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Oreganic by Chris 'Crystic' Edwicker

Adds a way to grow ores and obtain normal ores through a process.


Eating fried potato in Minecraft!


This is to help you with your Macros

Kingdom keys by Wehavecookies56

Adds keyblades from the game series Kingdom Hearts with 3D models


Ancient carrots of the world are being discovered, can you find them

Old Guns Mod by Zach2039

Old guns for that colonial feel!

Flintngun by Mega_LP4F

Leichteres bekommen von Flint, Gravel und Gunpowder


goes with more food mod

MapleTree by ecru


Lazy Lazuli's Traps by LazyLazuli

Simple traps mod. Kill your unsuspecting enemies with spikes!

EnhanceCraft by Pointless/WoofJr, MCreator

This modification will definitely enhance your experience while playing Minecraft by adding food, ores, armor, biomes, tools, weapons, blocks, items and more!


This is an example mod

TechnicalDimensions by modmuss50

TechnicalDimensions. Its a mod designed around technical travel between dimensions.

Tool Repair by reteo

Vanilla tools don't disappear when broken, and can be repaired by combining the tool and its appropriate material in the craftng table. Also works with tools from Common Ores. This mod was loaded by JMOD

ICBM by Calclavia, DarkCow, Tgame14

ICBM is a Minecraft Mod that introduces intercontinental ballistic missiles and loads of explosives to Minecraft.

tech pvp

Bobys Extras by Bobynoby

Little extras Boby wants to have

BloodUtils by Wasliebob

A Blood Magic Addon


This is an example mod


A Library for FusionLord's Mods

Extended Farming by TheLarsinator

Improve your minecraft farming experience!

JustNuggets by DeflatedPickle

Adds a nugget for every ingot and gem found in the Ore Dictionary.

AutotextMod by blendender

Allows the user to send chat messages with an hotkey.

Classic Storage by Prospector

Make Refined Storage recipes be more AE1-like

Vanilla Utilities Mod by LordDusk

Several little additions to make Minecraft life a little easier.

Uncle Jeff's Paintings Mod by Jeffry Fisher

16 whole sets of paintings separated by metadata