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Icescape by Pumpkinholic, MCreator

Emergency Command by ElNounch

Send a chat command as soon as possible when connecting to server. Might let you ask a teleportation before getting disconnected due to corrupted chunks. Configurable in-game (<<< Config button on the left). Disactivate itself after use.

Safe 1.0.0 by safe7229, MCreator

A safe mod


Erase maps and books for reuse by using redstone dust.

Super Diamond Tools by Alexcamostyle

Adds a ton of AWESOME tools to the game!

Crafting=Life by ParkerMc

Adds more crafting tables and furnaces


No info yet!

Minecraft Made Easy Remix by Elite Technologies, Rift Mods

A mod that makes your Minecraft life easier

Draconic Evolution Addon by Enderman_of_D00M, Brandon3055

An addon that adds the Chaos Guardian from Draconic Evolution to Engender as an ally. Empty unless you have Draconic Evolution.

the elemental mod by twistcharlie312, MCreator

made by twistcharlie

Mystic Ruins by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Magical structures to explore in your minecraft game!

Tartheus by Arrowstorm606


Exlusivmod für das Projekt Mechtra

Harry Potter Wands

Brings a touch of Harry Potter magic to Minecraft.

Mask by TROU

Don't forget to wear a mask.

WorldJoinText by Pixtar

Adds one or multiple custom join message(s) for each world/dimension and/or the server.

Easy Commands by Tinsley_

Simplifying and adding many commands to Minecraft Vanilla!

Wild Mobs Mod by Markus1002

More mobs for a vanilla-like experience.

Beautiful Woods by HellerTech

More pretty wood blocks

Site-78 Mod by ConnorTron110

Adds Various Blocks and Lights.


A Jurassic Park is a safari amusement dinosaur park. We have recreated Dinosaurs and other extinct animals and exposed them in a mc safari park to the public, where people can ride in jeeps and drive by different enclosures filled with dinosaurs to encounter. In the MC World many Jurassic Parks will appear. The majority of prehistoric creatures created by the mod team are dinosaurs, but we have also created pterosaurs and mosasaurs, neither of which are dinosaurian. And remember, we spared no expense.

Advanced Machines by immibis, Chocohead

Upgraded IC2 machines

Dimensional Tales by DieHardTeam

Multi-Dimension mod for Minecraft.

Back to Eco by Tebreca, Igrek, xMrV1zzy

A mod that turns minecraft more into nature science.

Blinking by XdLReaper, MCreator

Dragon Catcher

Collect all the dragons!

EverlastingAbilities by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Discover, share and conquer abilities that stick.

MRK's Ranked Cosemtics Mod by MRKDaGods

Client sided ranked cosmetics

Fast Leaf Decay by Olafski

Increases leaf decay rates.

AetherCraft 2 by iconmaster

Manipulate the Aethers for fun and profit!