, 1 mob, and the Highlands biome

Ze Torches by ILMABCRY

This is my first mod and I will bring alot of updates

mod_bigbomb by PAN100EG, MCreator

big it out!!!

Hat Stand Crafting Mod by manmaed

Addes a Crafting Recipe for iChuns Hat stand (And Other Things)

Aquatic Abyss by thehippomaster21

A mod that adds sea serpents and other sea creatures to make the ocean more lively.

Resource Exploit Fix by Sk1er, Punkeel

Fixes a critical bug in Minecraft 1.8 that can be exploited to check if files exist on a users' computer


Emeralds are awesome!