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GottschCore by gottsch

Base API for all my mods.

Config Checker Mod by Matthew Ringrose (matt_r__)

A mod that runs as minecraft starts, checking if the game is configured correctly. Made in mind for Modpacks where the author can check if Minecraft is setup correctly.

Realtech by __WildWolf_, lawl281

'Realistic' technology, ores, elements and more

Skorpio's NotOnlyMoreOres Mod by sorash67 || Skorpio

Bunch of stuff added by Skorpio!


N. Tropy is here with 1000 health! Can you beat him?

mod_CrystalWing by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Crafted using 3 gold ingots, 2 feathers, and an ender pearl, this magical wing will transport you home!

Bunny Tweaks by zfb

Various neat tweaks to spice up minecraft

FF Quiver Mod by FreneticFeline

Adds a Bow and Quiver and various additional types of arrows.

Fancy Lamps by The_Icy_One, cesar_zorak

The fanciest lampiest mod you'll ever see. Probably.

Redstone Pipes by nickey

Adds some useful pipes.

God Bridge by Forge


Rainbow Stuff! A mod with increasing modules and lots of (no) potential. You can go to the Rainbow Dimension, you can make Rainbow Armour, make a house out of Rainbow Blocks.

mobsunscreen by Kreezxil

Prevent hostile mobs from burning in the sun!

More Stairs by Tmzasz

More Stairs and Slabs and other things.

Floocraft by FredTargaryen

This mod aims to add a little magic by implementing the sooty joy of Floo-powder-based travel.

Monster Hunter Frontier Craft by Heltrato, Karseus, Shaduun, Aleksandair, NightCrow, Dorian, Joakim

Inspired by Capcom's MHF Series , Extreme Mob Hunting Adventure.


This is an example mod

ItemLocks by Kirdow

Enables the client to lock slots to prevent accidental lost of items. Does not bypass server behavior.

Detailed Death Messages by Mr. Metric

Includes more information in death messages.

Treasure2! by gottsch, mason

Sky Islands Creator by Jacky1356400

A companion mod for Skyblock lovers!

EnFusion by Shadowfacts

EnFusion (ENergetic InFUSION) is a standalone mod (using the RF enery system) primaryily about the technological expansion of Minecraft, with a couple other things.


Adicione + Pocoens ao seu minecraft

FlatWorld by Ch1a

Flattens World More Easily. Configuration is available on config/com.ch1a.flatworld.cfg. If you have any issues or requests, Please let me know with Twitter@Ch1a_lee. Also source code is available on Github from URL.

Waila NBT by Epix

Waila NBT

KeepTiled by eyeq


Teleplates by Elix_x

Teleplates - movable, shareable, renameable teleportation!

Wes Tutorial by Wes

A Basic Mod


Archaeology mod for Minecraft

Example Mod by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Bauble Shulker Boxes by TehenoPengin, Zeitheron

A mod that adds an ability to use shulker boxes as baubles backpack.

JustNuggets by DeflatedPickle

Adds a nugget for every ingot and gem found in the Ore Dictionary.

§6Taxi§r by Dbrown55

Adds the 406 from the French movie Taxi in Minecraft

Dark Adaptations by Saitek, Darkrising, Dexman545, Gunpowder1234321

A Mod That Adds A Darker Touch To Minecraft.