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Enchanting Plus by xkyouchoux, odininon, GnR Slash

Replaces the enchanting system with an optional custom one!


Scuba Diving by q3hardcore

A continuation of Nandonalt's Scuba Diving.


The Yibbit Mod!

Simple Recycling by immibis

Allows you to turn tools back into ingots or dusts.

Hypixel Skywars Stats Mod by ConorTheDev

It shows your stats inside Skywars on Hypixel.


Mod de HavenRP

Cosmic Envoy Timer by Its_its

For cosmic envoys.

MultiToolHolders by A.K.

Add Tool Holders

Dynasty Craft by Athex, Eutix, EPICMANGOWAFFLEZ

This mod adds many different tools and items.

Essie's Poo Poo Pee Pee by Essie, Sylent, The PooPooPeePeeMan

fuck you.

OCDevices by ben_mkiv

Various devices for OpenComputers


This is an example mod


adds neon tools

§e§k!!§6§k]]§c§kkk§4§lAd Inferos§c§kkk§6§k]]§e§k!! by superdextor

§cAdds in a whole Array of §6Items > Ores > Mobs > and More!§c in to The §4§lNether! §7§ocan you survive?

Ice Stone by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here

The Questing Mod by Notifly

A tool to make quest tracking easier. Displays the quests of the game/lobby you are currently in. Features: - Displays your quests for current or specified game - Displays another player's quests - Displays general Hypixel stats about the player API key needed to allow access to the Hypixel API.

Redstone Tools/Armor by BaneSavage AKA Killjoy0593

This Mod Adds Redstone Tools And Armor To The Game!

D-Extend by ExampleDude

The extended minecraft.

...(aka Ellipsis) by Leviathan143

Adds several different types of sound muffling blocks and items

Arcane Ascension 2 by calebmanley

This is an official update to the Arcane Ascension mod, originally by:Murayama (MTG artist Dan Scott)AreusPheenixm and dgary. The main feature of the mod is the mystical floating islands.

worldgen survival tools


This is an example mod

Thaumic Machina by jcm2606

Expanding Thaumcraft in a mechanical and conceptual way.


Mineral Generator

Kizunacraft by Wehavecookies56

A mod inspired by the Spring 2016 anime series Kiznaiver

Redstone Jukebox by sidben

Adds a new and improved Jukebox to the game. Configurable interface, holds up to 8 records and activated by redstone.

GameMods Utilities by Lucas_gamer13

Mod de utilidades para o GameMods


You can Dig Bedrocks using Diamond Pickaxe

Jazzium Mod by Grayberd

Add an exciting new tier of items above diamond.

Gotta Go Fast by Thiakil

Removes the player moved too quickly message and rubberbanding

FunStaff by walidoo_2002

A simple tool for moderating.