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Obsidian Mod by megamite

Adds obsidian tools and armor!

Caveworld by kegare

Adding the Caveworld dimension.

Water Hooks by Henry Loenwind

Adds Event for Infinite Water Source Forming

Spindle by EMX

Create pixel art directly from web images!

MekaTweaks by artdude543

Simple mod to add things to Mekanism.


This mod shows the future in the eyes of Jiberish!

mod_EndStarBlock by Brady Shober, MCreator

Adds a block textured with particle field image

Better Vanilla by MarionLOVESKPOP28PH and aixiis, MCreator

Bringing Tons Of New Features To Vanilla Minecraft.


LastSurvivor mod.


Adds Drops from Hostiles in Peaceful.

Rebind Narrator by quaternary

Rebind the narrator key!

Nautilus by darkhax

A mixin mod for Minecraft Forge that aims to expand the capabilities of the base game.

RCS by StyleGame, MCreator

Bored of looking to chests to find the Name Tag or Sadle with Horse Armor to start the adventure? Now all changes!

Render Scale Mod by canelex

Change the UI elements on almost every other mod!

Pickle Craft by jmanpenilla

Pickle Craft

Crafting Handbook by Ruuubi

Adds a Recipe Book to support easier and portable crafting.

Golem World by solonarv, flo

Tired of boring old iron golems? Bringing you golems made of gold, dirt, glass, and even netherrack and ice!

Magic Currency Books by KingReaperTheI, Slayer1938

A Mod Which Can Be Used In Custom NPC's And Ars Magica 2 In Your Mods Folder Together As Currency

Nether Utils by Terrails

Mod created for making nether a place like overworld!


ntrwansui閲嶅埗鐨� ForgottenNature


In this mode, let me add the king of the three legendary



Fluxed Solars by PRIMETOXINZ


Traverse by Prospector, InsomniaKitten

Adds some neat biomes and stuff (kitten make a better description please)

ireport by tudse145, heni123321

Reporting plugin for Sponge

Auto Network Lib by Aurocosh

Automatic serialization library for network messages

Dwarven Proc by Blitzsy

Recreates the previous incarnation of the proc from Robert "Urealms" Moran's Minecraft game Dwarves Vs Zombies.

DirectionHUD by bspkrs

DirectionHUD is a client mod that shows a magnetic compass heading at the top of the screen.

clientside HUD opensource


The traditional addons for our let' play! server


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