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Offhand Torcher by kegare

Player can place torch automatically while held torch on offhand.

NuttyTweaks by TehNut

Nut's custom pack tweaks

TogetherForever by Buuz135

A Team API that allows you to sync a bunch of stuff between players

Ore Spiders by MCModB

This modification adds a new series of mobs, to be found in your caves. These spiders are fairly rare, but when found you can kill them, and receive special stuff.

Japripark mods by fennec

The Japari park mod is made from fennec qq3241649780

Following Villagers by Pyre540

Simple mod that cause Villagers to follow players holding emerald blocks.

Another Superhero Mod by §6OIWeirdo§r

A mod that is currently in it's alpha stages. This mod's goal is to add fun features that involve heroes or villians from various franchises. This is the first mod I(OIWeirdo) have made and so it's development is often but slow. Thanks to everyone who helped and is still helping!

AfterHours by kyau_net, dynaticus

AfterHours modpack support mod.


Ceci Est Une Alpha

IC2 Mushrooms CropCard by MistrX

Plant mushrooms in your crops!

Mystical Tools Mod by Proxerater, MCreator

This mod is quite different from others.. Explore it for yourself.

fortnite mod 1.9 by Jasper, MCreator

Enter short description here

Paintbrush by iLexiconn

Arbox by SecretSquigglez

Nothing cuts air better than sharper air

CobbleWorks by DarkTemplarX AKA Curtis

Adds a single block with a single mission: To generate all the (basic) things!

Rich Undergrounds by Hayazo, MCreator

Weapons, Armors, Tools. Great Ores. Mineheaven.

Mobular Machinery by abused_master, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT

A mod based around steampunk, mobs, machines, and more!

YDTVHead by LazyGom


Try to find the secret Diamond Reciepe!

New Gems

Adds two gems.

InfiniBlocks by Ryan Thompson

Forever and always grow plants.

Programmable Command Blocks by MrDimkas_Studio

This mod allows you to program command blocks in another way you never saw!

Aether Fixes (AeFi) by Aesen "unascribed" Vismea

A set of compatibility patches and other such tweaks for Gilded Games' Aether II mod.

mod_NameTag by Kumkwat488, MCreator

This adds a recipe for a name tag

Potion Mixer by TheLoneDevil<The_Lone_Devil>

A way to mix potions

Mo'Cakes by GiantNuker

Have you ever thought how lame Vanilla cakes are? If so - this is for you

Sun's Son by branquinho_l0j aka ColdFox

Travel to the sun, craft carbon fiber and defeat the boss to come back.


Like rubies? Here ya go!