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just for fun!

Cynthia's Tweaks by BoxOfFlex

Various clientside tweaks, utilities and small mods.

Chocolate Sprinkle by Dev909

Put some chocolate sprinkles on your vanilla Minecraft! A small flexible mod that adds vanilla-esque recipes.

DimensionLoader by Watschman

A Mod specifically designed for Asilians Quarry Problem.

FloraandFuana by WenXin2, MCreator

Enter short description here

testa by kvosk, MCreator

§2Magia Naturalis by §5TrinaryBrain

Explore the Philosophy of the Natural and discover new principles that broaden your expertise.

Plummet by Darkhax

Allows flight to be restricted.


Stores custom heads for Darwin Reforged

Magic Arsenal by Falkreon

Creative Industrial Automation

sassm by admin, MCreator

Simple World Timer by FoxAhead

Configurable timer for displaying world, in-game or system time.

MekanismOres by phantamanta44

Another one bites the shards!

Nuclear Control by Shedar

Nuclear Control, an Industrial Craft 2 addon that allows you to build efficient monitoring and notification system for your nuclear reactor. Also you can use Howler Alarm and Industrial Alarm in any case when you want industrial-style notification/alarming system.

MMP by MC_PixelHD & BigHead98

This mod is still a work in progress :)

Noah's Chocolate! by deerangle

This is Noah's Chocolate mod. It adds a total of 54 Chocolate Bars with unique effects.

TerraCart by Lime

Don't stop me now! I'm having such a good time!

Wynncraft Inventory Manager 2 by nbcss

Provide certain utilities for play wynncraft server

Explosions+++ by kacpergibas, MCreator

Finally, Explosions+++ is here


This Is Just a Snapshot! Expect Bugs!

Blinking Skin Port by Krymonota, Motschen

This modification allows you to automatically toggle your whole or certain skin overlay parts in configurable intervals.

Player Name History Checker by Whodundid

Check a player's previous name history in game!

Boba Teas by Ash, MCreator

Time Stop by kaile, MCreator

Salt Mod by WeaselBuilds, MrPonyCaptain

The one and only salty mod.

Geolosys by oitsjustjose

Ores in Geological Systems added to Minecraft, logically!


Addon do paczki