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IndustrialAge by Ikol43,Cyber_Shoot,GromoZeka, CF Company

IndustrialAge Описание: Можно использовать как с ic2 так и без него. Добавляет свои механизмы,,3 блоки, руды, предметы и т.д. Делает более хардкорным выживание в мире майнкрафт. В будущем будет добавлена своя энергия. Развитие идет очень быстро. Мод обновляется постоянно! Пишите что бы вы хотели увидеть в моем моде!



Simply Tokens by GameGunner5

A token mod created for DIGITAL REALITY: HARDWIRED. These tokens are UNCRAFTABLE.


This is an example mod

ThaumCrops by TBotV63

Adds stuff to Zivicio armour

Aliens vs Predator mod (for 1.7.2) by Ri5ux

This mod adds in the three main species involved in the movies as mobs, aliens, predators, and of course a few human variants. And of course you will need something to kill those enemies with, so we added a bunch of new weapons yo obliterate them with! 

mobs survival tools


This is an example mod

Better With Engineering by primetoxinz

Add Better With Mods compat to Immersive Engineering and other tech mods

Mod Alter by reteo

Custom Recipes for various mods' Machines and Materials. This mod was loaded by The JavaScript MOD Loader

WikiLink by DrEinsteinium, Others

NEI Addon that adds the ability to search Websites, Wikis and YouTube for information on different items.

Zaek by EazyFTW, MCreator

A mod that adds random things to it!

Camera Obscura by ProfMobius, RazzleberryFox, Cojomax99

Capture your favorite moments and share them with your friends!


This mod adds swords and mobs


A plugin that allows to log trees quickly!

DungeonDQ by Guriguri

It is MOD to add about 90 large, medium and small dungeons, streets and other buildings.

mod_bigbomb by PAN100EG, MCreator

big it out!!!


Whats to explain, its a world of diamonds!

Sneaker Mod by Quartzic

Turn on and off your skin layer just by sneaking!

GWMLibrary by GWM

Necessary library to run plugins developed by GWM!


A mod based on Ghost Rider

YouTube Chat by jimrogers

Enables interaction with YouTube Gaming chat.

Multimeters by CJMinecraft

Adds multimeters which can view details about tile entities without opening a GUI.


This is an example mod

Resource Pack HUD by phantamanta44

Allows resource pack authors to modify the structure of the in-game HUD.

Iron_Apples by XavierDD1st

Adds Iron Apples to the Game

Auto Lab by Kbz

The Auto Lab mod for Hypixel

Economy Plus by Suatae

Coins for your world

Minecraft Animated

Developed by WorldSEnder during the making of the Monster Hunter Frontier Craft mod to serve as a basis for animated models.

Opis by ProfMobius

Welcome to the wonderful world of Opis, the Minecraft Server profiler.This mod is a must-have for any server admin, as it will allow you to spot the chunks which are eating up your TPS, the worse tile entities or simply jump anywhere you want.


Ender Utilities by masa

Some random, hopefully fun, and possibly even useful utilities (Modjam 4)

opensource modjam teleport random tech