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Stev's Apple Pie by Stev51

Adds apple pie. Craft with 2 apples, 1 sugar, 1 egg. Gives same hunger as pumpkin pie and slightly more saturation.

Forge Your World by AlasDiablo, Rom279 & sebpap974

this mod is cool

Ikisugi Mobs by MORIMORI0317

The ikisugita MOD.

Magnets by itayfeder

Adds a magnet.

Yellow Coal by AmazigJj

Yellow coal for your reactor

Wither Hoe Mod by ibarnstormer

Adds in the Wither Hoe weapon


Este es el mod version final

Building Kit by Stickxy

Improve the Minecraft building experience while adding new tools, blocks, items and changing some vanilla recipes. It's in early dev stage !


This is the Dark Matter mod, this mod reveals the powers of Dark matter with ultimate tools and dimensions!

The Great Fruit Mod ONE by Nigel (CelsiusIsPlaying), MCreator

hi this is a mod 'bout fruits

Plants Plus

Plants Plus adds a whole bunch of new plants, fruits, and vegetables to the world!

Minetazo Mod by Turit

Minetazo Mod For Fun!

Roots by Elucent, werty1124, AlexisMachina, SirShadow

Druidic Magic Mod

Player vs Player by kylia, MCreator


A joke mod that became a reality.

Fluids++ by Veritius, MCreator

All the fluids you know and love -- and those you don't!

AE2 Stuff by bdew

Diggys Mobs 2 by DiggyWig

Mobs And More To Enhance Vanilla!

Epsilon32K-Elite by KillRED, xX_NobleSix_Xx

Fast crafting 1.0.0(1.11.2) Fix1 by You_Cube, MCreator

A small mod for crafting faster and backwards

Hermitron by ReNDoG, Iskall85, Winter_Grave, YeaMinecraft16

Collect them all Hermitrons!

wjjg by ��֪����˭


Dumb Ideas created by crowd of people!

Edifice by Robert Herhold

Create and share structures with the community


Humans! Human Killers!

Simply more Mod by

Eine Mod, wo man halt mehr sachen hat, vor allem Rezepte

ExtraTweaker by Belgabor

A Minecraft mod to add some additional capabilities to CraftTweaker and some useful vanilla commands.

Starcraft Mod by bvanseghi,


Xp Spawner Control by bright_spark

A mod to control the experience dropped by mobs spawned from mob spawners

Undercraft by ThePsionic

Minecraft meets Undertale

kinetic anti-cheat by GameGunner5, SleepingTea

Anti-Cheat for the Kinetic Network


Bedizenation adds many new blocks Minecraft, allowing you to decorate your buildings in any way you like.

ExNihilo (for 1.7.2) by Erasmus_Crowley

A mod designed specifically for skyblock maps

survival skyblock


Adds awesome customizable robots into Minecraft!

AquaticCraft by SpiN DasH, MCreator

Adds Coral,SeaPickles,Trophies and more!

Mobilephones by Mirko PC, MCreator

Mobilephone Mod

UnzipMod by netease

unzip data.

Too many swords by MrCartucho, ButiMC