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This is an example mod

Starcraft Mod by bvanseghi,


Material Changer by Lellson

Allows you to change various attributes of weapons, tools and armor

LangSwitch by DosMike

A localization service for SpongePowered plugins


This is an example mod


Enter short description here

TerraFirmaCraft by Bioxx, Dunkleosteus

TerraFirmaCraft is a total conversion for minecraft that tries to bring hardcore believability to minecraft.

Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded

Spawns Sim-U-Folks (NPCs) into your world, you can employ them to Build, mine, farm, bake, terraform and much more! Contains over 200 houses and buildings for them to build and live in, get them to build your own designs and share them with other players. The mod has aspects of Sim city and the Sims, it's also a bit like Buildcraft/IndustrialCraft but with People-power instead of machine power.

SlashBlade in TFC by M_M_F,Syameimaru_Zheng

SlashBlade in TFC,WOW.

Compact Lava Generator by panda_2134

Redefine your lava generators.

Advanced IC2 Tools by Yvesm

A mod that implements the advanced tools from GraviSuite. Checked and tested for compatibility to both IC2 Experimental and the Unoffical IC2 Classic by Speiger/Immibis


Este mod esta acabado un 47% Y si conoces algun error comunicate en nuetra pajina oficial de youtube, Manda tus texturas y tu nombre y una red social apareceran aqui cada vez que se actualize el mod, Pajina y mas informes

Granter Mod by Bugzoo

This mod adds a magic block called the granter. Give this block items and blocks to see what happens next...

messagealerter by boomboompower

┬žbPlay a sound when someone messages you

TKO Cement by mitchytko

You want Cement? No? Oh well this is awkward...

Schr0's Cleaver by Schr0

Take It Easy !!!


This is an example mod


Some mod I made.

InfiniBlocks by Ryan Thompson

Forever and always grow plants.


Maintenance plugin for FearNixx

mod_LaminatedWood by TheChunkWorld, MCreator

Adds Laminated Wood

Janpoizz Crafting Mod by JanCrafter12 (aka Janpoizz)

This mod adds some extra crafting recipes that allow you to craft uncraftable items and blocks.

Refined Coal by XenoGaming, MCreator

Thank u for downloading!

EMC Shop Locator by Giselbaer

Locate shop signs on Empire Minecraft, and keep a database of them

FannyPack by notanimposter

Like the Traveller's Belt

Side Slabs by danielm59, TheDCPlaya

Added vanilla slabs placeable on their sides

Cyancraft by Cyan_, JJ, Widdle, Xander_Kann, Presto575, and Potato_4

Linking the future to the past!


This is an example mod


All the food you wanted is here!Lots of things like wine,tomatoes,even meat pickaxes and nyan cats!All here in your dream food mod...

Nulla MODs' core by Kanbe Kotori, xfgryujk

Front MOD for Nulla-made MODs

NyaSama Electricity by NSDN

NyaSama electricity mod.



Integrated Tunnels by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Transfer other stuff over Integrated Dynamics networks


It adds pugs toyour minecraft!

Official MapleCrafted Mod by JayGhoul, and CicilStory

The Official MapleCrafted Mod adds in a variety of items to the minecraft world inspired by MapleStory.