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This is an example mod

ChatFuel by abecderic

Generates energy (RF and EU) from things said in chat (ingame and IRC). Fully configurable.

Magitek Mechs by DigiDigi

*Chunk* *Chunk* *Chunk*..

Item Transform Helper by TGG

Interactively change the position, scale, and rotation of an item

More Biomes by RollingThunder, Aoku, MCreator

Adds Biomes to the Overworld and a New Dimension

GuiAPI by ShaRose, lahwran

API designed to make it easy to generate GUIs, aimed particularly at settings menus.

Peck Mod by peck

This is Peck first Mod

Strange by Crueltyinc (Tim M)

What is this strange thing?

Stuff Plus by Thaun_

Added alot of Stuff stuff!


This is an example mod

Botany by Binnie

Adds breedable flowers.

Infinitely Spreading Water by Techern_Cruz, HoldYourWaffle

Fill up your pools and dams with these creative items

Rip Main by Ripbandit

Classes I use in most of my mods.

No Time Fix by CanVox

Because who has time to debug?

OPswords by spychicken123, MCreator

adds many new swords

Crankerer's Odyssey by Crankerer

Find and explor Shipwrecks!

SaltAndAlabaster by defeatedcrow

Salt and Alabaster!

Sk1er Fullscreen by Sk1er

A good windowed fullscreen mod.

Functional Aesthetics by uberifix

A mod that adds cosmetic blocks that are resource pack dependent. This allows the mod to fit in well with nearly any resource pack.

MODZOIC by Conquerorelmas

Mod rajoutant des dinosaures.


This is an Alchemy mod

RiteClicker Mod by OCDiary

This mod add the functionality originally introduced by Vazkii in Garden Of Glass, where right clicking dirt or grass will drop stones.


ElectriCraft adds a new way to transport and store RotaryCraft power. Like ReactorCraft, this mod is dependent on RotaryCraft.


Traffico by TheTrollguy

ModifierItemName by A.K.

Rename Enchanted Item

Ambient Environment by Jaredlll08

Adds more ambiance to the game


This mod gives more food and a couple drinks to settle your tummy.

Slime Mod by taurose

This mod expands your F3 screen to indicate whether you're in a slime-spawning area. It takes both slime chunks and swamps into account, and also checks the height. Also works in SMP.

Cascading Meme Lag by Androsa

Using super-extensive, highly detailed algorithms and equations, this mod picks out memes loaded into the world in excess, just like cascading worldgen lag. These days people load so many mods, even ones with high meme density, that the memes collate until it starts to overload the world. This mod won't fix it, there's no way to fix it, but it will pick out the memes loading in excess.

Dismantler by BloodWorkXGaming

A Tool used for dismantling multiblock structures in one go.


GoldDream's Money