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NotEnoughOres by ShareYourSkins

Adds 6 new ores into the game. Supports 1.7.2, 1.7.10


More Swords in Minecraft

Durability Mod by aedans

Globally increases or decreases durability

Arven Perms by doot

A Permissions plugin.

pix by Lukas, MCreator

Unmending by Vazkii

Nerfs mending while still keeping it usable.

Nether Ores Plus++ by Cursed Warrior, MCreator

Adds Nether Ores Plus++

BloodMagicHacks by CatDany

Hacky addon for BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry

BinnieFixDev5 by FluffyCloud42

Removing Binnie's Fence recipies

Placement Preview by masa

Shows a preview of the block that will be placed

Nintendo Mod by Spripri15, Link1234Gamer

Add few Nintendo Consoles

AcidicBiome by Frederick404, MCreator

Acid Biome and Dimension

myskin by xfl03

Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft

Template Wands by MineMaarten

Copy and paste structures in Minecraft Survival Mode!

Wool into Strings! by Loncore, MCreator

With this mod you can simply turn Wools into Strings!

Pink Flamingo

Adds a decorative pink flamingo block.

espadasamurai by IVAN B, MCreator

Submit Issue by Selim_042

Adds just one command, submitissue to easily get to a mod's issue tracker.

IC TB Crosser by ueyudiud

Compact IC2-classic and TB.

Tier System

A configurable tier system, which allows users to block the crafting of certain items and blocks until a certain monster/animal/boss is defeated.

Any Dimension Mod by luxluxdev, MCreator

Create dimensions made out of any block!

Calemi's Util by Calemi, Kryto627

aMacro by yura11212

Мод создан для игроков сервера Minecorp.




This is an example mod

NationsGUI by iLexiconn

Shop GUI, menu GUI, summary GUI, assistance GUI, unicode remover, updated skins, updated heads, updated tab menu, control blacklist, sprint key, door knock

BetterTitle by Cyl18


Snow++ by Garik

Das ist Schnee

1.7.10 Mod Fixer by Lenni0451, RK_01, ExampleDude

Fix some 1.7.10 Mods.

Ultimate Vidium by Max51196 aka EGSOO aka Kasu

Build with the new material -Vidium- and master the World of Minecraft!

AvalonNPC by yuxuanchiadm

Add common NPC to game

More Storage by DiabolusNeil

A simple mod that adds more types of storage units. Each unit has a special characteristic that separates it from the rest.