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Treestumps by Codewarrior

Encourages the creation of treestumps.


made by 十粒普拿疼


Dregora, the result of over 4000 hours creating structures, landscapes and many more. - A 24.000 x 24.000 blocks hand-painted, realistic map with a twitch of fantasy.

mod_f by f, MCreator



Enjoy some of Grandma's delicious Hot Cocoa!

Poop Mod by Tiviacz1337

Just Poop Mod!

Cloud Boots by Tiviacz1337

Cloud Boots from Chocolate Quest mod!

mod_DiamondDimensionMod by martino2003

This mod add the Diamond Dimension

Craftable Mobs by diamondlord098, MCreator

With this mod you can craft mobs

Bagelsmore: The Return

Take a desk on me.

CustomWorldStart by carliman

Move Boats by Rick South

Allows players to easily move boats without breaking them by holding right click.

MTS military Vehicle Pack

Military Vehicles for MTS!


This is an example mod

ActionBar Extension&Swapper by MasterBit

Add two swap keys, left and right. Also add up to 18 additional swap keys to load single slot-items into the hotbar. There is also a preview key, by default set to left alt: it shows on screen the custom keys item-slots with the key binding associated (just use it, it's very simple to understand). Finally you can customize the keys in the controls menu of minecraft vanilla, and customize the mod settings in the config file named <actionbar_extension_mod.cfg>

Elements by Zaleos2

Talismans and blocks based on the classical elements.


TGS Mods

FTBUtilities by LatvianModder


AMDXLib by Ri5ux

AMDXLib (Arisux Minecraft Development Library X) is a Minecraft Mod Development Library used by the Arisux Technology Group Minecraft Mod Development Team to develop Minecraft Mods. This library is open source.


This is an example mod

AOTBTFixes by geret13

This mod fixes some issues with the Attack of the B-Team modpack

Warp Mod by Drew Chase

Forge Port for the DcCraft Warp Plugin from Bukkit