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The Witcher Adventure by davac222, MCreator

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Difficulty Locker by Matthew Smeets

Difficulty Locker allows you to lock the difficulty of multiple worlds separably in versions pre 1.8 where this functionality has been built into vanilla

Sulfur Torches by coderbot16

Adds Sulfur Torches like the ones in old XyCraft

Territorial Dealings by Domochevsky

Territories, factions, protections and how to deal with it all.


This is an example mod

Multislab by Kerberos


Simply Paths by momnop

Simply Paths is a mod which adds many types of paths to Minecraft based on both Custom and Vanilla blocks.


A mod for more dirt

Dynmap by mikeprimm

Dynamic, Google Maps style web maps for Minecraft Servers

Colored Blocks by Xcisso

A custom block that can be used for pixel art.

Weird Ores by VHBC, MCreator

Adds weird ores

Keeper Core Library by KeeperofMee

A library containing essential classes/reflection for some of my mods.

Electrical Networks Manager by Java_Power

this mod add electrical management ingame


A mod that adds stuff.

Carbon Mod by jmanpenilla

Use carbon to make diamonds! Very early beta, mechanics are likely to change.


Adds Marshmellows on a stick, for campfires

Immersive Posts by TwistedGate

Gives the ability to extend the wood, aluminium and steel posts.

Achievement Book by Edorion


§4AycaMod by Aglima

Die Ayca Modifikation fügt deinem Minecraft den Unterwasser Spaß.

MightyEnderChicken by iChun


Diaernum by MarcoPlay00

This mod adds new tools and armors

Amazig Lib by AmazigJj

A small lib mod for all my small mods!

JohnAdminCore Items by JohnAdmin

This is made for the Okurimono DBC Server.

Recipe Tweaking Core by tterrag

Library mod for screwing around with recipes


This is a mod based off of a fan game that was created by Nikson

Advanced Thaumaturgy

Addon for Thaumcraft 4



This is an example mod