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LSS Extra by Niels Meijer

Wat overige dingen voor LSS.


It fell from the sky... and left a hole in the ground.


Add more biomes with stock minecraft stuffs!

ChatFuel by abecderic

Generates energy (RF and EU) from things said in chat (ingame and IRC). Fully configurable.

Ore Spiders by Ben Donnelly

Ore spiders is a user requested mod which adds multiple spiders relating to various ores

Progressive Alchemy by zerofall

ProjectE Addon that allows you to customize progression.

mod_FoodsPlus by Matted


This is a potatochipsmod

ConfusionCanceller by Ferne

Built against Forge

NotEnoughIDs by fewizz, Player

Extends hardcoded block ID limit.

Bacon Pancakes by Guard13007

Pork + Wheat = Bacon Pancake

Cultivated Faeries

What happens when you binge on bees too much and decided faries, pixies & sprites are nice substitutes.

Advanced Items Mod by espacee

Advanced armors and swords

Void Compression by Turkey2349

Compress any blocks in Minecraft

Block Tools Armor Mod by elix_x

Adds in minecraft bigger tools and armor


This is an example mod

FTB Tweaks by Jaredlll08

Allows you to have multiple Recipe Modes.

No Coords by Lomeli12

Removes your coordinates from the debug overlay.

More Pets by joonatoona

More pets addon for inventory pets

Material Arms by licht

KJ Lib by kjmaster1

Lib mod for KJ's other mods

Magical Journeys by bullgurkan

This mod adds Soul Orbs which you use to catch mob souls and get potion effects from

Waliax Exchange 2 by Waliax

My secound mod!

Extended Cooking

New food and recipes for minecraft


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is an example mod

HarkenScythe by Jade Knightblazer

Introduces Scythes, Soul System, teleportation, resurection and cake!

PackCrashInfo by BloodWorkXGaming

Adds a modpack name to the crashlog.


This is a derpy mod!

Dynamic Lights by AtomicStryker

Moving Lights aren't possible? OH RLY?

opensource cosmetic

DJTastyMod by The_BloodHound

Thank you to sRasa, DJTasty, and LittleThread for beta testing! Subscribe to the creator: Subscribe to DJTasty:

FunStaff by walidoo_2002

A simple tool for moderating.


This is an example mod

Ballistic Missiles by .start

A mod around fighting, rockets and other cool stuff