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S.T.E.M by bright_spark

Super Transformable Energised Matter. A Minecraft mod that uses RF to create this matter, which can then be turned into almost anything. Inspired by IC2 UU Matter.

GECK by msiFeed

Making Minecraft insane!



FortCraft Alpha 4.6 by DaMythicalYT, MCreator

Fortnite In Minecraft!!


This is an example mod

Tomb Many Graves by M4thG33k

Stores your stuff when you bite the dust.


This is an example mod

Aurangine's Tweaks by sky1362, MCreator

Aurangine's Tweaks is a mod for Aurangine's Skyblocks

denseores by RWTema

Adds a new ore variant to the game


ModMenu by Straky04, MCreator

Add menu for your game

Regrowable Leaves by LiLRichy

Leaves slowly regrow when broken by a player.

mod_EatableMobDrops by , MCreator

Convert mob drops into edible foodstuffs


This mod is going to add tons of new items that are going to help you in the gameplay. This mod adds 3 new dimensions, 3 new mobs, lots of new wepons and armor!

Magispire by Yarwoo, MCreator

Expensive Explosive Spire

Power Boxes by Lordmau5

The 'Power Boxes' - Mod. Go check it out yourself ingame.

Thaumic Wonders by Daedalus4096

Create wonders with Thaumcraft 6!

mod_spacearmor by x, MCreator



Black skeleton bone

Corail Pillar - Quark Extension by §9Corail

§eExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Quark Mod Blocks

Elements of Alchemy by PsudoSage

Break all the things into elemental essences and rebuild them as something else.


Mod Machette

Reptile Mod by crackedEgg

Reptile mod adds monitor lizards, turtles, iguanas, chameleons, and crocodiles. Komodo Dragons! Man-eating Crocodiles! And cute little turtles.

UltimateGearCompression by VoidCallerZ

A mod to compress weapons and armor.

InventoryMove by Nucha

You can move while open inventory


Adds string to pixel

simpleteam Mod by RankTW

simpleteam mod.

SilentBoss by LX_Gaming

Silence the bosses Patreon - Source -

Glenn's Gases

Glenn's Gases introduces gases into the Minecraft world. In real life mining, gases can be extremely dangerous. Without doubt, it will be a challenge in Minecraft too. Glenn's Gases adds problems to make mining much harder, as well as solutions to these problems. Will you stand up to the challenge?

KeepTiled by eyeq


UC Utils by Fuzzlemann

An useful Util Mod for UnicaCity


This is an example mod

Nation's Uprising Mod by Patou43

It is the official mod of Nation's Uprising Launcher. Please, never delete.

Practical Space Fireworks by ExpensiveKoala, gegy1000, tterrag

Space Fireworks but Practical. Makes sense right?

Foodinator by SHsuperCM

Adds a utility item called the "Foodinator" that will feed you automatically!




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