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§6§lPotato Power Craft by §9§lsuperdextor

§b§lThis Mod adds in Whole new usage for the all Mighty §6§lPOTATO§e§l!

Tubbycraft Mod by NiteWinger

Tinky Winky is comming!

roosters by TheRooster1, MCreator

Adds roosters to Minecraft


Humans! Human Killers!

Zaek by EazyFTW, MCreator

A mod that adds random things to it!


This is an example mod

Simple Additions Mod by TheUncannyScrub

This Mod give more functionality to under used items in the Vanilla Game, Early game and late game!


This is an example mod


Add a Greenscreen to Minecraft for video composition

Zyczu Unown Balls by zyczu

PokeBalle do kasyna

Landmines by Lorenzo Busellato


FTB Banners by LatvianModder

ChestShop Helper by Selim_042

Utility mod to make placing a large quantity of ChestShop signs easier. This mod is client side only.


OpenComputers addon, allows for color changing lights.

BaM's Grave

Instead of dropping your inventory on death, a grave will be dug in which a buried chest with your inventory and experience lies. The grave will be inscribed with your name and time of death. This helps to keep your things from getting lost or despawning.


WIP! Shareable to Creepymoto

WR-CBE Logic by ChickenBones

Wireless Transmitters, Receivers and Jammers.

Ultimate FOOD by YoYo, MCreator

food mod

Better Than Mending by legobmw99

A small tweak to improve Mending


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Top Secret.

Just Enough Energistics by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds a JEI Recipe Transfer Handler to AE2's Pattern Terminal

OG Dragon+ by GenDeathrow

A pre 1.9 dragon mod. Slightly modified and allows for world type filters.

emerald by bas1874, MCreator


mod_stevescarts by Vswe

Steve's Carts is a mod improving your minecart experience by adding 25 new carts as well as some other cart related items. New in version 1.5.0 Models and animations for all carts Recipes and items changed Various tweaks and bug fixes