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Realistic First Person Render by kenijey, Wyn Price

Allows you see your body in FPS mode

Indicatia by SteveKunG

Simple in-game info and utility!

LoK: Soul Reaver by KnightDemon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver mod designed to bring a great franchise into Minecraft.

QuasarCraft by Nath99000

Utilize Quasars, the most energetic celestial body, in minecraft!


SAM, is a mod that takes multiple weaker easy to crate armor and weapons

Extra Vanilla by MasterBrine

This Mod increase the possibilities of Minecraft Vanilla.


This is an example mod

MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4 by DinoGames0039, MCreator

Dinosaurs AND prehistoric creatures!

Particle Fixes by Fuzs

Makes a whole bunch of particles appear again that have been missing from the game for many years.

Working Sponges by Konitor

Have sponges which can soak up water or lava (or both). Have powered sponges. The mining sponge needs to be allowed in the config - it is disallowed by default.

1.7.10 Mod Fixer by Lenni0451, RK_01, ExampleDude

Fix some 1.7.10 Mods.

Mob Particles by wesserboy

A client side mod that spawns particles at entities that look like their drops.

ccSCADA by Mr. Byte

A set of peripherals for building factory automation systems.

Simple Grinder by Rumaruka

If you do not want install very bigger mod for grinder, my mod for you.

The Cactus Mod by Mrbysco

A ModJam 2018.1 mod.

Simple Retrogen

Simple Retrogen for mods using IWorldGenerator to generate their world stuff.

Shulker Drops by polGamer29

Backports Shulker Shells & Boxes so you don't lose pickups.

Display by Martacus

Display Items

Vertically Stacked Dimensions by CD4017BE

Effectively increases the Build height by stacking dimensions above each other with transition portals in between.


This is an example mod

Json Recipes by anti344

Use JSON format(which is used everywhere in Minecraft) to add your own crafting recipes! With NBT, OreDictionary and machines other mods support!

Torojima's Build Helper by Torojima <>

Adds wand item for convenient building to the game.

DiscoTek by heldplayer, mbl111

A mod created by Team Bleigh for ModJam 2013


This is an example mod

BetterChests by Aroma1997, Noisyboy, TechMac

This mod was created during ModJam, August 2013 by Aroma1997. This mod adds a new type of chests, that is mostly adjustable. You can put some upgrades into the chest and personalize the chest to how you want it to be.


Random's Mod by RandomShovel

Adds a variety of thing to Minecraft!


This is the boomcraft mod

more blocks by the_14_lord, MCreator

Cube's Edge

Mod reprenant les actions du celebre jeu Mirror's Edge.


Ranged weaponry, as thought up by Steve.