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SpawnRejector by Azel


Tryhard Mod by OxLemonxO

Check tryhards

guide by AlmuraDev

The information mod, specializing in showing lots of information in an easy to use GUI.


SuperSCNovas Mod Items

Factimod by ZbeuBiflore, MCreator


Missing Things by TheTestMod

Random item and block mod.


Adds craftable emerald, redstone, citrine, lapis lazuli, and obsidian armor and tools into Minecraft!

Fancy Cheeses by dude22072

Who doesn't love fancy cheese? I bet Steve loves it.

Extra Fix by nbcss


EndTech by Cakestory

From the End.


MorphAdditions' intention is to create abilities for morphed players to trigger, up until the time comes when Morph inherently provides this functionality.

Turtle Gun by Lomeli12

Because why not?

ChickenShed 1.11+ by Vazkii, ZeroLevels, HoldYourWaffle, holmraven

Chickens shed their feathers occasionally.

Smooth Scrolling Everywhere by Danielshe

Adds smooth scrolling to every list.

Integrated Dynamics by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Take full and automated control of your appliances.

AutoPackager by smbarbour

Autocraft recipes made of a single item type

No Enderman Pickup by Dj

A mod to disallow Enderman pickup!

Stats Detector Mod by Foeskes

A simple mod that adds items that allows you to get information about a boss or a mob your fighting.

Air Hop by Fuzs

Adds an enchantment that lets you double, triple, or even quadruple jump. What do you want more in life?

mod_NyanCraft by XLSgamer, MCreator

This mod adds many things related to nyan cat, from ores to a new dimension

Kagic: Scline System by thesilicongamer, MCreator

Planets yay

3D Maneuver Gear by InfinityRaider

3D Maneuver Gear in Minecraft

Infused Creatures

Applications of Thaumaturgy to living creatures

ColouredBlocks Mod by UnderMybrella

The uncolourable can become colourable

FastFoodMod by Calopteryx

A continuation from the Subway Mod

BloodMagicHacks by CatDany

Hacky addon for BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry

Track It Up by leduyquang753

A Forge mod that can track your progresses!


This is a Mod that adds some Epic PowerUps


Framework with various functionalities, but no ingame influence.

MobNeutralizer by zlainsama

Make normally hostile mobs neutral to players by making players invisible to said mobs

mod_YouTuber by STKrush & DILLERON

Popular YouTubers in Minecraft

Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

LiteAntiCheat-纭摰鐚? by lona


N-Craft by SeiA, Michael, KidKobon, Meghana

This mod adds a new power system NP (N-Points) and some tweaks to Minecraft and Mods

Legierungsmod by Joel Kuhle

This is a mod, whith which one you can alloy your tools to improve them.