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Entity 606 and Human

Recycle Iron Mod by Exline

Allows you to smelt down items crafted from iron or gold back into their metal ingr

Just Sandwich by Spoocer, MCreator

What? It's Just Sandwich

Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic

Adds hopper ducts, which are item transport blocks functionally similar to hoppers, but capable of sending items in any direction.


The Godlike Mod


This is an example mod


This is NOT an example mod

Tree Mod by PhantomApfell

A mod about Seed-Ores! It adds new Food, as well as some new Ores, both conventional ones and such for Seeds.



SpotifyMod by Fyu

Spotify integration for Minecraft



A Dynamic Color Table by TheMasterGabriel

A Dynamic Color Table (ADCT) is a mod built from a 'proof of concept' program of mine. It finds the average color of a specific block based on its particle-break texture, updating automatically for resource packs. It can be used to find a block's color, a block from a color, and create various pixel art structures.

Speakers by APengu

This mod allows you to play any sounds from either a world or a URL

Torojima's ChocoCraft by Torojima, Micdoodle

Adds a mountable, breedable mob and supporting items.


Contextual server profiler

NestMod by braders31, MCreator

This is an mod for greyjusticar


OpenSecurity an addon for OpenComputers

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.


Adds some Random Utilities



ExtraGems by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

Adds some new gems!

GrowthCraft Core: Cellar by Gwafu (a.k.a supertoinkz)

Shared files within GrowthCraft

Door Break Fix by Rivvest

Fixes the bug where the broken animation of a door lingers around after the door is broken or the zombie has moved on

More Libs by PanSzelescik

Library mod for PanSzelescik's mods

Elysium Core by iBuyMountainDew

ElysiumCore is the library mod for the ElysiumProject, which is currently in development.

Steve's Workshop by Vswe

Adds a modular production table for crafting and smelting


This mod for Black DragoN server

Better Animals+ by cybetcat5555, its_meow (hiotewdew)

Companion mod to Better Animals adding new creatures with the Better Animals art style.

ChestFinder by thehen101

A simple chestfinder for forge. GREEN = NORMAL CHEST, RED = TRAPPED CHEST and BLUE = ENDER CHEST

Cosmetic Wings by RiskyKen

Adds cosmetic wings to Minecraft.

Minecraft-Flux by Szewek

An open energy distribution system for Minecraft.