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Divine Favor by Aurocosh

Divine Favor


Addon for Iron Chest

Hurt Animation Remover by Blargerist

Removes the screen shake caused by taking damage.

CommandAPI by thislooksfun

An API for adding commands to the game

Dynamic Earth by Karuberu

A mod that adds life and variety to dirt in Minecraft. Now it's actually useful!

Bees? by Peffern

Not the Bees!


The Bionicle Universe collides with Minecraft in this amazing mod!.

Advanced Anti-Cheat by pia3333

Anti-Cheat Guard

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A world filled with §4c§fa§4n§fd§4y §f:D

invaders by diggs, MCreator

Zombie Overlords

mod_DUELMONSTERS by TFGalvatron, MCreator


Little Blocks by Slime Void Crew

The Little Blocks mod

Vanilla Nether Metals by jriwanek", Knoxhack

Vanilla Nether Metals expands the vanilla ore generation to the Nether Dimension.

Simple Stations by mallrat208

A Replacement Crafting Station for Tinkers Construct that cannot interface with external inventories

Block Extenders by Dynious

Block extenders is a ModJam 3 mod that has been replaced with Refined Relocation

Galacticraft Rich Presence by JoeZwet

A Discord Rich Presence mod for Galacticraft and add-ons

Spatial Server Mod by Dj

This mod allows most modded TE's to work in the Spatial Storage from AE2


An awesome mod about lobsters


This is an example mod

Growable AE2 Cells by Shadows_of_Fire

Crops for ME Cells

Easy Multiblock by SeiA

Mod about easy making a multiblock structures.

The Adventure Time Mod by Smiley38, LTUGamer210

Adds new mobs and items from the show.

Spiked Foods by Akrivus

Spiked Foods is a simple and ingenious mod that extends and improves vanilla potion mechanics by adding the ability to spike food items. With this mod, you'll have the power to assassinate your enemies, add a whole new level to roleplaying, enhance edible items like golden apples, pull pranks on friends, and so much more!


OpenSecurity an addon for OpenComputers

Equivalent Exchange Reborn by pahimar, x3n0ph0b3, MultipleMonomials

Don't you miss EE2? Come on, even a little bit?


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