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Salradahn's collectibles by Salradahn

A mod containing various collectible items to spice up exploration in the game.

Fancy Cheeses by dude22072

Who doesn't love fancy cheese? I bet Steve loves it.

Loyalty Medals by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85

Rewards for playtime

Fluid Generators by BrickMaster5000(SteveBeeblebrox), MCreator

Make water and lava!

Avaritia Recipe Maker by TechDweebGaming

Recipe Maker for Avaritia and MineTweaker

AutoChat by Zv0

Auction by ewoutvs_, Alagild

Auction for players

CompressedTools by Waripon


Torch Levers by HitchH1k3r

Adds several concealment and trap style blocks to the game.


This is the dark iron sword mod, it adds several items to make the godly dark iron sword!

Giacomo's Bookshelves Mod by Zacomat

More slots for books and maps!

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.

Saevar2000 by Saevar2000

A mod that fixes the bucket bug -Made for Badlion :)


Senor mod part 2v0.1.1 snapshot 2-24-2016

Extra Blocks Mod

With the MCHighlights Extra Blocks Mod you can use lamps, lots of stairs and other building blocks like slate, etc. If you like the mod we would be happy about a comment in our Minecraft-Forum entire! Your MCHighlights Team.


This mod was made to add more after getting a diamond pickaxe

Breadcrumb Trail by quaternary

Adds breadcrumbs!

Save Money by Nokiyen

Save Money adds same goods for saving your money.


This is an example mod

mod_darkmatter by , MCreator


More flowers for your first skyblock days


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Big Heen Mods by Heen

A compilation of mods and ideas of Heen

Ore Swords by UberAffe

Adds swords made of Ore for special properties and effects.

Gemmary by SirBlobman

The Science of Gems

JJ Coats of Arms by JdiJack

This mod adds the logo and crest of your home.

§2Nature's Revenge§2 by §dArrowstorm606§d

A Mod surging with tons of new Weapons and Armor! Challenge your foes with mighty Heavy Weapons, or blast them away with the Form-changing functions of your Multitool! Wasp Hives spawn around the world, as well as Minibosses of undetermined size. Demons haunt the blazing Nether, now it is your job to take these threats down!

Coloured Tooltips by Darkhax

Allows tooltip colour to be configured.

Rainbow Mod by LabRat54

This mod adds many things about rainbows

MinecraftNero by magl1te

Das einzigartige MinecraftNero Erlebnis!

Dwarven Proc by Blitzsy

Recreates the previous incarnation of the proc from Robert "Urealms" Moran's Minecraft game Dwarves Vs Zombies.