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AnimePets by D4ark001, MCreator

This mod adds anime pets in your minecraft

Better Breeds by Fir3will

Giving players a more realistic experience about farming with animals. Introduces genders, the animal's mood, health, and even tons of different textures!

InventoryBook by ictrobot


Enter short description here

Void Fog by Tamaized

Brings back the old Void Fog

Probe by Yesterday17

Dump information to .zsrc file for future use.


This Mod is Cool

Travelling House by The_cLyde (@adnantheclyde)

Adds blueprints and needed blocks to store your structures in one inventory slot and carry your home anywhere

Dense EB Ores by WhichOnesPink

This mod provides textures that can be referenced in the Dense Ores config file.

Composite Obsidian Mod

Armor and tools from composite obsidian

Liquid XP by immibis

Liquid XP and related machines.


Record FPS by maru

This mod records FPS!

Psi Dot Products by WireSegal

dammit vazkii

meinmod by Philipp

Philipps erste Minecraft Mod (für Forge)

PizzaCraft by Tiviacz1337

Mod, which adds pizza to your Minecraft!



InfoToolTip by UniversalLP

Shift shows the tooltip of the held item while in a gui. Control shows the tooltip of the equipped item outside a gui. Alt shows the tooltip of the item you're looking at.

CreeperHostServer by Cloudhunter

Companion server side mod to allow you to pregen chunks

Cloak by Wyn Price

A mod used to combine block models and other block textures

Deep Nether Mod by Iizvullok

This mod adds something like a nether below the nether.

ActuallyComputers by canitzp

ChaosCraft by Schematical

The NPCs are learning

Bountiful Baubles by CursedFlames, Setadokalo

Adds a variety of baubles and other items inspired by Terraria and other games.

Ping Tag by powns

Display a player's ping above their head

Le Chunk du Milieu by pifou92000

Un mod qui ajoute � Minecraft des cr�atures et �l�ments issus de la Terre du Milieu !

Nature items mod by kemo_gameing, MCreator

Here is some nature stuff by kemo_gameing hope you likedit :D