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BlackThorne Empire Vehicles

BlackThorne Empire Vehicles for Minecraft Transport Simulator and Immersive Railroads

King Hogarth's Armor Mod by NB_urton

The First of King Hogarth's mods. This adds some new ores and tiered Tools, Weapons, and Armor.


Turn redstone it into a wire that can be run up walls and hundreds of blocks away

Server Utilities by rafii6311

Some useful functions for your server

Mod Name fire by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here


this mod adds a little bit more food in the game : slices of bread,nutella etc.

ReisMinimap Original by ReiFNSK, AoifeShadows

A Minimap mod.


Enter short description here


This is an example mod

Maker's Mark by HitchH1k3r

Allows players to mark items, create unique coins, and verify the creator of various things.

Aqueducts by BordListian

adds aqueducts for long-range liquid transfer


Crazy Crafting Recipes

Variety Chests AddOn for ExtraBiomesXL by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds new chests into Minecraft, which are purely asthetic. An AddOn for ExtraBiomesXL.

Mob Ores

Adds several ores that can be smelted to get nuggets, which can be turned into ingots then in to tools, weapons or armor. But be careful! when you break a generated ore it will spawn the mob it is named after.


Cute armored piggy's in minecraft

FastTrade by Dazo66 MC_Eden

FastTrade mod.

CubeEngine - ChopChop by CubeEngine Team

Chop whole trees down

Dead Man's Satchel by its_meow

Adds a highly configurable satchel that says with the player after death. Allows saving a limited number of items in a safe way.


This is an example mod


This mod adds in people for adventure maps and such.

Dimensional Ores by MiningMark48, Codyrule040

Adds ores to The End and Nether.

RaNDom TelePort mod by HubTou

A server-side mod for randomly teleporting a player into a specific area.

mod_ninjagocraftweapononly by pan100, MCreator

ninjagocraft is awesome !!!!

Corpse Run by C4

Configure what you keep when you die, plus many additional options on death.

Random TNT Mod by Creepershark77

Adds Some Random Things into Your World

Albedo by Elucent

Effects and lighting library.


This is an Alpha

Sim-U-Kraft by Satscape (Scott Hather)

Spawns Sim-U-Folks (NPCs) into your world, you can employ them to Build, mine, farm, bake, terraform and much more! Contains over 200 houses and buildings for them to build and live in, get them to build your own designs and share them with other players. The mod has aspects of Sim city and the Sims, it's also a bit like Buildcraft/IndustrialCraft but with People-power instead of machine power.