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Thaumic Brewing by Daedalus4096

Make potions using alchemy!

Better Flint & Steels by TheOnePath

Since the release of EnderIO to 1.12, it has come to my attention that minecraft's flint & steel isn't the greatest. So to solve this little issue is a mod that adds different 'flint & steels' to the game. Have fun! NOTE: This mod does not promote arson.


Making you feel like a king.

ServerRedirect by KaiNoMood

This mod allows servers to redirect clients to other servers. Very useful for big networks!

BearCore by Bear989Sr & Speiger

Just a little mod to encoutage you to work.

Kore Sample by ScottKillen

A Minecraft mod that provides a set of tools and base classes for other Minecraft mods the depend on it.

ore Staffs by ExampleDude

Transmutation Dust, and good Staffs.

Spongy Island

A skyblock plugin for sponge

DiscordCE by Duke605

Allows you to chat and manage your friends list on Discord.

Mod Namecns by shwarma, MCreator


SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame

Better Questing by Funwayguy

A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators


This is an example mod


This is the converter. It converts iron to diamond and back to iron


This mod add Marble and marble brick, and coloured Marble and Marble Brick

Fullbright by ExampleDude

Simple fullbright mod for Minecraft Forge 1.7

PSIonic Upgrades by WireSegal

Assorted addons for PSI.

Powered Elements 2 by StudioMaker

This desc. is kinda boring for now. ):

Just A Little Prick by Leo

Leo's Mod Just A Little Prick, be careful these plant hurt

Mutant Chickens Mod by ZombieEnderman5

Addon for Animals' Revenge Mod, adds more types of chickens, as the name suggests.

The Lion King Mod by Mevans

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!


Its a W.I.P mod

[1.6.4] Aluminosity (v1.1.0) by Kart_Racer63

Adds various realistic metals and minerals as well as adding crafting/smelting recipes.

General Disasters by general223

Adds a range of natural disasters that can appear throughout your world by chance


Adds armor

End Metals by jriwanek, Knoxhack

End Metals is an Addon for the mod Base Metals, it expands it to bring its ores to the End dimension.

AntiBot for Sponge by _ImPat

Plugin to prevent joinbot attacks by turning on the whitelist automatically. Users will get added to the whitelist after 5 minutes(default).