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Diamond Glass by Kreezxil, MCreator

Glass made with Diamond with the attributes of Obsidian

Even Mo' Discs by bmste, MCreator

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry by WayofTime

Rituals, spells, and more!

Hungering Darkness by shinoow

The darkness slowly eats away at you. Be sure to bring many torches!

BifurcatedHopper by Asatsuki256

Smart and useful hoppers and redstone machines.


Adds Armor made for flying

Document Your Mod Mod by aaronhowser1, TheSilkMiner

Adds JEI Information tabs to things that need it.


Enter short description here

Solar by Martacus, Thexare, notawallplan

Use the power of the stars to do crazy stuff

Fuseless TNT by Moddy10/Leo40Crafter

Adds a TNT variant that explodes instantly when activated.

ESPhack by DubStepa



This is an example mod

The very miscellaneous mod by Sigisbert, MCreator

You will find here various and very different things. Credits to Tfinsten and Wikimedia commons for the shofar and bell sounds.

AngryMobs by TheKomputerKing

Adds hostile versions of non-hostile mobs.


Joint and build!! Move and ride!! Have fun!!

More Swords Legacy by Darkhax

A remastered version of More Swords 2 for newer versions of Minecraft.

mod_CraftdemPearls by CreeperSuicide, MCreator

Craft some endy pearls


This is an example mod

Portal Room by PriestTheBeast

Room with portal to places.


Bul moddi zhasagan Timosh.

FusionPixelmon by FusionDev

Add a little extra to your Pixelmon experience - PokeBuilder, ArcPlates, Modifier Tokens, and more!

SapphireCraft by Menegoth, LouisG123

Adds a multitude of items into the game!

Captain America

Wield the mighty vibranium shield of Captain America!

SolarCycler by lightningstudios

Standalone mod to allow players to change the time of day.


Enter short description here

RiteClicker Mod by OCDiary

This mod add the functionality originally introduced by Vazkii in Garden Of Glass, where right clicking dirt or grass will drop stones.

Spartan Shields by ObliviousSpartan

Spartan Shields adds a variety of new shields to Minecraft.

Alchemical Energy by Zeitheron

This project was commissioned by @SoftDiamond on Telegram, and developed by Zeitheron.

MinecraftPatcher by AtomicInteger

ASM pathcer for Minecraft classes.

Special Ores by opum2

A mod that adds ore gen for mods that don't add any ore.