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Infinity Storage by LousyLynx

A fork of Refined Storage, to bring back a couple of key features from AE2.

Mess Around by ManIkWeet

A mod made for messing around with stuff.

Prefixation by MiningMark48

Adds prefixes to your weapons and armor to make them better (or worse).

EMC Condenser Mod by LatvianModder

This mod adds EMC Condenser, that you can use to transmutate items


SAM, is a mod that takes multiple weaker easy to crate armor and weapons



xpBLocker by MrTrollNugNug

Simple config options to control mob spawning.

Pixelmod Better Trades by zyczu

Mod dodający lepsze tradery pizdelmodowe by Zyczu

Pokécube Generations by Oracion, Legnak

This mod adds the Pokemobs made by the Generations team.

Gry Mod by DOGG, MCreator

Random Item by SwordInTheGround

A mod that adds a random item generator. Perfect for modpacks!


This mod add horse armor and saddle crafting recipies!

Mod Debug World Type by Darkhax

Adds modids to debug mode.


un mod rajoutant des bloc de couleur et des épés améliorer

Chester Mod by Xwaffle

Add Chester from Dont Starve to Minecraft. Thanks ZedEhco for the Chester model

Extended Metals Mod by Rolik

Extended metals mod adds many new types of metals, tools and much more!.

Sirius MC

New blocks, materials, and fuel for your industry.

VengaModMC by Vengalism

Some fun things I've made during my spare time.

Enderman Evolution by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds Frienderman and Evolved Enderman

Shear Madness by AtomicBlom

That thing you've always wanted to do with a chisel.


A mod that allows Vanilla Minecraft Swords to be upgraded into stronger swords.

mod_Enderminer by Fake_Life, MCreator

RPGLevel by XVicarious

Adds RPG like levels to Minecraft

Sided Buffer by pome

Adds some block from some old mods.

Stick Of Commander by Noto

Hey commander! It makes what you use world command easy.

MineTraps by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds cool new traps to the game

Flowercraft by Blubbeltasche

The Mod adds 15 new Flowers with dyerecipes.A new Biome ((Phantasia)) and 17 BigFlowers, 12 FlowerHedge and 12 FlowerVine.

Super Factory Manager by Vswe, TeamDman

Super Factory Manager is a mod which allows you to set up systems that moves and manages items between inventories and machines

EasyRecipes by Lorant2

Make use of rotten flesh!

ClothingCraft by KittyReverant

ClothingCraft allows you to create custom-colored clothing by using a large array of colored fabric to achieve your ultimate outfit. It allows you to make many combinations and is great for any Minecraft play time.

Ender Hopper by Lemons

Ender Hopper


Putting The Animatronic's Into Minecraft

Force Blocks by Ryozuki

This mod adds blocks that will apply a force to you when walking over them.