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The Stuff Extension by lillobby6

A mod adding tons of stuff!


Pixelmon Core Mod

TorqueTweaks by Torquebolt


Clay Bucket by abecderic

Minecraft Tool Mod by untamemadman

The official Tool Mod!

Pieces of Ore 1.11.2 by MaincrafterDe, MCreator

This mod adds ore generation on the surface

Endless Dungeons by guhenry3

A mod where you explore The Dungeons, until you reach the non-existent end

Advanced Electric Tools by SzYmCi, WuJeKaNaL

This mod adds new electronic tools to your boring minecraft!

Simple Stats by Terandium

An simple cps, ping and fps mod.

Enhanced Biomes

Adds nearly 100 new biomes, new stone and wood, and new village options

mod_WandOfDestruction by hotrodman106, MCreator

It explodes stuff


A Star Wars Mod by MaggiCraft.

Forgotten Nature by Nightshade_Proleath

A nature mod that adds trees, crops, flowers, stones, food, biomes and many other things that pertain to nature to Minecraft

Reputed by Jared

Allows for tracking of weapon kills.

Christmas Festivity by MarcoPlay00

A Christmas mod for Minecraft.

Equivalent Energistics by Mordenkainen

AE2 autocrafting with EE3 and ProjectE EMC


This is an example mod

Angus Young's Additional Ores

Adds a lot of additional ores, including marble, granite, new blocks, new items, new sets of tools and a unique set of Circular Saws.

Elemental Items mod by Langlitz

Items, weapons, tools and armor with different elemental aspects (WIP)

CraftGuide by Uristqwerty

A recipe viewer, WITH A SCROLL BAR!

CT TinyCoal by codetaylor

Simply adds smaller pieces of coal and charcoal fuel.


Adds a randomite ore block that drops random mineable items.


Allow you set your home

AdvancedMotd by CallMeFoxie, Pixtar

With 'AdvancedMotd' you are able to style your server motd more dynamically. What time, day, special events are on the server ..

Flat Signs by Myrathi

FlatSigns provides new sign functionality allowing signs to be placed flat on the ceiling or the floor (via sneak click). You can also make sponges to edit existing signs.

JMap Staged by Darkhax

Allows for Journey Map to be gated behind GameStage progression.

ThaiFixes by lion328

เธ�เน�เธงเธขเน�เธซเน�เธ�เธฒเธฃเน�เธชเธ”เธ�เธ�เธฅเธ�เธญเธ�เธ เธฒเธฉเธฒเน�เธ—เธขเธญเธญเธ�เธกเธฒเธญเธขเน�เธฒเธ�เธ–เธนเธ�เธ•เน�เธญเธ�

NEI Addon for the "The Lord of the Rings" Minecraft Mod by Crafted_Mods

This Mod/Addon adds NEI support for LOTR MC Mod

Time HUD by The_Fireplace

Adds an HUD showing the time and date. Highly configurable.

DoubleJump by K4Unl

Double jump on command!