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Exclusive for Elisium

Instant Torches and Repeaters by krzyswit2

This mod adds to game instant torches and repeaters.

WHAT by BordListian

Local modder obtains unlimited power.

TombManyPlugins Galacticraft by M4thG33k

A plugin for Tomb Many Graves 2 adding compatibility with Galacticraft


A Simple Beta Mod that Test Healing items

Nametag Editor by Fiw

Allows you to change the look of nametags

The Wasteland Mod

In the year 1337, an apocalypse hit Minecraftia. The sky became dark, the grass died away, forest fires rampant, and the rivers ran dry. The only ones left alive are the creatures of the night, and one human, trying to survive. That human is YOU!

FFxiWaterEraserMod by flameFox


HotOrNot by Buuz135

Is this hot?

Progressive Alchemy by zerofall

ProjectE Addon that allows you to customize progression.

mod_DemonTools by Golokios, MCreator

Demon Tools 1.1 new Blocks

Fossils Utils by Alexthe666

Extra Utilities for The Fossil PTS server.

KinetiCraft2 by mengy007

Adds a kinetic way of generating and storing RF power.

UHC Compass by The_Fireplace

Adds a compass to the HUD that points to a user-set waypoint

itproject-CS4-Mod by Flashtt

Easy to use itproject extra blocks and models

invaders by diggs, MCreator

Zombie Overlords

Biome Border Viewer by _NIMJA

Visualize biome borders with the press of a key.


This Is Just A snapshot

Paco's Mod

This is a special modification for your Minecraft!

Fancy Block Particles by TominoCZ

3D Digging particles! YAY!

Gobble Core by Turkey2349

Core mod for Turkey's projects and has other various stuff in it

ShowPlugins by Pixtar

Shows you all installed plugins ingame.

Minecraft Virtual Machines by Craft4Cube

Real Computers In Minecraft! Powered by: QEMU: License: Vernacular VNC: License:


This is an example mod

Translate mod by Ringosham

This mod translate your Minecraft chat in real time! Translation results are powered by Yandex Translation API. The Java wrapper of the API is powered by Robert Theis. DISCLAIMER: This is using a web translation service. Translation error is to be expected.

PowCraft by 13rett

gives players powers in MC

BLSquadMod by Yario



Have you got tired of placing signs on stairs? I have Well Now There Is a Mod Which Fixs that add adds other cool Blocks!

Giacomo's Teleport Mod by Giacomo

Enchant maps and compasses to reach your destination!

Name History Mod by Nucha

Add a command that can check a player's name history