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Blow up your 'friends' with TNT-playte :> ..yay!

Peaceful Plus

Adds recipes for hostile mobs items

Random Utilities by Six-One-Three

Adds miscellaneous useful items.


T48 Mod Changelog: added Laciris Ore and Lacriris Lang support and craft Recipes change. pickaxe is now stable.Added CombinerMachine!

Realistic Brewing Stand by MJaroslav

Little logical fix (in render) of the brewing stand.

Inductive Logistics by CD4017BE

Advanced transport, sorting & storage for items & fluids

Morph Command Adder by Oxyorum

Morph mod patch which allows the adding of morphs to players via command.

Perspective Mod Redux by BoxOfFlex

Remade version of Perspective Mod/Cheatbreaker F5 Mod

Demagnetize by comp500

Stops item magnets in an area around the Demagnetizer.

Ender Pearl Ore by KakesRevenge

This mod adds ender pearl ore.


This is an example mod

Estate Agent by Oort Cloud

Chunk loading management for admin and players. Buy and sell chunks


Welcome to Villains Coming :D


Enter short description here

Cheese Vehicle by CoffeeCatTeam

An addon to the CheeseMod and MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod that adds new vehicles and hopefully engines in later updates!

NJay's Unicorn Mod by NJay15

This mod adds unicorn mobs and some unicorn-related items into Minecraft.

Polycraft by Jim McAndrew, Walter Voit, Chris Wahlen



Mod pack statistics tracker. Does not add any playable content to the game. For privacy information, please see

Spider Queen - Reborn

A revival of the popular Spider Queen mod by djoslin.

Harvest Moon

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Extreme Energy by Minebot

Extreme Energy adds implants, many machines, new resources and energy in chunks


Antimatter and energy.

Binocular by Apa

Adding a useful binocular to make your life easier...

MantraMine Compatibility Tweaks by Denney

Various tweaks for the MantraMine mod pack.

Mr. Crayfish Vehicle Spawner by VicoLee, MCreator

Adds Items to spawn Mr. Crayfish's Vehicles!

Thaumic Slime Nerf by SpitefulFox

A mod to keep Thaumic Slimes from multiplying out of control.

RandomTweaks by TheRandomLabs

A bunch of miscellaneous tweaks for Minecraft.


A localization plugin for minecraft

Gobber by kwpugh

Gobber is Good!

PotatOre by nekojess

Adds a new and exciting ore block to the game

Industrial Foregoing by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.