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BucketCraft by ProPercivalalb

New buckets with cool abilitys.


This is an example mod

Better Anvils by vdvman1

This is a small mod that just removes the anvil XP limit.




Minecraft: Other World by TheLuxureSlime, MCreator

It's Beta snapshot!

Resource Pack HUD by phantamanta44

Allows resource pack authors to modify the structure of the in-game HUD.

Amalgam by mm4cc

An API for using amalgam, a liquid created by melting down materials


This is the percy jackson mod.Rights of percy jackson go to Rick riordan and being able to create this mod goes to Plyo

ClassCraft Coins by classlessrook32

this mod was mainly used in for my modpack but it basically adds 16 different colored coins, could be used for some sort of economy, perhaps.


Enter short description here

NetherEx by LogicTechCorp and Eleazzaar

Particle Library by MrDimka

Library for some MrDimka's mods.

Hexian Core by MisterPeModder

Modding Utility for MisterPeModder's mods

Huaji Age by LH_Lshen

Welcome to Huaji Age.


Custom Crafts!

CustomPort by afdw

Mod that adds LAN server port select box.

GUILogin by aleck099


Easy Mining Mod by thvardhan

A Mod Which Is Still WIP But Have Some Ways To Make Your Mining Life Easier There Are Still Lots Of Things I Have Planned For This Mod.


This is an example mod

Styled Blocks by The_Wabbit

Adds missing stairs and slabs for standard Minecraft stone blocks. Add dozens of new block styles for standard block materials! Adds glass half-slabs.

Better Questing by Funwayguy

A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators


Owner - AuOnline

hlaCk Mod by hlaCk, AbuYousef, Tariq, Vedijas

This Mod For DeCoderCanPack, Skype:thehlaCk.

Climbing Claw by Bloopers

Climbing claw.

Villager Trading Info

Shows villager trading info without having to initiate a trade

Youtubers+ Mod

This mod adds youtubers and other people into minecraft