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Real Craft Core by Nix13Chanel


TFC Metal Index by Peffern

Extend TFCs metal system for better extensibility

Nature Overhaul by Clintonio,GotoLink

Pistronics2 by Letiu

Beta Version, Adds Pistons, Rotators and more.

Nuclear Physics by halvors, zenoy

Nuclear Physics is a mod that brings in realistic, world-based technological advancement experience into Minecraft.

Vanilla Enhancements by OrangeMarshall

Currently featuring: - Inventory centers, even if a potion effect becomes active - A key to drop a whole stack (when pressing Drop Item) when it's pressed (additionally to LCTRL) - Fixed '<' taking a screenshot when chat is focused - Hitting people will make a sound and spawn particles on every single click, even in Multiplayer - Open your Inventory to see your current protection and projectile protection level in the bottom left - Config file ".minecraftconfigenhancements.cfg" has been added, launch a new version once to create it, then modify it to your liking! You can disable all features seperately! - Better F3 / Debug screen (more organized and stripped; not finished yet, any ideas?) - Shows ping and current server ip - Left click speed (CPS) and right click speed (RCS) are now being tracked, too! - Longer chat history, now supports 500 visible lines! - Warning message once your highest memory reached 90% once. - /gamma to switch between 1.0 (default max) and 100.0 for bright vision in darkness! - Shows your current arrow counter whenever you hold a bow. - Added a /fov command. Do /fov <1:2:3> to choose from your custom profiles (check the config file!) or do /fov <value> to switch to that fov value directly, e.g. /fov 70 - /name <IGN> shows the previous names of that person! - watermark every 5 minutes - /enconfig opens the folder that contains the config file - /copy copies coordinates to clipboard, /coords and /pos sends them as a chat message! - now shows the distance to whatever the crosshair is pointing at in F4 screen! You can toggle that off obviously :) - /ping <name> to get someone's ping that is in your lobby, also you can enable showing their ping right in tab list in the config. Do "/ping all" to list all player's ping! - You can turn off portal sounds and wither sounds in the config (disabled by default) - Dynamic hitboxes and more config options - you can make them only show from a certain distance, turn red upon aiming at them and some more stuff! - Enchantments of your currently held item show above your hotbar - /time shows date, day and the current time Additional ideas are highly appreciated!

TechStack's Heavy Machinery Mod by TechStack

Adding Heavy Machines to MC since 1.8. Modeling by BlueBoy17. A Special Thanks to : FieryKillJoy, Quirkylee, Gazer29, Airbrat & the rest of the TScraft server members for ideas, direction & testing!

Bauble Enhancements by Shelter_Rin

This mod will add utilities for baubles that can help players across their journeys

Chaotica by FireBlox, MCreator

Enter short description here

ColorAnvil by Zerthick

Name Items With Color!

What does the spider think? by montaigne128

Spiders have thoughts


This mod adds axes than can be made with different materials.

emeraldium mod 1.12v4 by emeraldowiec, MCreator

mod adding emeraldium and powerful items with it



MultiCraft by lukas2005, King of Creepers, Monstahhhh, SkyHawkB

MiniHeads by Cocanuta

Collectable figurines for your Minecraft world.

Minecraft: Combat Evolved by GruntTheDivine, Vash0110, LEMODE

Minecraft: Combat Evolved provides the ultimate Halo experience for Minecraft. MCE adds loads of contents including weapons and armor.

The Lion King Mod by Mevans

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!


Still in BETA

AE2 Wireless Terminals (AE2WTLib) by TheRealp455w0rd

A Library which provides basic functions to create AE2 Wireless Terminals with infinite range capabilities

Atelier Canvas by sidben

Allows players to add custom paintings to the game.

Naruto Dojutsu Mod by HAISBMRME

Adds dojutsu for server

Diracon by Precursors

Precursors's First Mod.

Harry Potter Wands

Brings a touch of Harry Potter magic to Minecraft.


Enter short description here

armourexpansion by Cookiehook

Example placeholder mod.

Dice Roller by Anotherpug

Simple Dice Roller.

Combined Potions by crazysnailboy

Allow crafting of multiple potions into a single potion with multiple effects


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