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MrCrayfish's Construction Mod

┬žeAllows you to construct awesome buildings without being good at designing.

Grind-Core by Arch-Nihil

Core for the Grind-Complex modpack.

Hearts by NukeDuck

Hearts 'n' stuff

Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 - Bullseye by nerd-boy, GotoLink

A WIP, opensource combat mod, focusing on groundbreaking features and balanced combat


Much needed additions to default minecraft.


This is an example mod

kris91268's Light Bridges and Doors by kris91268

Adds bridges and doors made of light! as well as a couple of other things. Apply a redstone signal to activate the light bridges and doors, and they extend out for whatever you configure it to be!

mod_Altrestrutture by Jeicker97 [geiker], MCreator

Mod con cui potrete creare strutture istantane

Mine++ _ Alpha by Shoy, MCreator

A minor Minecraft expansion


Visit my channel, IchigoGamer BR :)

mod_recipemod by , MCreator

Menu ModsPack by nico29000

Mod Gui Menu by Adrazius (IG:nico29000).


Berry mod


Made by Seamusmario

Book Burning by BobChao87

Allows books to be used as fuel!

Matrix Mod

Adds all the experience of the matrix...almost


adds superpowers to minecraft

Drawbridges by msvdaamen

Drawbridges placeholder mod.

Super TNT

This mod adds MOAR TNT XD

Peckish by InsomniaKitten