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Artifice by Shukaro

Practical solutions

BetterBoilers by b0undarybreaker

Multiblock boilers and more!


Enter short description here

Dispensable Block Mod

Your Dispenser is updated to BlockDispenser!

Immersive Petroleum by Flaxbeard

Adds oil and oil processing features to Immersive Engineering.

Silk Spawners by SuperJedi224

Silk touch spawners.

RotaryCraft by Reika

RotaryCraft is a large 'industrial-style' mod, akin to the likes of BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, ThermalExpansion, and Minefactory Reloaded.

SeedDrop by EwyBoy

Customize your seed drops!

Telescopefix by Bennyboy1695

Fixes the gui opening of the astral sorcery telescope


This mod lets you create jewelry that applies a buff/debuff to the wearer

Witch Works by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9

A Witchery inspired mod


Acest Mod E Facut pentru Marius si altele.

Debarked Logs by BeetoGuy

Aesthetic blocks for lumberjacks.

Wild Crops by Kormic911

Grow crops randomly throughout the world (aka Wild)

Whoops by Noobanidus

Whoops-a-Daisy! Don't misclick that Pure Daisy.


Autorski mod a skytecha

Mortar and Pestle Mod by LordDan1989

A simple mod that adds a Mortar and Pestle that is used to increase the output when used with Dyes, Lilypads, Sugarcanes, Melons, Pumpkins and Blazerods.


This is an example mod

BCMod (Brad16840.Common mod) by Brad16840

Provides a system that allow multiple interfaces to be open at the same time, also allows items to be uniquely identified and adds support for storing inventories inside items


This mod add random and realistic things into minecraft



Ruabm Mod

New Mod with cool Ruabm!

The Heaven Mod by Radioavtive llamas, MCreator



In this mode, let me add the king of the three legendary

mod_Easydiamond by Lam2041, MCreator

Make diamonds easier to get

BambooMod by ruby

Watch the growth of bamboo.

Ruby Mod by legoman519 AKA 0CaptainMinecraft0

Adds in a Ruby block, ore, armor, and tools



Magic Swords by diamondlord098, MCreator

This mod adds 5 new magical swords