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MMDLib by TheCodedOne, DarkHax, Ferdinand (FEX___96)

GasTweaker by Lorexe

Add Mekanism Gas with ZenScript(CraftTweaker)

Blur by tterrag

Adds a blurry background when viewing GUIs

Manger Mod

Adds a manger to the game, which automatically breeds nearby animals, as far as there's enough food stored in it.

MineRustAddonsMod by DENTiller_YT, MCreator

Blocks,tools,foods,medicine,armors from game Rust.

HyCraftHD's WTF Ic2 Addon by HyCraftHD

Some OP stuff for endgame


Download this mod to be the best and most proffessional mod in town!


This is mod add armor and effect for them

Multi-Storage by ShetiPhian

Vaults, Hidden Chests, and Stacking Chests

NaziArmor by loukl

a loukl mod

Jaffas and more! by monnef, Tiartyos

Adding famous Jaffa Cakes and a lot more into Minecraft (recipes are quite complex).

Better Railroads by Dongle12

A mod for better utilizing rails and carts

BottleMail by yousui115

add bottlemail

Tools'N'Weapons by Celtrius

The official Tools'n'Weapons Mod made by Celtrius (PhillessyHD on Curse Forge)! You found a bug? Celtrius#3549 on Discord! This mod adds many cool new tools to your game also some block you maybe always wanted!

Chocolate quest by Chocolatin

Improves adventure adding diverse dungeons ,mobs and loot

Herbs 2.0 by Straiker123

Food Expand

Angry Sun by MJaroslav, TheTestMod

You will burn under the Sun!




This just adds a wireless energy transfer method to the game. (For IC2 Energy ofc.)

TFC Udary Mod by Udary, Bletch

This mod adds additional functionality for use with TerraFirmaCraft 79.

Simple RPG Skills by Crimson Twilight


Player Sounds by DoomFruit

Plays sounds from Quake and C&C whenever players jump, take damage or die.

Welcome to the Jungle by Salvestrom

An update mod for jungles


Add mods helping agriculture

Hutos Mod by Huto

Example placeholder mod.

Large Ore Deposits by EnderLanky

Adds rare, super-massive ore deposits to the world

MekanismOres by phantamanta44

Another one bites the shards!

Fureniku's Roads by Fureniku

Simple roads for your Minecraft world!

Door Gear by Cly_Faker

Armor and tools made out of doors!


This is an example mod

Refined BioFuel by Blackhole

Addon for Buildcraft that adds recipes to turn other mod's liquids into fuel.