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Smelt wheat into Bread


Better smelting,Magic Ball,more tools,more crafting recipes,more,more food and more armors!


Try the secret dimension

com.behindyou.mod.BehindYou! Mod by ScottehBoeh

Quickly switch perspectives with a Hotkey

Screenshot Mod by canelex

Allows you to upload a screenshot to imgur directly from in-game.

mod_Spongebob by , MCreator

Pam's HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil

This mod adds a variety of food, seeds and plants and changes farming mechanics


Mod what adds a few my favourite japanese weapons!


StyleGame's SVP Mod

Time Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welches verschiedene Zeitintervalle abfängt und nach bestimmten Zeitintervallen Nachrichten anzeigt.

Auto Jump Keybind by Mattie

Simple mod that adds a keybind for toggling auto jump.

Thaumic Cheatery by SpitefulFox

Thaumic Cheatery is a small debug mod that adds a command to accumulate all aspect points in Thaumcraft.


A Sponge minecraft server plugin for displaying the health above an entity.

LookingForNiubba by DjGiannuzz

Alla ricerca di Niubba!.

Solar by Martacus, Thexare, notawallplan

Use the power of the stars to do crazy stuff


Adds a waypoint system that lets instantly cross large distances around the world.

Colored Blocks by Xcisso

A custom block that can be used for pixel art.


Combine any Sword with the matching Ore and Upgrade it.


its a pig party

Ores and Armor Mod

A mod that adds several new ores, tools, armor, and more to Minecraft

ScoreboardMod by M4ssivo

ScoreboardMod v1.0 - Created by: M4ssivo!


It's mod created for server Three Friends


Linkseyi's ModMaker


It'll add some items such as Hihiirokane

Minecraft Recipe Exporter by Darminion2001

Generates a dump file of all items and recipes registered with forge.

mod_HealMod by The_Almighty_One, MCreator

Running a little low on health? Heal up!

mod_ChocolateMod by EvilDarkSword123

Added More Stuff

Elemental Mastery by Eyeroh

A mod that adds four new gems to minecraft and allows you to make many tools, and items with them.


Mod to add a recipe of Horse Armor.

Locked for Good by TheRedMajora

This mod adds in unique locked door blocks.

Resource Loader by lumien

Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts resources without making a resource pack.