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Redstone Flux Arsenal by knoxhack

Redstone Flux Arsenal adds tools and weapons that use the RF, the energy system added by the Redstone Flux API.

Mining Worlds by Zarkov

Adds new player created dimensions suitable for (automated) mining.

Stone Crafting Table by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds a limited-use variant of the vanilla crafting table

StoreableLevel by f04041


SimpleMultiFarm by LosJustos

Shear all sheeps, feed all animals, turn all dirt to farmland and plant all seeds around you.


Adds many new spiders into the Minecraft Game.

Soul Shards Respawn by TehNut

Custom spawners for any mob!

Hit With Axe by Shadows_of_Fire

chop af

Torch Bandolier

So many torches!

Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2

a mod about Sculpting, Decorating and Aesthetics

Xtra Armour Mod

This mod adds armour such as Dirt Armour, Cobblestone Armour, Sand Armour, Gravel Armour, Invisi Armour and much, much more.

FandomCraft by Eria8, Ms_Raven (Miss_Apocalypse)

Adds a thousand different items, blocks, mobs, dungeons and other features from many *fandoms* into one massive Minecraft mod.


This is an example mod

RubyRevived (1.12.2) by DogTheLog, MCreator

Enter short description here


Super Picareta


this is a fill land block

Corail Pillar - Chisel Extension by §9Corail

§eExtension of Corail Pillar to integrate Chisel Mod Blocks

HeadPets Mod by suppergerrie2

This mod adds head pets.

Zevac's SurvivalFlight by Zevac

Do you want to fly in Survival mode too?

Lan Server Extended by KewaiiGamer

Improves Lan Servers Usage by adding more commands and features.

AStyles Stuff by JoklBash

AStyles Stuff.

MineCalc by Blackop778

Adds a calculator to the chat window that is interacted with through commands

Boop by pie_flavor

Notifies you when you're mentioned in chat.

Old Combat by chylex

Removes attack cooldown, and hides the cooldown indicator.

HaoHsMoreFoodMOD by Administrator, MCreator

§2Nature's Revenge§2 by §dArrowstorm606§d

A Mod surging with tons of new Weapons and Armor! Challenge your foes with mighty Heavy Weapons, or blast them away with the Form-changing functions of your Multitool! Wasp Hives spawn around the world, as well as Minibosses of undetermined size. Demons haunt the blazing Nether, now it is your job to take these threats down!

kagic + by josh, MCreator