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MarketCompanion by Dasfaust

Forge companion mod for GlobalMarket

mod_MatojejeMorphCreeper by Matojeje


Diablo Theme [BQ] by Funwayguy

Custom Diablo 3 style theme renderer for Better Questing

JumpPad++ by T145

Jump up, jump up and get down!

Word Filter by vova7865, Hurricane Studios

Lets you set up custom chat filters, customize warnings, slowmode, identical messages filtering, etc.

Colors by A Deathly Touch

Colors adds 16 differently colored blocks, a pretty Rainbow block, and an Enderpearl that goes farther! And all blocks light up when given a Redstone Signal! (Configurable)

Patchwork by OreCruncher

Adds miscellaneous items

InGameInfoXML Blood Magic Integration by smbarbour

Adds tags for Blood Magic data

Gadomancy by makeo

An addon for Thaumcraft.

Nutricraft by TheBaloneyboy, TehLiquidToast

The Nutrigrain bar, a simple yet delicious any-time food. This mod adds many things relating to said bar, as an ode to it. (Nutrigrain® is a registered trademark of Kellogg NA Co)


Create glowstone!

fapdos slime rancher by fapdos, MCreator

slime rancher en minecraft


This is an example mod


It's mod created for server Three Friends


This is an example mod

More Stairs by Tmzasz

More Stairs and Slabs and other things.

GravelMiner by BlayTheNinth

Automatically mines falling gravel blocks that get in your way.

MKUltra by Kovak

Rpg Combat Mod

Uplytra by GiantNuker

Press Jump and Sneak to go faser and slower with your elytra!

Simple Mining Drills by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

Adds new Mining drills

Flux Networks

Create Wireless Energy Networks

InGame Info XML by Lunatrius

Display extra information on top of your ingame screen.

opensource clientside HUD

Enhanced Armanents by JanneSoon

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

mod_VampireMod by Princeofdark175, MCreator

Still A Work In Progress Vampires Will Drop Blood In The Furture

CJB_MoreInfo by otakux


Heart Drops by DeflatedPickle

A Minecraft mod that adds hearts that may be picked up for extra health.