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Official release!

Master Blocks Mod Forestry by leplopp


RFID Lock by StevenSeegal

This mod allows you to open doors with a RFID Card.

Zoestra // Valoeghese's Basic Expansions by Valoeghese

A bunch of basic additions, especially in the field of biomes

RRTweaker by EmberQuill

Resonant Rise Minetweaker script handler


Adds mineable ender pearls!


AwesomeItems 1.6

Lepton by Sargun Vohra

Minor additions to complement Quark

Minecraft Plus by Craftyred

This mod expands vanilla Minecraft focusing on nice little features rather than big complicated ones.

WarStuff by bbProgrammer, estplayer

Instant tents, bunkers. Camouflage armor, blocks.


This is an example mod

Hidden Armor Mod by wwrpg

Adds ability to hide the visibility of worn armor for you and others.

Gliby's Voice Chat Mod

Gliby's Voice Chat mod enables in-game voice communication, as well as support for 3D positional audio, global, region chat.


Rust Legacy in

NMCLC (NoMoreCapsLockCommands) by Hennamann

Converts commands to lowercase to save time when typing commands while capslock is on.


Craft Ores!

GunpowderRecipe by Danuschk

A Gunpowder recipe.

Energy Sphere

Adds an item that can be used to store and retrieve experience levels.


ModdedNetwork Plugin

Never Enough Candy by Darkhax

Adds some new sweets to the game!

§4More Fuels Mod by §6B§4o§6r§4e§6d, §4Zygimantus

§4§oA mod that makes more items usable as fuel as well as adds some fuel storage items and blocks.

Auto GG by MichaelMvv

MichaelMvv's Auto GG mod

BackSlash API by GiantNuker

GiantNuker's Modding API


Acest Mod E Facut pentru Marius si altele.

GuardIllagers by bagu_chan

Not Enough Recipes (NER) by TojFunPlayer, MCreator

Not Enough Recipes This is a mod from TojFun, which adds to the game a host of new recipes.

Splash Dye by Nosirrom

Craft dye and water bottles into throwable dyes to change the colours of your sheep!

Snad by TheRoBrit

You're finally able to have your sugarcane grow faster. What could possibly be better than that?

Land Craft by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Minecraft mod adding various machines and other doohickeys

Weather God by RadekWeather, MCreator

Mod adds the weather god.