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Iridium Mod by DevilDead

Add iridium ore block to the worldgen for IC2.


For DLOJ With original textures made with paint,mcreator and gimp


This mod adds adminium and a bunch of ways to mess with it!

No Jump Mod

Makes player step up single blocks

No Auto Jump by Jacky1356400

Simply forces Auto-Jump to be disabled!

Wrelf's Memo Tag Mod by Wrelf

Memo player's information and render as a tag.

HighwayMod by rin



Lib for OMT and its companion mods!

§6God's Ender Pearl by §cAndroid


Pam's Portal Poof by Pamela Collins

Disables Nether Portals

Ex Nihilo Creatio by Insaneau, OhYea777, Jacky1356400, BloodWorkXGaming

"From nothing, with progression"

87in3 Mod by 007checker, MCreator

Just an Insider Mod

PartyTag by Max Korlaar

Puts tags above your party members' heads. I have not tested for compatibility issues with other mods modifying the tag above one's nametag.

Modular Chests by vovapolu

Modular Chests!

Treestumps by Codewarrior

Encourages the creation of treestumps.


Nueva actualizacion del Tierra Mod

The Extras Mod by HoastyTheNoob, MCreator

Adds more features and fun to Minecraft!

Factum Opus by Vexatos

A Factorization addon.

Oh provoda! by Mechanesse

Provoda sheep mod.

NEI Integration by tonius11

NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time.

Limit Chunk Updates by ExampleDude

Limit chunk updates mod.

More Fun Quicksand Mod by MrBlackGoo, CrishNate

This mod adds many types of Quicksands to Minecraft

mod_KotshoCoins by MrKotsho, MCreator

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod by Zenith08, CyberGamerX

Decoratable Christmas Trees for the holidays!


Skydoesminecraft would be proud.