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No Downfall

Making your server shine again

CC's Factory Manager by Davenonymous


Enter short description here

Boop by pie_flavor

Notifies you when you're mentioned in chat.

Biome Music by MrPonyCaptain

Music specific music!

Extrabiomes Autumn Woods by allaryin

Autumn Woods biome and everything that comes with it.


Adds a Blue Cookie!

Survival Industry by Reteo

This is the core mod of the Vanilla Beyond Modpack. It tweaks the game to maximize features without changing its mechanics. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

mod_CraftableGrassMod by 4DaDiamonds, MCreator

Craft grass!

Chat Overhaul by Zeitheron

General improvements for vanilla chat like file/image sharing and voice messages.

AerasFood by AerasMan2000

Adds Mayonnaise, Salt, Egg (cracked), Salt Ore, Caviar, Iron Knife, lots of chocolate items.


Create glowstone!

MaxiebytePortalMod by Maxiebyte's mind


Fortnite Compass Mod by canelex

Renders a HUD that displays your current direction just like in the game Fortnite.

Darko Tweaks by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Various totally-not-evil tweaks to Minecraft for Darkosto's modpacks

Elytra Easycraft by Katey, MCreator

Enter short description here

Orakel Network Battle Pack by Gorden_121

Die Basismod des Battle Packs!

Super Massive Tech by tterrag

A mod all about stars, black holes, and all the powers and disasters that come with them.


Flowstone Mod!

Particle Accelerator by Yuyuyzl

Accelerate something to get UU matter!

Mimicry by sparroha

Mimicry is a simple mod that hooks into OreDictionary and Furnace Recipes to add a resource mimicry factor to Minecraft.

M.E.T.A. by EliteMasterEric

Extract energy from Minecraft mod ideas.

Advanced Electric Tools by SzYmCi, WuJeKaNaL

This mod adds new electronic tools to your boring minecraft!

Safechat by Colecf

Blocks swear words from multiplayer chat.

CrazyFeetSponge by runescapejon

CrazyFeet Ported over to Sponge

Armourer's Workshop by RiskyKen

Minecraft armour customization mod.

SAO Crystals Mod by Redn_oll

Alchimia by Morpheus420

Delve into the depths of Alchemy and Enjoy!

mod_MatojejeDragonFighter by Matojeje / Matuli Yoshi

Anger Management by Lothrazar

Pigmen calm when you die, and might rage when you mine certain blocks.

MC Stats by TP

Stats HUD for McMMO


Made by pozo.To get the higher version,join the QQ group:335819374!:-)

QuickWarp by RANKTW

Quick buttons to warp on Hypixel.



Bind Tweaker by Tiffit

A CraftTweaker Addon with the goal of fixing keybind conflicts.

Industrial Peripheral by ForhaxeD

Allow read data from IC2 machines via ComputerCraft.

Explosions+++ by kacpergibas, MCreator

Finally, Explosions+++ is here