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LoVoxNox by NoxIceCat

Elemental Masters by Loic_MaitreDuFeu, MCreator

Have a Good Adventure!

pepsimod by DaPorkchop_

A hacked client for Forge Made by DaPorkchop_, for Team Pepsi

XenCraft by LatvianModder


This is a modern tech mod.

DirtChemy by Elucent, H41V0R, MCreator



A Miscellaneous Mod

Lockyz Chroma Key Mod by Lockyz, MCreator

This mod adds Chroma Key Items, Blocks and Armour. THIS MOD IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. AND SHOULD ONLY BE FOUND ON lockyzmods.wordpress AND CURSEFORGE.

TweakCraft by RisingDemon

General miscellaneous tweaks and additions

SocialConnectMod by

Ce mod permet de rester connecté avec toute la communauté socialcraft et bien plus !


This is an example mod

CobbleWorks by DarkTemplarX AKA Curtis

Adds a single block with a single mission: To generate all the (basic) things!


CastleCraft CopyRight 2019

nether basics by DominusZork

a mod making nether survival possible

The Metal Works by SubZer029

My New Project.


This is a working progress mod.

Thanksgiving Mod by The_Last_Dovahkiin

Adds all the trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Zen Mod Loader by WireSegal

Don't sweat it, let ZML handle your models. Mainly for modjams and stuff.

Void Fog by Tamaized

Brings back the old Void Fog

Block Drops by MrRiegel

Block Drops (JEI Addon)

More Refined Storage by Lennert05, JayJay_89, JohnAxae

Get more storage on refined storage

ShoulderSurfing by Joshua Powers

Changes the vanilla third person camera to an over-the-shoulder camera, as made popular by Capcom's "Resident Evil 4". Includes keybindings for adjusting the camera, along with various settings in the config file. Must be installed as a Forge coremod. Code injection may fail if using mods that mess with the base files. Update to 1.7.10 by LaysDragon

MinersAdvantage by DuelMonster

MinersAdvantage is a reimagening of my previous mod 'SuperMiner'. It is a rewrite from the ground up that aims to solve all previous issues and to add additional features.

Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod! by Joel Sieh

With this mod, you can find and tame the unicorns of legend. If you're lucky, you might even find a magestic pegasus, a fearsome nightmare, or a powerful destrier (it's like a giant warhorse). But then what? - Crossbreed them to make your own breeds! - Equip them with new special armor and weapons! - Attack your foes with your magical horse's powerful abilities! And that's not all - more secrets await those clever enough to find them ... including the Ultimate Unicorn.

Silent's Gems by SilentChaos512

When diamonds won't cut it.

Not Enough Keys by Timor Morrien

Adds keybinding presets and the possibility to use voice commands to trigger keybinds and other things. This mod uses the Sphinx 4 library which can be found on

YD's Baths Mod by Comma_

This is YD's Baths Mod.

Slide'em All! by ZigTheHedge

Well, drawbridges rethought

ArmorHud by Gigabit101


Bringing the Steam Revolution to Minecraft

Alpinamod by zanfils, MCreator


See invisible players