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Bedwars Resource Display Mod by Sk1er

Displays resources and items for Hypixel Bedwars


This is an example mod

DiamondCore by K_Sasha, Timeraa

Macro Maker by austinv11

A mod for automating simple input tasks

MOMO Mod by MaXxPro, MCreator

El Mod de MOMO creado originalmente para AnthonyCraft y hecho por MaXxProYT

MoreOresv1.5 by MRJK, MCreator

More Ores From MRJK!

MantraMine Tweaks by Denney

Various tweaks and fixes for the MantraMine mod-pack.


This is an example mod

Blockbuster by mchorse

The Machinima Studio

Multi-Hotbar by rolandoislas

Multi-Hotbar allows you to have a hotbar greater then 9 slots.

MiestrokesMod by Fyu , Edit Mie

Shows your keystrokes ingame.

Blood Mod by jawser78

Blood Mod! Please Support me @ . If you want to help out with the mod, comment @ Thanks!



Vein Miner by portablejim

A mod to help mine veins of ores by mining blocks of the same type in a chain reaction, giving you the blocks at the end. It is inspired by Connected Destruction by Bspkrs.


Valtiel�s Clotes Mod by Valtiel

vestimenta con proteccion

Tragic Corruption

Tragic Corruption for 1.7.2, Beta release

Emerald Experience Mod by Lucidas

Turn Emeralds to Experience in a balanced and bamboozle-free way.

mod_ThePlayer96Mod by , MCreator

cbhud by Youmu



This is a coal mod

JEI Bees by bdew



FutureCraft by Coolax

A Mod that takes you to the future!

FluidTank by Kotori316

Add large fluid tanks.

PixelBuiltQuests by Eufranio

Quests plugin made for the PixelBuilt server




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