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Roads in Minecraft

Warded Man by Gomer3261

Tattoo yourself with powerful symbols and fight your way through the night!


Add 6 swords

Yastm by UnRealDinnerbone

Yet Another Simple Telrpoter Mod

Tree Mod by PhantomApfell

A mod about Seed-Ores! It adds new Food, as well as some new Ores, both conventional ones and such for Seeds.


First part of server lunern mod


Get fun

Diamond Lamps by blingsect, MCreator

Just a little decorative lamp.

Speed Based Fall Damage by Mysteryem

Makes fall damage dependent on speed rather than air-time


A mod for more dirt

Uranium Big Reactor by joserobjr

Adds IC2 support to Extreme Reactors.

Muslim by Hasan, MCreator


Mr Fusion by mengy007

RF from EMC and junk

Mario Mod 2

Adds a bunch of items and blocks from various Mario games!

Architect's Friend by TheBrazillianForgersTeam, TheFreeHigh (Code), Armelin (Textures)

Pixel Arts, Big Builds, doesn't matter. With Architect's Friend you can build it!


Mod to add a recipe of Horse Armor.

No Escape The Crates Mod by Rubix_Revenge

Stuck in a world of crates that regenerate on break!

Omni-Goggles by Selim_042

Adds a singular pair of goggles, with the HUD effects of different mod's helmets.

Squash by ochotonida

Anvils squash things!

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.

Christmas+ by RolerGames, MCreator

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!


Enter short description here

Ender Ore by Shukaro

Adds mineable ender pearls

Evolved Enderman... Please! by WarWizardM

A mod to simply change the spawning logic of Evolved Enderman back to the one used by vanilla Enderman, so that they never ever spawn on a properly lit area.

mod_Compressedmod by Franc40, MCreator

This mod will allow you to reduce the need for space.


A mod about compressing and decompressing chemicals into new items and blocks.

Guide-API by Tombenpotter, TehNut

Simple mod guide creation.

Orehaba3Block by bud(budweiser2525), NurseAngel


A Spoonquest addon that allows multiple dimensions in minecraft


This Adds Lots Of Addons To Skyfacotry

AutoTech by Food77

Some blocks and items with different mechanics