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This is an example mod

Compleannophere by Utente, MCreator

sddsd by Andr�, MCreator

Dynamic Mazes

Dynamic mazes mod adds randomly generated mazes full of loot and angry wolves. Sometimes you can find there secret entrance into large underground maze filled with treasures and deadly traps.

Facade Painter by Lathanael

Adds a recipe to paint Ender IO facades if the machine module is not present.

Craftble Nether Star by famil, MCreator

for minecraft 1.11.2


The writing's on the wall!

Covens by ZaBi94

PvP oriented magical mod

Awakening Utils by shadowake

A utility mod for the Awakening modpack.

XACT Mod by Xhamolk_

Xhamolk_'s Advanced Crafting Table

Dungeon_Coins by User, MCreator

Big Factories by Huhlax

Multiblock factories for ore smelting

Koality by Niilo, MCreator


Diamond Bot Easy Recipe


This a beta test of the real mod.

A.E.R.S. by Kinyoshi

Now you can repair your equipment with jewels and experience points with your very own Alternative Equipment Repair Station.


this mod add a new biome with a magical fruit and not only

Arrowverse by enzo7098631, MCreator

Adds content from the Arrowverse into Minecraft.

OreGeno by DosMike

Regenerate blocks under certain conditions


Enter short description here

EnderGloves by warlordjones, Surseance, Rongmario, Snurly

The power of the End in your fist.

Lambchops Mod

A small that adds 2 extra food into the game and adds them as drops for sheep, May be still compatible with twilight forest's big horns

Color Snow by Rumaruka

Colored Snow and Snowball-Ice Cream.

CoolWink6.0 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

messagealerter by boomboompower

§bPlay a sound when someone messages you

BearCore by Bear989Sr & Speiger

Just a little mod to encoutage you to work.

Mining Overhaul by Rowan662

Overhauls the vanilla mining mechanics and ores.

Data Deletion Sword by Takaranoao

Data Deletion Sword mod.

Buttermilk by BlurryShurtugal

Realtech by __WildWolf_, lawl281

'Realistic' technology, ores, elements and more

parra by salih, MCreator

MouseOverTips by xue

MouseOverTips Base On Vapu

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft

GuidePosts by TobiasCraft.