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Skytils by Sychic, My-Name-Is-Jeff

Biome Border Viewer by _NIMJA

Visualize biome borders with the press of a key.

Venomous Fangs by Cleverpanda

Cave spiders drop venomous fangs which can be crafted into poison arrows

Maiden's Marvelous Materials by Maideniles

This mod adds extra decorative materials, trees, ores and crafting, along with a new biome.


its awesome

NarutoModAddon by Marin, MCreator

Simply Platinum by IntFox

Adds a tier between Iron and Diamond

Easy Enchanted Golden Apple by Evandrines

This mod brings back the Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe, but in an easier way to do it.

Command Keybindings Version Checker by The_Fireplace

The version checker for Command Keybindings

The Environmental Furnaces Mod by FleaRex

Furnaces that are heated by the environment.

Cooked Flesh Mod by WesleySnipes

A simple little mod to put all that rotten flesh to use.

Path Under Gates by Cyberslas

Lets grass paths remain under fence gates.


This mod add some cool thing, some ores.


This mod adds a few large explosives!

RandomNameTool by NurseAngel

Random Name Tool

Project Lambda by Melonslise

Project Lambda is an ambitious project aiming to re-create the classic shooter masterpiece, Half-Life, often debated to be the best game of all time that revolutionized its genre, in Minecraft.

Player Hopper by MoreThanHidden

Pull items from a player rather than a inventory

FNAF3mod by BlackBear, MCreator

FNAF 3 Characters!!!

Beautified Chat Server by Rick South

A highly configurable mod to change the style and colour of incoming chat messages on the client.

strong thick sworddddd by user, MCreator

LoliASM by Rongmario

The lolis have bytecode manipulated your game.




This is an example mod

vitzli's Recipe dumper by vitzli

vitzli's Recipe dumper - dump recipes and ore dictionary


This mod adds new mobs and more!


This adds 14 new apples into your minecraft game.

Mrgreapers starmod 1.2 by Mrgreaper aka Mr G Reaper

Craft evil bunnies give them life with the tears of orphans.. then burn them alive to get a wither skull! ...what why are you looking at me like that? bunnys are evil!

Neodymium by makamys

Improves performance by reimplementing chunk rendering using modern OpenGL.

Eugene by polkip (kybt)


Rainbow Trees by SlothyGaming

Scrapped from a mod I was making.

BilicraftComments by zlainsama

LibShapeDraw by bencvt, xaeroverse

LibShapeDraw is an open-source API mod that provides a set of flexible and powerful drawing and animation tools for other Minecraft client mods to use.


The most powerful ore in minecraft!

Eldercraft by yahootels, yahootles, TheMacMini09

Adds rune blocks and magic to Minecraft

Experience Store - Your safe experience bank by Valgard Trontheim (a.k.a Sven Pöche)

These modification adds a new block to save your experience points in the world. The experience points are stored separately for each player.

finallysword by rainbow

by rainbow

Futurepack Forestry Addon by TheRealM18

Adds Futurepack bees to forestry


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Weather 2 - Remastered by Corosus, Mrbt0907

Brings a new localized weather system into your game, giving the environment around you more atmosphere while giving you storms to worry about.