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Village Info by Jiraiyah

A mod that will desplay many useful information for villages.

Whose bed? by Watchful1

A mod that tells you who used a bed

McTimer by Gigabit101


Adds 9 Icons From The Wii U Menu!

MinecraftEdu by TeacherGaming LLC


This is a mod in beta.

Tube Transport System by Alz454

Why should items get all the fun?


Enter short description here

The Emerald and Obsidian Tools Mod 1.12.2 (Eng & Spa) by Thonyhunter27, MCreator

Spanish:Este mod agrega a Minecraft Herramientas de Esmeralda y de Obsidiana PD:Este mod es un trabajo en progreso ;) English: This mod adds to Minecraft Emerald and Obsidian Tools PD: This mod is in progress;)


Uses for much seeds

MoreItems Mod by iPixelArchitekt

A Mod, who add many Items.

Mystic Mod by Gareth Coles

Collection of tweaks for the Mystic Minecraft server

CheaperCraft by Timbo994

This mod is to craft something cheaper

Misty World by Liahim85

A world created for life and research.


This mod add iridium

MinimalPeripherals by justync7

Minimal Peripherals.


This is a good light block

TechBlocks by TheCodex6824

Adds a bunch of tech blocks. What did you expect?

mod_TooManyOres by Marinos, MCreator

Too many ores in Minecraft!


I hope you enjoy

Forge Your World Armory by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Welcome to the battlefield.

First Mod made by Vova by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


This mod adds decorations that can be used for helpfull things

LogFilters by CoolSquid


This is an example mod

Deadly World by FatherToast

This mod adds a few world generation features like  landmines, silverfish veins, lava pockets, and things that shoot arrows everywhere, all using blocks and features included in vanilla Minecraft!


Hungry Zombies by Icynewyear

Zombies attack wildlife

Thecow275's Electrica by thecow275 (Furry_Fox_Male)

Thecow275's Electrica is a Replacement For The Ever So Popular GregTech



A mod focused on radioactive materials, currently WIP